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You have traveled back to 1974!
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Name = Greg Grasso

submit_by =

Citizenship = USA

Outfit = NMCB10

VT_of_a_Swallow = fast

My_Warstory = My recollection of the Rock is a bit vague, but I do remember a couple of things. I remember checking out a half track one day, loading it up with beer and heading towards the cove to hunt for sharks and sting rays with Hawaiian slings with a couple of buddies. I remember putting my right foot down walking towards the beach, and the next thing I was hugging a palm tree screaming with the most unforgettable pain I had experienced (even more pain than passing a kidney stone). One friend stayed with me, the other ran off through the "jungle", then being thrown into the back of the HT. The ride seemed to take forever. and finally made it to the infirmary. I remember doctors huddled around looking down at my right ankle contemplating what to do. I had stepped on a sting ray, hitting me just below my right ankle. "I've never seen this before" commented one doctor. They gave me a valium and some Benadryl and told me to go back to my hooch. I woke up in the middle of the night, my ankle was as big as my thigh. Ended up in hospital for a week, almost lost the leg. GREAT JOB DOCS!  Another better memory was fishing for Yellow Tail and learning how to stuff and cook with my Filipino friends. So, anyone out there remember me???

Robert Reagan <>

I was there in the formative years 74-75 as it really was still getting started and then when I went down in 1979 it was a sleepy little backwater with total island population of approx. 1300 with 650 of that the resident Seabee Battalion for about three months until the Iranians took the hostages and life as we knew it changed overnight.  Within two weeks the PCS personnel had grown to almost 5000 people and had another 5000 or so in transient to and from ships.  It was a nightmare.  My last 3 months in 1981 with MCB 62 was interrupted by an old knee injury that got reinjured and I got medevacked to Subic and the on to FT Gordon, GA for an operation and then went to Fleet Reserve in November, 1982.

     I had never seen your site until I stumbled on it the other day and was very pleasantly surprised as it brought back memories.  When I left in 1975 the P.O.L. facility that I was building was on a 1/2 mile long, 100 foot wide causeway out into the lagoon and Pt. Marianne was still a pristine with the cemetery, church and a few cottages and the largest mango tree on the island.  When I got back in 1979 it was all under the dredge fill from the anchorage expansion project. The causeway was pretty much gone and the new fuel pier at the end of it was under construction.  It was a total shock.



Name = Randy Cox

submit_by =

Citizenship = USA

Service = Navy

Outfit = Seabee

My_Quest = Looking for my father

My_Warstory = I know this  is not a war story I'm looking for my father gentleman for 30 years wanting to know if anybody out there that was in his unit that knows him or knows were he may have gone to please help thank you!



Michael "Pancho" Padilla =

Citizenship = USA; Service = USN; Outfit = S-1 Personnel Honey Company

My_Quest = Connect with the living

VT_of_a_Swallow = Faster than a speeding bullet

My_Warstory = Hello gentlemen and I use that term lightly. I'm updating my contact information and hopefully I can visit with the Wild Bunch again! Pancho lives on in infamy!! Long live the memories of MCB TEN



Michael Padilla

506 White Ave

Aztec, NM  87410


17,719 miles from DG



1974-1975, 1979-1980, & 1981.

Project Manager on the 1st P.O.L. facility in 74-75, Engineering Chief for PW 79-80 and Minor projects for MCB-62 in 81

Robert Reagan

Citizenship = USA; Service = US Navy Seabees; Outfit = MCB10, NavSta Diego Garcia (PW), and MCB62

My_Quest = Quest?  To live as long as I can

VT_of_a_Swallow = as fast as you can drink a beer!

My_Warstory = First let me say that I have two years and one month of my life on that Island. I am one of the few people who has driven all 31 miles from tip to tip.  In 1979-1980 I put 27,000+/- miles on a Dodge Ram pickup in a year and most of my job during that consisted of finding places for people to sleep. 

     Myself and a Brit Chief that I cannot remember his name sort of established the Diego Garcia Yacht Club as a way for his and my troops to have something to do besides drink, read books, fish or watch porno movies from the library.

    Lot of hard work and a lot stories that I don't have enough time to write my stories now but would like to post this and write more later if that's possible.  Some are strange and some are sad but I saw PT. Marianne before the dredge fill, runway extension and buildings wiped it out.


    BY EMAIL 6 FEB 2016:  I was there in the formative years 74-75 as it really was still getting started and then when I went down in 1979 it was a sleepy little backwater with total island population of approx. 1300 with 650 of that the resident Seabee Battalion for about three months until the Iranians took the hostages and life as we knew it changed overnight.  Within two weeks the PCS personnel had grown to almost 5000 people and had another 5000 or so in transient to and from ships.  It was a nightmare.  My last 3 months in 1981 with MCB 62 was interrupted by an old knee injury that got reinjured and I got medevacked to Subic and the on to FT Gordon, GA for an operation and then went to Fleet Reserve in November, 1982.  I had never seen your site until I stumbled on it the other day and was very pleasantly surprised as it brought back memories.  When I left in 1975 the P.O.L. facility that I was building was on a 1/2 mile long, 100 foot wide causeway out into the lagoon and Pt. Marianne was still a pristine with the cemetery, church and a few cottages and the largest mango tree on the island.  When I got back in 1979 it was all under the dredge fill from the anchorage expansion project. The causeway was pretty much gone and the new fuel pier at the end of it was under construction.  It was a total shock.

Here is Robert's submission from 2015:

This a sea story but a true one.


Once upon a time there were two Chiefs (one a SWC with MCB-10 and the other a Brit)  in the Seabee Battalion's Chief's Club in late 1974 or early 1975 and got into a conversation about the lack of good recreation for the troops.  At the time no women were allowed on the island, the station library had every Luke Short and Louis L'Amour western novel in print and what was probably the largest porn video tape collection in the world (you can't make up stuff like that).  Other than that there was a steady cheap supply of beer and other recreational spirits but absolutely nothing else.  I was the Seabee Chief and although I have forgotten the Brit Chief's name and rate he is actually the founder, hero and who this sea story is really about.  He had an idea and shared it with me and allowed me to help him because he was apprehensive about acquiring things around the Americans and I had no such problems.


He informed me that the Brit Party had two 21' Rhodes day sailers and there were several sail rigged dugouts at the plantation.  He told me that he had cleared it with the Brit Rep and he could have those dugouts plus the two Rhodes to start a Yacht Club.  All he needed was a little help.  The following Sunday he and I sailed one of the Rhodes to the Plantation and sailed back towing the best 3 of the 7 boats that were there back near to where the concrete silo was (on the lagoon side straight across and through the woods from the bowling alley if my memory serves me and if it's still there), drug them ashore and staked them out so they wouldn't drift away if we got a severe high tide.  Most tiring sailing I have ever done. The Brit Chief was an outstanding sailor and I was a fair hand.  Anyway over the next few weeks he, I and a few of my troops and a few of his worked who with us to try to turn those few boats into a yacht club. I learned a few days later that Surface Ops had a Sun Fish and four Lasers that were a little larger, a little faster and a lot trickier to sail (more fun though).  All those boats were under the Surface Ops building and the sails, rigging and other paraphernalia was in a Conex box next to the building.  When I asked the Surface Ops Officer what he was going to do with them he asked me why I wanted to know. I told him about the "Yacht Club" and he was immediately drafted himself and donated those boats and all assorted gear we might need to the cause.  Turns out he was a ring knocker and sailed on the Academy sailing team.  


I gradually eased my way out of the actual work after that because my project had started working 6 hours on Sunday and pretty much stayed that way till the end of my deployment. The Brit kept on with the task and several other draftees interested in sailing and or starting a real yacht club.  The site was moved to where it is now about July or August 1975. I did assist again when they moved by appropriating an ammi pontoon and a brow from the shore to the pontoon (again from Surface Ops) and got some concrete clumps for anchors for the pontoon a little while after that.  I left the Island in Early September 1975.


I received my Yacht club membership card in 1979 when I came back down for a 1 year tour in Public Works.  I also did 4 months on another deployment with MCB 62 in late 1981.  Total D.G. Time 2 years


That sir is the true beginning of the Diego Garcia Yacht Club, believe it or not.


