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Merry Christmas 2016 and a Happy 2017 from Ted & Cathy Morris!


    And so another year passes… Last letter, Cathy was thinking about retiring completely from teaching, and, by gosh, she actually did!  She had to because she was needed elsewhere this year.  First, to Missouri for a couple weeks to help our cousin Rita after surgery.  Then in June to Florida to see her foster father in hospice.  On the way home, she swung through Oklahoma where she picked up our son Eric and brought him back here for a visit (he’s doing great, BTW).  In September she went to Hawaii to look after our granddaughter while Greg and Rebekah were deployed.  And now she’s going back over Christmas for phase 2, so a total of 4 essential trips this year!  When she was home, she spent the summer in her pool, doing needlepoint, staying glued to the election coverage!  If you ever need someone to tell you the whole story, Cathy’s your best choice!

          The rest of the family continues to do pretty well too.  Our youngest son Greg and his wife Rebekah are still based at Hickam in Hawaii, and both now work in PACAF HQ.  Greg is in charge of the Command’s new emphasis on process improvement, and Bek seems to be on tap for trips to the desert – she’s spending 9 months there now, filling an Army billet (!?) in Kabul.  Our granddaughter, Kirstin, is 11 now, and has decided that she wants to be a life-long, professional volley ball player, and belongs to 3 teams and practices or plays 7 days a week.

          Chris & his family are still at Yokosuka Naval Base in Japan.  Janna is working in the schools while finishing up her teaching degree.  Geoff is a Freshman in high school, joined Naval JROTC, and had a role in his first school play.  Connor is chugging along in 7th grade.  They all really seem to enjoy living in Japan, but the distance does make it difficult to visit.

          Mom and Dad still live at the assisted care complex and of course there have been “challenges”.  Dad fell and cracked some ribs and while X-Raying those, the medicos discovered a lymphoma in his abdomen.  Half-way through infusion treatments for that, he fell and broke both legs – at the same time!  So he had to put off the cancer treatments for 4 months while his legs healed, but is now back on schedule.  Mom was in pretty bad shape for a while, “feeling bad”.  Fortunately, the visiting NP switched her meds around properly, and the difference was like night and day!  We had them over for Thanksgiving, the first time they’ve been able to get in a car since April.  It was fun, and we’ll have them over again after Cathy gets back after Christmas.

          As for the menagerie, we now have 4 dogs, having adopted Dad’s dog since he can no longer walk him.  It can be exciting when they all get into a fur ball at your feet!  All the other animals and birds are fine.  We did have some Pack Rats chew a hole in the windshield washer system for Cathy’s car and so I had to trap all 13 of their extended family (with a live trap, of course) and liberate them in the desert, far, far from here!

          Other than that, things were pretty slow.  I am amazed to now be on Medicare (when I was 21 in pilot training, I didn’t think I’d make it to 30)!  I enjoyed the Summer Olympics, even found my old water polo ball to cheer on the team with.  But, what to do now?  I did buy a new scanner to scan and store every old picture, certificate and letter ever produced by Cathy & my families.  That should take about 30 years, so maybe I’ve finally found my niche!  Haha.

          We hope you all had a good year, and will have an even better one in the future, especially if it’s boring!

Now, Here's This Year's Crop of Photos:

This one is me with my 45 year water polo ball, cheering on the USA team in the Olympics last summer:

And this one is Cathy at a really great outdoor cafe in Mesilla, New Mexico:

And here is Cathy talking with some of our friends there:

Here's me with my Mom - interrupting her Bingo Game!

Here's my Dad going through a couple months of therapy after breaking both his shins.

This is my Mom and Dad (Ted and Pat Morris - 89 and 87 years old respectively!).  They also live here in Las Cruces, NM.

Here are Rebekah, our daughter-in-law, and Kirstin, our granddaughter, living the life of Riley on the beaches of Oahu:

But the Air Force had other plans, and assigned Rebekah to the Army in Afghanistan.  Here's what she thinks of that:  (REDACTED)

But it isn't all bad.  Here she is being awarded a Joint Service Achievement Medal by an Army 2-Star General:

Meanwhile, our youngest son Greg and our granddaughter feel Rebekah's pain on the beach in Hawaii.

When they get done eating, they head out to do some paddle-boarding.

And here's a picture of our granddaughter.  I think she fits right in on the beach, don't you?

Although Greg didn't deploy this year, he went on several TDYs on the Pacific Rim.  One of those places was Japan where he met up with our son Chris, our grandsons Geoff and Connor, and the mother of our grandkids, Janna!

Here's Janna and the boys out touring the coast!  They love Japan.

Our oldest grandson, Geoffrey, is now in High School and signed up for Naval Junior ROTC to check it out.

Connor is in 7th Grade, and a proud member of the National Junior Honor Society!

Last summer Cathy picked our oldest son, Eric, up in Oklahoma and brought him home for a visit.  On the way they stopped at the Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo - the one that has the deal that if you can eat an entire 64-oz steak, you don't have to pay.  Well, Eric looks like he wants to give it a try, but he didn't!

This is what we did all summer, every day - throw balls and toys for the dogs to chase up and down the pool deck (our pool is a 20-yard lap pool).  So here they are, all lined up, waiting for Cathy to throw them a ball.  Charlie (my dad's dog), Sheila, Brandy, and Matilda.  In case you haven't guessed, we love dogs.

Only one of the dogs really loves the water, and that's  the mini-Australian Sheppard.  The rest usually slip and slide into the pool, but Matilda won't even wait until the ball is thrown to go in.  Here she goes!  And she dog paddles faster than I can swim these days!

Finally, here's a picture of the pack rat that ate Cathy's Toyota Camry Hybrid.  I was merciful, and let him go in the desert, but if he ever shows up again, it will be a different story...  ;-)

Uh Duh Bee, Uh Duh Bee, Uh Duh Bee ... That’s All Folks!

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