The collected articles and photographs of
Ted A. Morris, Lieutenant Colonel,
U.S. Air Force, Retired

The Author in 1947 - Aviation Machinist Mate 2/C,
US Coast Guard Air Detachment B.W.1 Greenland



The Final Patrol of US Coast Guard Patrol Boat CG-245; 1935

Battle Practice; on the USS Mojave CG in 1939

USCGC Mojave and the SS Manhattan; 1941

"You Have to Go Out, You Don't Have to Come Back" (with J.R. Lee)

Sinking of the US Coast Guard Cutter Magnolia; 1945

Aviation Machinist Mate School USCG Air Station San Diego, California; 1946

US Coast Guard PBY - 5A  48314; 1946-1948

Tragedy and Rescue - The Crash of Sabena Airways DC-4 Near Gander, Newfoundland; September, 1946.  Lots of photos, may take a long time to load.

Aerial Resupply of USCG LORAN Station Battle Harbour, Labrador; June 1947.  Lots of photos, may take a long time to load.

Air-Sea Rescue at OCEAN STATION CHARLIE; Including the Rescue of the passengers and crew of the Boeing 314 Clipper "The Bermuda Sky Queen"; 1947

Article from "The Quarterdeck Log" on the BIBB and the Bermuda Sky Queen.

Photographs by Michael Dolman, one of the survivors of the Bermuda Sky Queen.

Long Hours at USCG Air Station St. Petersburg, Florida; 1948

Biscayne Bay Professionalism; 1950 (with J.R. Lee)

A Tragic Good Friday; 1952 (with J.R. Lee)


Flight "D", 7th Air Rescue Squadron, Dhahran Air Field, Saudi Arabia; 1949-1951
Photo Album for this article.
Photo Album and Story of the restoration of SA-16A 49-075, 62 years after I picked her up at the Grumman Factory!
The Aluminium and Magnesium Overcast - Flying the B-36 with the 6th Bomb Wing, Walker Air Force Base; 1955-1957

Munitions Maintenance Squadrons in the US Air Force; 1960-1966

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Incidents; 1965-1969

A Year in Vietnam with US Air Force Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD); 1966-1967

Photo Album for this article.


Read the articles I wrote for the Thule AFB Greenland newspaper, "The Thule Times"!
My Grandson was the assistant editor, and asked for some info about the USCG and USAF in Greenland, as he said, "Back in the Day".  These are in .pdf format, and you'll need Acrobat Reader to read them.

If you haven't seen an official base e-newspaper, they are pretty interesting overall as well.

To download these articles, right click on the link and select "Save target as..."

THULE TIMES 1 SEP 2001 (About USCG Operations around Greenland in WWII and the late '40s)
THULE TIMES 1 OCT 2001 (About BW-1, Narssarssuaq, Greenland)

THULE TIMES 1 NOV 2001 (Strategic Air Command Operations at Thule, 1956)
THULE TIMES 1 APR 2002 (Reporting my Grandson's wedding there on the ice cap - we sure didn't have weddings in Greenland when I was there, back in the day)


The experiences of my Uncle, Aunt and Cousins as Prisoners of the Japanese in the Philippines, Japan and Korea during WWII.

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The Author in 1944 and 1973


 Manhattan Beach Training Station, Brooklyn New York
Apr 44-Sept 44

CGC FAUNCE WPC138; Greenland Patrol
Sept 44-Mar 45

Mar 45-Aug 45

Sept 45-Nov 45

Coast Guard Air Station Biloxi, Mississippi
Dec 45-Feb 46

Coast Guard Air Station San Diego, California
Mar 46-Jun 46

Jun 46-Jul 46

Aug 46-Sept 46

Oct 46-Dec 46

Coast Guard Air Detachment; Argentia NAS, Newfoundland
Dec 46-Feb 47

Coast Guard Air Detachment; BW-1 & BW-8 Greenland; Goose Bay, River Clyde, & Crystal 1 Labrador; Gander, Stephenville, Torbay & Argentia NAS Newfoundland
Feb 47-Apr 48

Coast Guard Air Station St. Petersburg, Florida
Apr 48-Nov 48

Flight A, 1st Air Rescue Squadron; Macdill AFB, Tampa, Florida
Nov 48-Dec 49

Flight D, 7th Air Rescue Squadron; Dhahran AB, Saudi Arabia
Jan 50-Mar 51

Flight A, 5th Air Rescue Squadron; Ellington AFB, Houston, Texas
Mar 51-Mar 52

1300th Technical Training Squadron; Mountain Home AFB, Idaho
Mar 52-Mar 53

Officer Candidate School; Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas
Mar 53-Sept 53

Basic Observer School; Ellington AFB, Houston, Texas
Sept 53-June 54

Performance Engineer School; Mather AFB, Sacramento, California
Jun 54-Mar 55

40th Bomb Squadron; Walker AFB, Roswell, New Mexico, and Anderson AFB, Guam
Mar 55-Sept 57

Navigator Bombardier School; Mather AFB, Sacramento, California
Sept 57-Jun 58

2nd Bomb Wing; Hunter AFB, Savannah, Georgia
Jun 58-Jun 59

529th Bomb Squadron; Plattsburgh AFB, New York
June 59-Apr 60

40th Munitions Maintenance Squadron; Plattsburgh AFB, New York
Apr 60-Jun 62

5th Munitions Maintenance Squadron; Sidi Slimane AB, Morocco
Jun 62-Aug 63

56th Munitions Maintenance Squadron; Griffiss AFB, Rome, New York
Aug 63-Mar 65

NAVSCOLEOD; Indian Head, Maryland
Mar 65-Jul 65

29th Munitions Maintenance Squadron; Homestead AFB, Florida
Jul 65-Oct 66

7th Air Force EOD Team; Vietnam
Oct 66-Nov 67

3901st Missile Evaluation Squadron; Vandenberg AFB, Lompoc, California
Nov 67-Mar 68

Commander, 51st Munitions Maintenance Squadron; Vandenberg AFB, Lompoc, California
Mar 68-Jul 69

Commander, 3429th Tech Training Squadron; NAVSCOLEOD, Indian Head, Maryland
Jul 69-Jul 73

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