If you have any questions or if I can shed a light on any of the other earlier happenings, such as the 2 snow cats and the enormous snow blowers that rotted away and were finally put to rest in 1979 or about the day that it was discovered in 1979 we were within four days of running out of beer when there were close to 10,000 people on the Island at that time, let me know.  I'll also let you know that the story about the Russian Submarine pens around Diego Garcia was started around the very same time and in the very same Chiefs's Club as the above conversation as a joke that caught on.




Thomas Titherley =

Citizenship = USA

Service = USN

Outfit = MCB 10

My_Quest = retire

VT_of_a_Swallow = 1000

My_Warstory = Well I miss too see what its like now .i remember that weps carrier  that almost was swept out too sea.along with me.dumm shit on a rubber raft.and seeing the sharks getting bigger and more below me in the water.had fun being a dis radio station.loved Bangkok.would love go back.went with Ed jenix.Sorry he too see WENDELL GARNTO.Bozo.Fred Metz.and many others.i sometimes getPSTD over the overdoze of FULLER after he came back from Bangkok.i was the last too talk to him and the first too fine he slept right nx too me.i can still hut mom.yelling go get the MAA.hes dead he's dead.and seeing him in a body bag.boy did I get hell from the BRITISH REP.thinking I knew a war story.but I believe Diego and the Seabees was the finest and most honorable thing I have done in my life.the friends comradeship was fantastic.been told I am a very patriotic person and proud of ten and the chief PAGATA once told day Titherley you will be a a legion or VFW.talking too other Vets.Ha I told him.CHIEF..i don't need this shit.I wish  I could  shake he had today.A good with that.i say SEABEES CAN DO.CONTACT 307-399-2079 God Bless.chief was right.i even missed the Bees and went back into reserves.




Citizenship = USA

Service = USN

Outfit = MCB10

VT_of_a_Swallow = 2XPRS(>5x8}+16







al seider =

Citizenship = USA

Service = USN seabees

Outfit = blasting crew

My_Warstory = remembering all the great guys I met buford,grenier,clausing etc just a shout out to say hey




Steve Creswell =

Citizenship = USA; Service = USN; Outfit = mcb 10;

My_Warstory = any you in mcb 10 reunion see MCB Ten Seabees like to hear from you need to have 1974 diego reunion



1973-1974 and 1974-1975

Wendell Bumford =

Citizenship = USA; Service = USN; Outfit = mcb10 Aco.

My_Quest = Diego Garcia; My_Warstory = I was on the rock with mcb10 twice once with a detachment in 1973-1974. We were there to help mncb74 and with the main body in 1974-1975. It was a hard place to be, but met some good people. We spent a lot of time in the tree house in the jungle thinking of funny things to make it seem better. Played a little softball. spent time at turtle creek swimming and just getting away. We almost lost a weapons carrier in the ocean. I always hated when the desalt barge broke down and we had no fresh water. We did something's we probably shouldn't have just to make time go by. Don't miss the place just the people. We had some great card games and a good uso show. I can remember sitting in the hooch drinking and just hanging out. Going to Bangkok was fun, went with Charlie, don't remember the last name. Remember Steve Creswell, Wendell Garnto and some others but can't remember the rest. Remember being in the radio station with some people, not good with names.



1974 - 1975

Diana Rios RE Tom McCracken

submitted by

Citizenship = USA; Service = USN; Outfit = NMCB10

My_Quest = Find people who knew my dad

VT_of_a_Swallow = I don't think you're talking about the bird lol

My_Warstory = I'm interested to hear stories about my dad while he was in the service. He is still alive, and I can ask him, but it would be fun to hear about him from another's perspective. My dad is Tom McCracken, his home station was Port Heuneme (sorry if I spelled it wrong). I'm not positive on the dates that he was on DG. I can also pass on email addresses to my dad or give you his if you would like.




Thomas McCracken =

Citizenship = USA; Service = USN; Outfit = Alpha Co. Petty Officer in charge of sanitary landfil and night dispatcher

My_Warstory = I remember that DG was hot and humid. I was put in charge of the dump shortly after I arrived late because of having knee surgery. After a couple of months doing that I was put on night dispatch. This entailed preparing paper work for the next day was done and guarding the equipment yard. There were two of us on night dispatch so we sometimes took naps. I made one trip over to the plantation and thought the house that was there was awfully small. I also remember the only time we saw women was when a USO show would come to the island.




Steve Creswell =

Citizenship = USA; Service = USN; Outfit = MCB10

My_Quest = to make sense of 1974 & 1975

My_Warstory = not much of a war story lost good friend to heart attack ED JENIK that served on DIEGO with us this started me looking for friends that can help me remember what the________ we did there. I am proud to have been part of MCM10 not sure in 74 diego if 10 been proud me Remember taking 5ton dump mattresses & food camping out beach on plantation end island can't remember names with me & ED But if you are out there contact me Boy have we came a long ways from MARS STATION to email Remember tree house in jungle great place for wasted time. Did you know boones farm will make you swim with sharks at nite Remember Russia military ship disgusted as fishing vessel almost docked at alpha co. huts where else can you wake up with a ship at your back door A young man asked me what Seabees do I told him Seabees secure beach head & make airstrips & protect the Army while they take pictures of the Marines "being first to land".

I didn't see ED Jenik but one time since 75 only talked few times before he died a few yrs ago but as many of you know only one thing a SEABEE can not do is express in words bonds formed between SEABEES who served together except you ski Labbit you ________ who wrote me up for being late

Can't remember lots names just nicknames & faces but if you remember me are any thing we did contact me Just some names looking for M Jewell had apt on Aleric ST SK3 JONES CMCM BUMFORD SKSN SISAK FRED METZ LCDR BURGESS CORBY SPEARS many others in alpha co I worked in repair parts.




David =

Citizenship = USA; Service = USN; Outfit = VP-6

My_Warstory = First time in Dodge was on deployment in PI with VP-6. I seem to remember just us P-3 guys,a few Brits,Comm guys and 1or2 CB Battalions building up the base. No girls at all.Did 10 deployments to PI and Okinawa so I was in Dodge many times. Not to bad at first. Had our own Hootch near the beach. We usually flew one day and off the next. Wasn't much to do but get tanned and fish..relax. Lots of contract civilians came in the 80's if I remember right. I got out before the VP squadrons deployed there for 6 months thank god!




Name = Paul Moore =

Citizenship = USA; Service = USN; Outfit = Machinery Repairman

My_Warstory = This was my first duty out of boot camp. Home port then was in Davisville, Rhode Island. Don't remember which battalion I was with (Think maybe MCB-74).

Got to island and didn't have any idea what to expect. First time away from home.

Stayed 7 months went back to Davisville, RI.

Got orders to go to Gulfport, MS. Got there and none of the battalion I was sent to were there. I asked were everyone was at. They said Portirico. I asked where is next duty. I was told Diego Garcia.

Nine months later I went back to Diego Garcia for 8 months.

I'm the only person I know of that had two tours on Diego Garcia.

Most of the time I was there I was the one machinist there.

2nd time there received an award for repairing hydraulic pumps at cement plant while there on first tour.



1974 to 1975

Sam Burris =

Citizenship = USA; Service = USN;

Outfit = mcb10 a com

My_Warstory = When we got to diego the heat was unreal so we were told to just lay around and get used to it. We did but it was still hot I worked in the body shop and did all the painting I loved my work. I told my chief it was to hot to paint in the day and I wanted to work at night so we started two crews day crew got vehicles ready me and another would paint them at night. we went to work at 6pm and worked till we were done about 4am we would have a few beers then I would sleep till noon go eat then lay on the beach swim it was it was just too good Diego Garcia was the best and MCB10 was too.



1974 or 1975 can't remember for sure

Allen Schnack =

Citizenship = USA; Service = USN; Outfit = MCB-3 Bravo Company

My_Quest = old memories

My_Warstory = My prior duty station was Adak Alaska, so I went from one God forsaken rock to another. Some luck eh?  I was squad leader of the battalion communication squad, we maintained the telephone system and ran the telephone exchange.  It was a manual exchange-remember you rang for the operator, asked for who you wanted, and the operator connected you.  My platoon commander was CE1 Charlie Walton, the oldest CE1 I'd ever encountered.  He swore he'd stay in the Navy till they threw him out and then he'd sue the Navy for nonsupport.  In dress uniform he had ribbons we'd never seen before, from Korea, or WWII or the Civil War, I don't know.

     We had our own weapons carrier [weps] to get around for wire maintenance till CE3 Houlihan decided to use it for a private party on the beach on the other side of the island.  After that we had to walk and carry our tools and equipment.  I think we maybe got a bicycle eventually after that.

     I was one of the CE's who climbed poles which was no big deal except those 60 footers for the lights around the ball field.  There was only two guys who were willing to change those light bulbs-CE2 Tom Snow, my best friend on that deployment - he was from Michigan but haven't seen or heard of him since, and a short little CECN who's name is long lost.

     Do you remember hunting coconut crabs and catching langouste out in the surf in the dark with flashlights?  Then feasting on fresh crabmeat and lobster washed down with Double Diamond beer.  Then talking about women.  I remember a USO Show came and there were women in the show. Women, real live women, and some other acts too, maybe Bob Hope or some others, but the best part was just seeing those women.  There was that R&R to Bankok of course but that's another story.

     Before we deployed to "the rock" Tom Snow and I and CE3 Harry Thompson and maybe one other CE were sent to some school in San Diego to learn to repair all the copying machines on the Island.  Harry Thompson seemed to have the most talent for that so we let him do it all.  He liked it most cause all those copiers were always in air conditioned spaces, so he milked those jobs for he could. 

Haven't thought about this stuff for 30+ years.

Hope to hear from you.



Name = ricky wayne scrimshire =

Other_Country = 100% redneck white boy

Service = USN

Other_Service = seabees from hell

Outfit = usnmcb-10/delta co/ ditch digger/alcohol salesperson

My_Quest = to find crazy white boys i was on the rock with

VT_of_a_Swallow = 0,if he's terminal,he's dead

My_Warstory = i was 18,young dumb and full of ***,and i had a blast on the rock.i've met youngsters who have been there,its a frieckin resort now,they have no idea.looking for paul j. bombard,roach ranaldo,matt crouse,or any other old timer who remembers"scrimpy" from the rock.i still have the coral infection but v.a. doesnt recognize it because the dumb ass corpsman did'nt log anything about it.they do recognize that i'm deaf from the blasting on the bowling about that trip to bangkok,i'd love to do thet again,knowing what i know now,"hell yeah".somebody please write me back,you can't all be dead.till i hear from somebody,god be with you all,my friends!diego garcia is a resort now,if they only knew,huh.



Dates_Aboard = 1974-1975

Name = Ronald Wheeler =

Citizenship = USA

Service = USN

Other_Service = Seabees

Outfit = MCB 10

My_Quest = To Remember

VT_of_a_Swallow = Depends on the Direction of Flow

My_Warstory =    Well after 3 tours in Viet Nam, One with MCB 6 and one with Seabee Team 0601, and one with CB PAC DET Siagon , I can't say my tour on Diego Garcia was a war story . but I do have some good Memories and Bad Memories.

     So here I go, by the way I am going to to say even the bad ones were not that bad. One of my duties was to over see the Ham/Mars radio station. I had two young Men that worked in it full sending and receiving Mars Grams to their loved ones back home, and trying to get phone patches thru so they could chat with them. that was very difficult to get thru.

     I remember some nights I would get on the Ham Bands, and not being able to get thru to West Coast Mars stations I would get East Coast Hams to Phone Patch calls for the guys so they could chat with their Loved ones.

     Not being much of a fisherman the thing I like doing was flying Radio Controlled Airplanes on a Sunday afternoon. They were a lot of fun. I remember one I built with some help, was a 52 inch wing span Bi-Plane with an Enya .50 engine. It flew like a dream until the landing gear fell off and the battery pack fell out , locking the controls while in a complete  loop. After a couple of loops ( each one getting closer to the pavement ) the finale one dove straight in the pavement driving the crankshaft thru the back of the engine Dis- assembiling the Bi Plane into approximently 1 million pieces, (Small exaggeration). AAHHH Yes the Miss America and her entourage were without a doubt a Collection of the MOST BEAUTIFUL LADIES ever put together and sent to our little Island Paradise, But alas they wouldn't let us keep them...I loved Diego Garcia, My Shrink says that I am doing good after 36 years...




Matt Crouse =

Citizenship = USA

Service = USN

Outfit = MCB 10 Delta Company

My_Quest = Contacting those who were there

My_Warstory = I notice one person - Morgan - is looking to write a book and I think he is looking for the CO name during those years, at least I think that is what he is asking.

     Don't remember his name but went to mast - some budy(s) borrowed a jeep and crossed over to the end of the island - beyond the chains and the plantations. Busted.

     We played stupid, as we really were, and got off.

     Also remember night guard duty and tragedy for the night was guy who had come back from Bangkok and did not get the balloon full of drugs out of his body before it burst in his stomach.

     I gotta say though I went over weighing 235 and came back at 160 lb!



1974 - 75

Richard Riordan <>

I was on Diego Garcia 2 times.  1974-1975 with MCB-10 Alpha Company and again with Naval Support Facility from 1980-1981.  I also have pictures to back up my claim.


Name = john ranaldo

Citizenship = USA

Service = USN

Outfit = nmcb 10  h co. mlo c co rebar yard

VT_of_a_Swallow = a gulp

My_Warstory = To the inquiry of Jim Byers of California we shared an apartment after Diego.

If any one remembers me Ranaldo, JR, or Roach. I think I was the only true New York city-folk in the battalion.

Had a few off base apartments, one with Rick Scrimshier from Santa Maria CA.

Had slingshot, got drunk alot and lobbed stones onto the officers camp Always had some doobie on hand, which was worth its weight in gold.

Best remembered as the Cb always in trouble and always on KP or extra duty and who walked out on the Miss America show and got hell for that.

Would like to thank second class Valier for showing how to siphon agent orange with a radiator hose.

Would like to thank unknown parties for first class ezell or e-z's blanket party. Thanks for getting him off my back. And a special thanks to the yeoman who put through my discharge papers.

I remember many names Joe Kern "Ate Up" was all he'd say, Fred Metzs the smallest CB with the biggest thirst, and Fred from St. Louis we were in the same hooch. There are no pictures of me in the deployment cruisebook as the officers hated me that much. Will write more if any one is interested.






     I especially enjoyed your Diego Garcia page with the 1974 Miss America tour... as I remember that well (almost like yesterday)  Spent Feb 74 thru Feb 75 there...US Navy at the Transmitter site on the south end of the island.

     I probably acted somewhat foolish after not having seen a woman for quite some time...  That was an outside movie theater that we had to go to and watch the show an it was HOT out already... and then "they" paraded out... and oh well, down with another Budweiser! <GRIN!>

     Good to see some more recent photos of things there.  During my time there, the FIRST C5 landed.  They were not sure the ramp was sturdy enough for all the weight so it was left parked at the North end of the runway overnite... Cargo Offloaded there and refueled there... Eventually someone decided that the ramp was strong enough and they finally "tried it" and since the ramp didn't collapse under the weight they quit parking on the runway!  However, many of us were recruited to make sure no donkeys walked across the runway during the landing of a C5!

     Did you serve on any other islands?  I went to Guam after DG... and then on to Hawaii for 4.5 years.  And, oh yes, I did 2 years on Midway Island in the mid 60's which you can see at:

     Did I understand correctly that you are in the Middle East?  If that's the case... please be careful and come back to us safely.

     After I retired in '84, I spent a couple of years working for a "defense contractor" in Saudi installing underground command centers for the Royal Saudi Navy in Riyadh, Jeddah and Al Jubail.  So, I do understand a little of what goes on over that way...  Be careful!  (Sorry, I'd already said that...)

David Perkins, USNavy, Retired




Health Care Swindle:

My only GOOD souvenir left from the tour there.  The 5 x 5 plaque on my office wall.  I think this was from NMCB #10

I was stationed on Diego Garcia from February 1974 to February 1975.  At that time I was an ET-1 and I ran the Transmitter Site. Most of the crew that worked for me had been students of mine at ET school at Great Lakes in the years preceeding my arrival on the Rock.

Just this morning one of those youngsters gave me a call as he had found me online and decided to look me up!  Strange how living on islands does that to people...

I get it all the time from those I met or found while living on Midway Island back in the early 60's...  ( )

Your page that has all the souvenirs on it didn't have one of these little wall plaque's so I thought you might like to see it?  It was sold in the ship's store.  Measures 5" X 5" and is a nice wood finish.  Probably mahogany.  The ceramic tile is 3" square.

I've had it on my wall almost forever... and often think back to my days there. Phew!  Life there now must be Soooooo different?

[I have some photographs from my year there. I'll do my best to find them and if any are salvageable (some were definitely water damaged) I'll put them up on a page and send you a link.  How about that?  [pending!]


Mr. Morris:

I am a former Special Agent of the Naval Investigative Service (NIS) and had the pleasure of going to Diego Garcia on three occasions in 1974 starting in March. I am currently writing a book about my experiences while with NIS and one of the areas in the book deals with Diego Garcia..  If you can assist me it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

John W. Morgan




1973-74, 1975

NAME = David Engel., EO3, D2C

MY QUEST = Immortality

VT of a SWALLOW = 139 mph




UNIT = UCT-1, TAD MCB-4 in 73-74

RANK/RATE/JOB = EO4---discharged in '76

MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Geo-political Rabble Rousing

SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = This is a No-Shit Drinking Story

MY WARSTORY = Dg was actually attacked while I was there with UCT-1 in '75. At that time there was a beach on the lagoon side near the EM club and the de-sal barges. An old rusted barge was hard aground on the beach; it had been there since God-knows-when. The hold was full of sand. Our unit was there to drag a concrete-lined pipe out to a tanker anchorage but we had some down-time. Don't give Seabees down-time. They just start looking for shit to blow-up. And there it sat---a big, fat inviting target. We'll get this rusty tub off the beach for you. We'll blow it to pieces. Which is what happened. One large piece of steel hit the roof of the waterfront warehouse used by the DG navy (the Mike boats and pontoon-can tugboat). All occupants immediately surrendered. A subsequent shot landed a bigger chunk right in the front yard of the chapel (yes, DG had one of those---most of us heathens couldn't have told anyone where it was). Navy chaplains can get mad; I was laughing too hard to hear his exact words. The attack on DG ceased.

HERE'S ANOTHER:  Ron Kotz tells the stories better than I do (go figure---he was a wordsmith, I was lower than an E1). My best story would embarass the shit out of Roger St. Jacques(73-74). Shout out to Steve Skillington wherever you are. No one believes that Double Diamond would sell for 15 cents a can. Before my first trip there all the older guys in UCT-1 were warning me about the heat and humidity at DG. I got there and wore shorts and tee shirt every day. I slept in a hammock under cocnut palms (except in high winds). I thought "what the hell are they talking about ---heat and hunmidity." I've lived in Houston almost all my life except for 6 years in New Orleans. DG was a breeze compared to New Orleans in August. I got back to Davisville and asked those guys what the heck were they talking about. I still didn't know until I found out that they were from Minnesota, Michigan, and Maine. One man's hell is anothers heaven(almost).



Feb 74- Jan 75

NAME = Allen Hartfield

MY QUEST = To live to enjoy my retirement.



NATIONALITY = Red-Blooded American


UNIT = Navcommsta Receiver Site

RANK/RATE/JOB = RM2 worked with circuit control. I also drove the bus to and from the barracks. Left and went to Teletype Repair School and then went to Navcommsta Puerto Rico.  I am retired Postal Worker.

MY WARSTORY = Would like to hear from anyone that remembers me.




Michael O'Brien <

I was on Dego in February or March of 74 for about 2 weeks aboard the USS Anchorage LSD-36. We were there so a couple barges could be sandblasted in our well deck. I have many photo's but until I can digitize my slides it may be awhile before I can get them to you.  I haven't seen anything on your site about the WW1(?) cannon I have pictures of. I'll get my pictures to you as soon as I can, thanks for the web site-great.




NAME = Kenton J Kraft

MY QUEST = Retirement

VT of a SWALLOW = Depends on the speed of the windshield




UNIT = MCB 10   A Co.


MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Want to Drink A Lot, Cheap


MY WARSTORY = Cant say that I really enjoyed the place,but one of the best days of my life was the day we left.  It was and I am sure still is a beautiful place and I really am glad to say I was there.  I dont remember a lot of names but I had some good freinds there.   I do remember the first night there I ended up at the EM club sitting at the bar with Harold James and we got so drunk we could only stand by leaning on each other, we left the club only to find we did not know the way back to the hooch,  we evidently found it because we were somehow reunited with our belongings the next morning.



1974, with USNMCB4

NAME = Robert L. Scott, BU2, oops, a long time ago.

MY QUEST = To help set the story straight, hell, you know us Seabees.

VT of a SWALLOW = Flew with VQ1 before I was a 'Bee, same as a whale outa gas.


NATIONALITY = What do you think, bucko?  Daddy said I was A-one USA.

SERVICE = The United States Seabees

UNIT = Crewleader, Charlie Company, USNMCB4, 1974

RANK/RATE/JOB = I was a BU3 on Dago, And was promoted after we returned to Port Who-needs-me. I served with the battalion through the Guam deployment, and was medivacced from Spain in '76, with a shattered elbow.

MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Stroll Down Memory Lane

SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = This is a No-Shit Sailing Story

MY WARSTORY = For all of thhe youngsters out there who served on dago, and thought it was a hellhole, you should have been there in the early days.  I hear and read the stories about how bad it was for you polliwogs, and I can't shed a tear for you.  When I was thhere, women weren't allowed on the island, unless they had an armed escort.  And the story from that chief who had to wash his own dishes really made me laugh.  We didn't have any, except for what was in the chowhall.  But you know, God made fingers before he made spoons.  Anyway, I'd like to know if thhat bigass hammerhead is still in the lagoon.  Two of us doctored up the only hobiecat we had, and took it for a sail.  But some previous dickwad had put a standard bolt in the clevis that attached the stays to the mast.  Needless to say, after we got out in the middle of the lagoon, the goddam bolt broke, and the mast went over the side.  Almost.  Being Seabees of the first order, [almost], we saved the mast and sail.  We pulled the heavy bastard back across the boat, and took turns hholding it up to catch as much breeze as possible.  As we finally approached the beach, I spotted a buddy, Tom, Sailing hellbent for cocoanuts right up onto the sand in a 14 foot sunfish.  He looked godawful nervous, a bit pale around the gills.  I asked him what the hurry was, and all he could say was "SHARK"!  I looked on the other side of hhis boat, and sure enough, there was that sixteen foot hammerhead, shadowing him all the way into the beach.  I don't think Tom ever got back into thhe water after that.  True story.  Is the sumbitch still there?





What's the deal here, we put the roots in that island, built the bones, and then put some meat on the bitch.  I wasn't the first Seabee to work on the island, and I wasn't the lasty.  It was still hardship duty when I was there, no females allowed, and no discrimination intended.  It was tough duty.  WE still lived in seahuts, and we shared 'em with the rats and crabs.  My crew placed and finished concrete, and we poured the roof on thhe dispensary.  We also put in the foundations for the radar sites.  We also reinforced thhe water lines thhat run around the island.  If you really want to know what it was like in the early days, talk to the Seabees who built thhhat little chunk of godless paradise.  Like I said, I wasn't the first, but I was there in the early stages.   Scotty, BU2, MCB4, 1974.  My e-mail is



1974 -1975

NAME = Paul McQuaid

MY QUEST = Just say Hi to some old Seebee I was on the rock with.

VT of a SWALLOW = Wam Bam Thank You Mame


NATIONALITY = Smart Ass White Boy


UNIT = NMBC 10 Bravo

RANK/RATE/JOB = UT 3  Then. Now I have been working for the railroad 31 years and have three adult kids and seven grandkids.

MY INTEREST IN DG IS = My Time There is Lost in an Alcoholic Haze, Help Me Remember!

SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = I'd Like to Share Precious Memories of Drinking/Fishing/Snorkeling/Sailing on Diego Garcia

MY WARSTORY = I look back at the time I was on the rock and it was all good.  Some days sober and most all nights drunk or stoned. I would love to be able to take a trip back to that rock.  Oh well I have my memores some are hazey.  I have looked at some of the pictures that some of the other MCB 10 guys posted and I remebered the faces but not the names.  Also I have read other guys stores and it was like having flashback I wanted to take off my shirt & pants and sit around naked. But it is to cold In Nor Calif. I want to say if anybody remebers a Seebee named Jim Byers He was from Santa Rosa Cailf like myself.  I wanted to say he has pass on back in 1982. Do to a car accident He and I became really became good freinds. Do to the time on the rock. So If anyone remebers him or me and would like to email me don,t hold back. This web site is really great and now I can show my kids were I was and some of

the shit I did befor being Dad.  I was thin and young boy O boy I hade it made and didnt even know it.  Well I will close for now.

Paul McQuaid

Here are some corrections Paul sent in Dec 06:

I was in Bravo Co. .

The name of the camp was Cummings I think ?

It was named after a young Seebee that was killed in a accident on the rock. He was burned by hot steam and water.

The store I was told. Is he was a UT and was taking shower close to the boiler. In the room or shed next to the chow hall. Some times you got pretty dirty working on that boiler and pipes around the chow hall.

This was a few years before I was there in 1974. As when I was there do to lack of parts somethings were by pasted or jerry rigged. Apparently a safety blow off valve that was to pop off and release pressure when it was to high was not working or jerry rigged.

When Cummings was showering this valve blew off and he was scald to death. Hence the name of the camp. I see you and some people refer to the camp as Dodge ?

I Was wondering if the name was changed.

We referred to the Island as the ROCK.

Thank you for replying to the email.

Boy I have been checking your site out. It sure brings back a lot of memories. I was showing my girl friend picture's of the rock . She would love to take a trip over there. Hey and she has a home in Kona Hi.

P.S. Hi Larry Carpenter

Merry Xmas & Happy New Year

Paul McQuaid



Late '74 to early '75

NAME = Rick Sheridan

MY QUEST = The holy hand grenade of Antioch

VT of a SWALLOW = An African or European Swallow?



SERVICE = The Seabees!


RANK/RATE/JOB = UT2 in Delta Co. Now retired.

MY INTEREST IN DG IS = My Time There is Lost in an Alcoholic Haze, Help Me Remember!

SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = This is a No-Shit Drinking Story

MY WARSTORY = There was a cabana by the beach, where a bunch of us usually hung out at, did cookouts, Barbecued chicken (they were free) however were, alas, unable to acquire a donkey for barbecue. We did cook a lot of fine fish.

     Anyhow, one fine Sunday morning, I went to the EM club and at their retail booze outlet, picked up three bottles of Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill. OOO...they were nice and cold. I proceeded to the cabana and found, much to my chagrin, that there was no one there, and the cabana itself was locked, therefore preventing me from accessing the fridge, where I had intended to stow the bottles.

     I decided to wait, and see who would show. And I waited...and waited...and the bottles of Strawberry hill sat there on the picnic table and sweated.

     Well, I wasn't going to waste cool wine, so I opened the first bottle and had myself a drink. It sure tasted great! I therefore had some more. And more. In the meantime, no one is showing up, and the two remaining bottles sat there and sweated. I wasn't going to allow them to get warm! No sir! So I proceeded to open the second bottle and save it from a fate of ignominy. I succeeded. Yes I did. But, alas, still no one showed to open the access to the fridge, So I resigned myself to an act of sacrifice, and prevented the third and last bottle from getting warm in the Diego sun.

     All this happened in the space of about an hour, so you can imagine how stewed I was.

     There was nothing left for me to do but to lay down on the table and take a nap, except for one thing. It started raining. You know, one of them Indian Ocean gully washers. I haplessly staggered back to my hootch, to try to sleep it off.

     Whoever said you can stop the room from spinning by putting one foot on the floor was full of doodoo, because I no sooner laid down, and the room spun, foot on the floor and all. Nausea hit me like a ton of bricks, so I immediately headed for the shower shack to arf my breakfast and the well-used Strawberry Hill. I no sooner stood up and the nausea cleared up, but the other symptoms of my stupid stupor did not. So I lay down again, one foot on the floor, only for the nausea to return.

     Needless to say. I ended up spending the remainder of that day, and night, in misery. Finally, I was able to make it to the shower shack and puke my guts off around 0600 Monday morning. Just as I got done, My squad leader, UT1 Willard Stump, was coming in for his morning shower. I am eternally grateful to him when, seeing the condition that I was in, he sent me back to bed. Thanks again, Stumpy.

     Another memory, brought up by someone else, was of the time we had to get Gamma Globulin (GG for short) shots, as a profilaxis against Hepatitis. Everyone moaned and groaned about it, because, everyone knows, GG shots HURT! Well I'm here to tell you that when my turn came to get the shot, It was a Brit medic who gave it to me, and he took about a minute to pump the evil serum in. I didn't even feel the needle. I was amazed. Thanks to you, nameless Brit medic!




NAME = Tom Grenier

MY QUEST = To get my hair back

VT of a SWALLOW = I just don't get this???????



UNIT = Blasting Crew


SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = Actually, I Have a Real Story To Tell

MY WARSTORY = I had Len (Buford) Ruff and Gary (Gary Mac) McCallum over the house this weekend for a mini reunion. Gary's wife lived off base for awhile so she had some stories amd memories too. I haven't seen them since my wedding in 1978. It's a shame because they don't live that far way. Everyone just too busy and time flies by.

     I got to tell ya, this was a great afternoon we all spent together. After all those years I didn't think we would have enought to talk about, but once the stories started and the pictures started getting passed around, we couldn't shut up. My wife and Len's wife who didn't know anyone even seemed to enjoy the stories.

     There must of been a lot of MCB 10 guys from the past whose ears were burning this past Sunday afternoon. Every picture, every turn of the page in the tour book brought out comments like "hey, remember this guy", "remember the time we ..... yadda, yadda, yadda".

     Jay Molder sent me an email and told me to try not to emblish the stories too much when we got together. He said we were not as strong or as good looking as we think we were back then. I wrote back to him and told him, Bullshit! I've been looking over the pictures and we were strong and damn good looking! How could those ladies on DG stay away from us......oh yea, there weren't any.  That's why we stayed drunk for eight months.

     Anyways, my advice to you is that if you have a chance to hook up with someone from back then, if only for a few hours, jump at it. It will be worth your time. I'd like to get another reunion down the road with some of the guys we knew. I know Jay is in WA and I think Jack Hickey is in KC, Harry Clausing in MT. Kaminski and Bill Caughey I think were from PA. Bob McNabb, not sure.  That's only a few of the names we dug up this weekend. Anybody else out there?




Harvey Foos <>

Hi Ted,

     My name is Harvey Foos (or just THE Large FOOS).  I was stationed on Diego Garcia from Oct 74 to Oct 75 as a Ships Serviceman and helped run the Ships Store on the island with Ruffo and Abweg.  I was with the COMSTA personal there.  Im sure a lot of Sea Bees from NMCBs 10 and 3 remember going to the store for there gedunk, smokes and fuejuice.  I remember when 3 came to the island and the radio station (ran by Randy Kafka) had a contest for the new arrivals to capture a LARGE FOOS and bring it to the radio station for a reward.  I remember it taking them 3 days to figure out what a Foos was, before I was caught in a gunny sack and taken for the reward.  I remember opening up M.I.L. vans and C.O.N.E.X. boxes after being delivered by cargo ships and finding all the items we had ordered 3 months earlier.  I remember going to the radio station on early on Sunday mornings to watch the tell-a-types for the college football scores, especially Nebraska.  The long walks along the beaches, going to the other side of the island and getting the medavac nurses and the Miss America contestants in the store for private openings.

     The guys in my division, Branson, Woodall, Ruffo, Abweg, Morring, and Mertz.  These were the guys that I spent lots of time with and help me get through, what could have been one very long year.  The nights of playing spades and drinking, the nights out at the movies and eating those wonderful Dego Burgers.

     I have lots of other stories and some great photos Id like to share.


Harvey Foos

Director of Guest Services

Lion Square Lodge

Vail, Colorado





NAME = Mike Ray

MY QUEST = To reminisce while still lucid.

VT of a SWALLOW = It should be 0 MPH or 0 KPH and it didn't feel a thing!




UNIT = TAD - Crash Crew


MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Stroll Down Memory Lane

SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = Actually, I Have a Real Story To Tell

MY WARSTORY = My encounter with the famed Diego Garcia started in Guam,USA with crash crew duties at the Agana International Airport. One day after returning from runway alert, our division chief announced that an admiral was inspecting a new naval facility in the Indian Ocean and he found untrained Seabees providing crash/fire service at the airport and he was pissed! He continued...the admiral has sent out this speed-letter asking for crash firefighter volunteers from Japan, Okinawa and Guam to immediately report to Diego Garcia to operate their Crash Crew until PCS personnel arrive to replace us. Three Alabama boys (Me, Ken "Pitts in the Pacific" and ABH6 Thomas) (Roll Tide) and one from Georgia (Don Cahill) thought it might be fun and volunteered. Pitts and Cahill got their orders first and left immediately. Thomas and myself received our orders a few days later with TWA tickets from Guam to Bangkok, Thailand to catch a C-141 at U-Tapao AFB. Well we foolishly assumed that the Navy knew what it was doing so Thomas and I boarded the TWA flight with the handful of paperwork given to us at Ops. All was well until we tried to enter Thailand without PASSPORTS! Yes we needed passports but no one issued us any! So here we go back on the jet we just disembarked that was headed to Bombay, India. The Thai officials WOULD NOT let us stay in the airport until a Navy liason officer could sort the problem out. Thomas, always the optimist, informed me that we will soon be AWOL and have no way to contact anyone. Fortunately for us, the TWA folks felt terrible about letting us on the plane to Thailand wihout a passport. They arranged for us to be held in Bombay until they could get us on a flight to Hong Kong, which was the closest place that could issue emergency passports.  However it was now the weekend and the American Embassy would not be opened until Monday. Well as luck would have it, TWA felt real bad about that situation too and put us up for the weekend at the Hotel Miramar ( Hong Kong. Life's tough ain't it! Me an ol' Thomas took in the sites and generally had a good time there and got to know the natives. On Monday we finally got our passports amd TWA put us on a free fight back to Bangkok. As luck would have it, we now have missed the flight to Diego Garcia and were forced to stay in Bangkok until the next flight. That Damn Bad Luck wouldn't leave us alone. We finally arrived in DG about a week late and tuckered-out!

     We couldn't see doodley-squat out of the C-141 we were flying in... so boy was I surprised to see the island that I had just landed on! It was like something out of a travel brochure. The most beautiful beaches! Breath-taking lagoon and no damn women! In spite of that MAJOR detail, I had a great time sailing, fishing and chasing donkeys off the runway so the planes could land. The entertainment was provided by drunk Seabees, drunk Billy Joe Truax, and drunk "Pitts in the Pacific". I believe the projectionist was almost strung-up when the film broke in the middle of the movie. Those crazy-ass Seabees went to the supply hut and fashioned a rope fit for a hanging. Lucky for the projectionist, he got the movie crankin' again. We also lived in hooches with crude bathhouse facilities. And to forget our minimal living conditions the Navy provided us with 10 cent beer and 15 cent mixed drinks. I always appreciated the way the Navy tried to compensate sailors for their sacrifices.  It was a short stay but I learned sooo much during that little excursion. By the time I got out of the Navy I had been around the world 3 times and met everybody twice! Not bad for someone from Mudsplatt, Alabama eh!



may 1974 to may 1975

NAME = Tres Ramirez

MY QUEST = To convince myself I was really there.....

VT of a SWALLOW = Haven't had enough beer to answer that....




UNIT = Reciever Site

RANK/RATE/JOB = Rmsn when I got there, RM3 when I left..


SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = Actually, I Have a Real Story To Tell

MY WARSTORY = It is really a haze right now, but as a rookie RM, I remember we had to go out side and burn our tapes and discarded messages..

We were out there, 3 of us...the oldest was 19, and we hear a noise.  It was a scream, I shit you not....we kept poking the fire and adding the burn bags....We heard the scream was closer....We couldn't see too far, because like tenderfeet, we had been looking into the fire....Crabs were crawling all over the place, and we just talked amongst ourselves about home, girls, cars, and the the scream came again, this time it was piercing, and it was close....We looked out across the incinerater, through the flames, and the freaking monster....was slowly walking towards us....this thing was like

10 feet tall, arms about 5 feet long, 1 giant eye, and it was dragging some sort of stuff behind it....I swear we tried to run, but we were it came closer, it raised his hands in the air and gave out a horrible screech...We tried to run again, and as we turned, there were two other monsters holding us for the  kill.....We screamed like little girls I of the guys fainted, the other almost went into shock, I almost shit my pants.. I guess the laughter brought us back to was the RM's in the back that use to keep the systems up....apparently it was the initiation for rookies at R-Site....

I only remember a couple of guys names...One was a guy called Jeep, and the other was Cavazos...

It was a chicken shit thing to do to young kids on their first time away from home and thousands of miles away on a desert island...I guess in the long run it was okay, since we became the Swamp Monster when they left the Rock....

I do remember the Miss America tour, The infamous Philippino rock band that caused the big scandal....R&R in Bangkok, The Diego burger.  Chiken ala king, turkey ala king, ham ala king, and ala king surprise The projector guy rewinding the film everytime there was a nude scene, The new chow hall that never was put into service, the dust, the bus, the donkeys, the crabs, I will never eat a coconut again..

All in all, for an 18 year old....It was a long strange trip...glad it happened...learned alot, treasure it all....

Is it true they have women there now.....where the hell were they when we were there.....



October 1974 - September 1975

NAME = David P. Long

MY QUEST = Relive some old memories

VT of a SWALLOW = in MPH, fps, or kmh ?




UNIT = NWSED (Naval Weather Service Detachment)

RANK/RATE/JOB = AGAN, made AG3 on Diego Garcia. Did upper air weather balloons. Out of the Navy in 1977.  Former paramedic (15 years) now an electrical inspector in Minneapolis, MN

MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Stroll Down Memory Lane

SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = This is a No-Shit 'How I Put One Over On My Senior Chief' Story

MY WARSTORY = The atmosphere over DG is very "tall" so our upper air weather balloons would go forever collecting data.  This meant hours of boredom and data. So.... we would carefully tape a crease on the balloon to introduce a fracture at high altitude, thus ending the sounding.  Got quite good at it.  Well, one day the Chief (can't remember his name) drops in unexpectantly.  We had taped that balloon earlier.  Balloon breaks at a fairly low altitude.

Chief laughs and says " I see you guys are using tape." I remember LCDR Jerry Brearton (sp?)- great OIC.  Servied with Tom Howell (AGAN), Dan Wagner (AGAN) and others I can't remember now. I do remember cheap Double Diamond beer, donkey drives, Miss America, R&R in Bangkok, bad milk, hamburgers and chickenevery day for weeks.




NAME = Ronald E. Kotz




UNIT = UCT-1, Underwater Construction Team


MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Want to Return When the First REAL Club Med Opens



1973,1974 M.C.B. 10 Echo Company

NAME = James McDANIEL, known as Chicken Man Mc Daniel


MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Please Select The Category That Best Discribes Your Interest in Diego Garcia

SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = Actually, I Have a Real Story To Tell

MY WARSTORY = Hello I AM ChickenMan McDaniel, this is my story. The first time I was on Diego Garcia was in 1973 with Echo com. ,I was a steel worker . Believe it or not I realy did not now where I was going, volenteered for the asighnment . As it turned out there I was out in the middle of now where, stuck on an island, with a bunch Sea Bees, Englishman and no women!!! So when it came time to go on R.R. It was time to go to Bangcock, Thailand. While I was there the Thai Gov. was ovar thrown have lots of pictures still to the day. Then it was time to back to home base,tour was over after six months of deployment. Rretun time 1974 to 1975 of January. M my dutyies were building add on to officers mess hall, then laying out duct work to hospital,on to barecks five ,then on laying out rebar for swim pool,and fianlly back to camp maintenence where I stayed the rest of tour .Now there was a time a bunch

of fellow steel workers went on a shelling exspadishion. When all the sudden the guys out front started to run with out saying a thing, all the sudden I new why I yelled out bees very big bees I was hit twice and was on very fast run . Still to the day I have two scars one on each leg. Most memerable moment was when Miss U.S.A. show , came to town. I thought of all the ladys Miss Minesota was best looking sexy. Still I do have my California drivers licence that Miss Ill. sighned my base ball glove was stolen out mail whn I sent it home, which all the Miss U.S.A. Sighned. I use to do a chicken call when I was playing in the out field and it seemed every one would hit the ball to me.




NAME = Ron Kotz





RANK/RATE/JOB = PN1, Retired/VA disability

MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Want to Drink A Lot, Cheap

SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = Actually, I Have a Real Story To Tell

MY WARSTORY = Our trip actually started when our acting OIC LCDR Ron Erchul got on the bus and gave us a pep talk about our deployment to DG.  He went on to say about the mission, living and dying, etc, and oh yeah, the uniform of the day was shorts, however, they couldn't be above the knee's.  His example was about 4-6 inches below, now they would be stylish.  We had an overnight layover at Clark AFB, we had 2 people in the unit that had been there previously, so they schooled us on how to get off base but be back before curfew.  So off the 4 of us went downtown, unfortunately it was good friday and a religious holiday, but we did find American Legion Post #1 and Guys and Girls Bar, there we made the acquiantance of some ladies, paid for the pleasure of their company for the evening, cost about $5.  We had already decided on alias names, Bob Polley aka: John Smith, Earney Ward aka: Peter Pounder, Jim Fransen aka: Dale Arden and yours truly aka: Ronald McDonald.  Needless to say we had an evening of drinking and great company at a local hotel.  Anyway to make a long story short the girls expected tips for their services and we didn't think they deserved them, so we were called cheap and then they wanted us to buy them supper.  The most expensive item was a chicken dinner (or was it chicken) for about $10 (in 1974 that was too much).  We had to land in Guam for a mechanical problem on the aircraft, we were there about 6 hours and it was hot.  Nothing to do but hang around the terminal so someone went to the package store and brought back bottles of booze, which was quickly consumed without a chaser in the heat, upon take off, several of us lost our cookies in the barf bag.  We we arrived on DG, our advance party had already been there about 2 weeks and had built a bar in the back of one hootch.  The refer was already stocked and there was booze.  To belong to the bar you had a pay an initial payment of $20 then pay or run a tab for reduced drinks.  There was lots of drinking after the workday and on Sunday's our only day off.  Once on a Saturday night, we did a sneak attack on the galley and made off with a large pot of stew and butter pads.  We had gone into the blast pits at low tide and got about 20 lobster's and needed butter.  We did eat good as well as drink, however when the good beer ran out and the only thing left was double diamond it was like drinking piss.  Our OIC had never driven a straight drive, so one night we went over and switched the knob's from the floor shifter and the four wheel drive shift.  The next day he was trying to drive and shift, he was running off the road and saw us laughing at him, he stopped and then tried to back up, he had the back window up and backed into a tree, which a Brit-rep saw and made him pay a fine.  Speaking of fines, our first ever NJP was held there after one of our builders John Bond, went to the club one night and pissed in the SP's pant's pocket at the bar.  We had many good times there, wonder how much it changed.....





MY QUEST = To come clean on me seeing the asses of all the visiting Miss America OFO performers



SERVICE = Medical

UNIT = Medical


MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Stroll Down Memory Lane

SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = Actually, I Have a Real Story To Tell

MY WARSTORY = 5 days prior to our much anticipated visit from the first woman most of us had seen in months & months in the shape of a UFO Miss America Show, we staff at the sick bay firmly diagnosed 4 cases of hepatitis A, the lesser severe type of hepatitis, but nevertheless extremely contagious. We took advice from consultants in both UK & US & were instructed to immediately STOP ALL arrivals to the island! Oh great, & so how do we I asked my Medical Officer in Charge fancy being executed by the lads for curtailing the forthcoming 'skinfest' that is more important to them at the moment than breathing?

After a lengthy period of consideration that lasted as long as up to 5 seconds my MOIC said that we must explain the pending mutiny that we were imminently going to cause if the women were stopped from coming to our respective advisors.

We were then told that a revolt, the enormity of which could distabalise Indian Ocean Region security should be avoided at ALL COST & that the only other

alternative was to hastily innoculate both EVERYONE currently on the island, and to do the same to EVERYONE who may visit immediately on arrival.

The innoculation for hepatitis A is an intramuscular injection of gammaglobulin, & as we all know from having injections, 'intramuscular' normally means in the butt.

SO when the girls arrived my MOIC done JUST as we were instructed.... Finally & as a point of interest, one of the girls had a very erotic tattoo on her butt.

But which one & of what???? .... LOOK IN AGAIN AND FIND OUT ANOTHER DAY.....




NAME = Alan Hubbard

MY QUEST = To be a virgin again

VT of a SWALLOW = Zero-he's terminal




UNIT = H Company, USNMCB-10

RANK/RATE/JOB = HM2, Lab Assistant. Retired from Southwestern Bell (now, THAT'S a sweet job, goood pay and they demand that you don't go die for them...)


SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = Actually, I Have a Real Story To Tell

MY WARSTORY = In the past few weeks/months I have been looking over this site and have been remembering a lot of stuff that I haven't thought about in years.  Like, remember when the freezers quit, and we ate steak, lobster, etc for days and days(after a while the cooks were scraping the green shit off the steaks before they cooked them), then had corned beef hash for breakfast, canned pork for lunch, canned beef for dinner, then corned beef hash......  This went on for I think 2 or 3 weeks..... Chief Mitchell really out-did himself trying to feed us on what I guess is called K-rations.  Great times.  I used to have a T-shirt and skivvies that were once white but were rendered a dingy grey from the time the desal barge quit, and our water was at 250 parts per million of salt.  Taste threshold is something like 8 or 10 ppm.......  I kept the underwear just to remind myself that no matter how bad things seemed, they could be worse.




NAME = Brad Dean

E-MAIL = brad (at)

MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Please Select The Category That Best Discribes Your Interest in Diego Garcia


MY WARSTORY = Construction Mechanic, on Diego worked part of the time for Chief Pugeda in the Parts Shop and assisted part of the time with the roving PM (preventive maintenance) truck, which I seem to recall was run by Kevin Farley of Middetown, Ohio, a CM-3, I believe.  Chummed around with Tom Dumond at Rosy Roads and on Diego (where Tom cross-trained to machinist), spent some time in the Long Beach and San Diego brigs while in homeport (Hueneme, before heading to Diego) for failing to obey an order from Lt. Cmdr. Bueby to get a haircut, and went with the advance team to Diego.  Larry Deggs bunked opposite me in the hootch, and in addition to Farley and Dumond, I hung out with Harry Kline of (as I recall) Staten Island and a fellow whose last name I think was Stipes.  I DJed for a time at the radio station with Paul LeBrun and dedicated Elton John's "Mad Man Across the Water" to Lt. Cmdr. Beuby when he and his fellow officers were having a shindig one time on the other side of the lagoon with the Brit Rep.  I got my ear pierced while on Diego and while in Bangkok on R&R got an "FTN" (Fuck The Navy) earring made, which I wore when off-duty, much to the chagrin of the chief petty officers (Pugeda and Chatsworth are the only two whose names I recall).

    I drew the KP billet at the chiefs mess with one other malcontented Seabee, and we used to have to load the food from the main chow hall onto a truck and drive it over to the chiefs mess, which sat up on a little hill-like rise.  The parking brake on the truck was not working properly, and thank the gods my cohort in KP and I submitted a chit to have the thing repaired because one fine early morning, before light, when he and I were unloading the chow truck and actually inside the mess hall, we heard a loud crash outside.  When we ran to the back door, we immediately noticed that the running lights on the truck were NOT outside that back door, where we had left the truck while we were unloading the food.  No, the damned thing had rolled down the hill and--I swear, this is true--smashed into the hootch at the bottom of the hill.  And who were the two of the chiefs living in that particular hootch?  Yep, Pugeda and Chatsworth.  Well, of course the local MPs were called, and the whole group of us looked at the tire tracks from the truck as they proceeded from the top of the hill near the back door of the mess hall downhill along the road.  At the bottom of the hill the right-front tire got into some deep sand, which of course turned the front wheels very dramatically to the right and caused the careening truck to "turn" (it was going downhill backwards) into the hootch--which, by the way, was of course knocked completely off its pilons or board-like foundation.  Despite all the talking and swear-to-Goding my fellow malcontent and I engaged in, neither the cops nor the chiefs believed us--until we remembered the damned chit we had submitted, which we produced and which got us off the hook (along with our vociferous swear-to-Godings, I suspect).

     I used to run nude along the solitary beach that seemed to run for miles along the south side of the atoll.  Terns would sweep along, and parrot fish swam just where the surf along the shore would break.  By the gods, those were good times!  Just sand and waves and coconut trees and sun and me in the prime of my young manhood, running on and on through the sand, confident of my dinner, and nary a trouble in the world.  I was able to make myself such a pain in the Navy's arse that I got a General Discharge under honorable conditions ("convenience of the government") upon returning to Port Hueneme.  I spent two years, two months, two days in the Nav, and I got five full years of G.I. Bill benefits (three college degrees) for my troubles.  Not bad, not bad at all.  I have no regrets and look back fondly on the whole experience.



March 1974---March 1975

NAME = Randy Wilson

MY QUEST = find those that I was with

VT of a SWALLOW = about that much






MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Stroll Down Memory Lane


MY WARSTORY = Started living in the huts on the beach til the new barracks opened. one of the pics shows the new barracks my was 2nd window from right.We worked 8hours on and 24 hours off at the plant Ken Samsel CECN and Walter Violette ENFN worked together, worked with Andy Sweeney and Derek ABernathy both Royal Navy enginemen (good people),CECN Ron Losinski (I dont know who his mechanic was ) and Jim Martinez with Bob Bothwick a brit mechanic ran the plant.I worked with Armed Forces radio and ran the movies at night at times to help pass the time.There was a radioman stationed there- (I remember he was Port Authority Maryland) was a ham radio operator and talked almost all over the world while he was there. I was into scuba at the time and did as much of that as I could stand.The Brits made sure I was properly initiated at the Brit Club (Courage Beer 1 thru 7).




NAME = Raymond  (Randy) Wilson

MY QUEST = dreaming of a better time

VT of a SWALLOW = CE at main power plant,



SERVICE = us navy

UNIT = public works,main power plant switch gear operator

RANK/RATE/JOB = got out CE2 also uct2 it was so long ago-seems like yesterday

MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Stroll Down Memory Lane

SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = Actually, I Have a Real Story To Tell

MY WARSTORY = They say they found  a jeep vandalized at I-site,but we know who went joy riding now don't we?  Remember Senior Chief Brown of NIS?  I didnt know what to tell him.  Jan Selleck , Bobby Bothwick,Andrew Sweeney and Derek Abernathy all my favorite Brits!  You're all missed! If someone sees this and knows how I can contact Derek Abernathy  please e-mail me.There was only one who od'd--he swallowed a balloon full-the poor bastards roomie knew it too.



YEARS = 1974

NAME = Tom Grenier

E-MAIL = write to Lenny (Buford)


UNIT = Blasting crew

RANK/RATE/JOB = See earlier entry


SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = Actually, I Have a Real Story To Tell

MY WARSTORY = A few months back I found those blue DG shorts that a lot of us had while on the island. I put my big ass in them and walked out and said to my wife and daughter, "hey they still fit". I probably weighed about 140lbs back then (see picture under blasting coral on main page)and now I hit the scale at about 210. Needless to say the girls are still busting me and have warned me not to take them out again. I wonder if I can sell them on ebay??? Oh well, they brought back some good memories.




Subject:     Diego Garcia, aka "The Rock", aka "Dodge"

Date:          Wed, 20 Jul 2005 16:06:45 -0500

From:        "Alan Hubbard" <>

     Hi all you who are situated in paradise.  I spent 8 lovely months there in '74/75 and hated every minute of it.  Looking thru the perspective of 31 years gone by, many beers and lots of different experiences I feel now that my time on The Rock was a good point, a defining point, in my life.  Don't let it get you down, it will be over before you know it.  One day you will look back and say, "Well, bullshit, I WAS THERE!"  I wish I had done more to enhance the experience, but I chose to drink the cheap booze-think it was 15 cent beer and 25 cent shots or (vice-versa)-in the EM club.  It was an experience that I have not had anywhere else, nor could I have it anywhere else.  The duty station after I left MCB-10 was Idaho Falls,, talk about fucked up...... At any rate, keep your chin up, things will one day inmprove.  AT LEAST THERE ARE WOMEN THERE!!!!!!

Al Hubbard, ex-HM2 USNMCB-10

O Fallon, MO



Subject:      Diego Garcia, 1974

Date:         Sat, 9 Apr 2005 21:51:33 -0500

From:        "Alan Hubbard" <>

HI-I was stationed on "The Rock" in 1974 as a Corpsman with MCB-10-not quite at the beginning, but close.  We lived in "C" huts and had one head per about 8 huts.....  We walked to the shower nude with our towels slung over our shoulders....when Miss America was there we had at least a week of notices in the POD-"Don't walk nude to the showers while the women are here".   It was a love/hate relationship, as I knew what we were doing was vital since we were getting kicked out of the Philippines, but it still sucked.  We were on double rations due to being isolated, and I actually got tired of eating steak, shrimp and lobster tail.  The only air conditioned spaces were the dispensary and some other HQ offices.  There were about 1200 horny sailers and 300 nervous donkeys there, plus about a jillion damn chickens that crowed at odd hours. One glorious night we were subjuected to a rooster crowing, and got to hear the crowing get cut off in mid-crow...someone had BBQ chicken later!!

Also, I am trying to contact Gareth Parsons, who has asked for anyone who served with his Dad, Chris.  I served with Chris while on DG in '74/75 and would like to contact Gareth.  I emailed him at the email address given, but no response.  I hope that maybe he will check back on this site and see this.....

Al Hubbard






NAME = Alan Hubbard

MY QUEST = Want to get in touch with some old buddies, notably Vic Boehmer...

VT of a SWALLOW = 6




UNIT = HQ, Corpsman


MY INTEREST IN DG IS = My Time There is Lost in an Alcoholic Haze, Help Me Remember!

SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = Actually, I Have a Real Story To Tell

MY WARSTORY = We had a MA named Jim, I won't divulge his last name....  One time we had a very badk outbreak of the shits...Jim, after he felt better, went to the chow hall and ate, of all things, nothing but SPINACH!!!! He barely made it back to the crapper before his bowels betrayed fact, on his way into the crapper they DID betray him.  He put his hand back to catch the....uh....stuff that came out, and when he looked, it was the spinach he had just eaten, barely touched!!  He told me about this a few days later, totally amazed that it could look like it hadn't been eaten.....




NAME = Mike Reynolds

MY QUEST = Checking out good memories

VT of a SWALLOW = Dead stop




UNIT = MCB10, Echo


MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Decided to Join A Monastery, But Couldn't Find One Stateside


MY WARSTORY = Mig buzzing the island; one guy od'ing after his r&r; another guy with clap of the throat after a lil' stint in the brig in Phillipines and a mistaken early-out the nite before the return flight( oral sex with whore is a big no-no), and his bunk and locker on the beach for a month; millions of crabs; great eclipse of the moon; power outage with a defrosted freezer at the T site; big ass sharks; good times with my buds.

I remember Jolene!!

Fishing of the barge in the lagoon, and more big ass sharks. Party'ng on the other side of the island, our side of the island, hell, all over that damn island! Beer & mexican food at the "Cantina". Stealing helium tanks and imitating the munchkins at the cannons.

Hell, if Jolene and her friends had stuck around longer, I would be hard pressed to think of any bad memories.




NAME = Louis Rogers

MY QUEST = Need Help

VT of a SWALLOW = 0 When it hit the transit mixer.


NATIONALITY = Civil servant


UNIT = Concrete Batch Plant

RANK/RATE/JOB = Builder - made E1 several times

MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Geo-political Rabble Rousing


MY WARSTORY = Filed a claim with the VA over my back and Hep C. So if anyone else has info as to the Hep epidemic on The Rock contact me. As for my back, that happened in Rosy Roads when one of the boys dropped the other end of the BU kit. Does any one remember "Master" Bates. If you notice my email address, I almost got a real job. I'm a P&E for PW at Naval Base Ventura County. Thats the CBC and NAS Point Mugu bases combined.




NAME = Mike Villierme

MY QUEST = Joy Ride

VT of a SWALLOW = The one with feathers or the one true love commits?




UNIT = MCB 10, Echo Company


MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Stroll Down Memory Lane

SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = I'd Like to Share Precious Memories of Drinking/Fishing/Snorkeling/Sailing on Diego Garcia

MY WARSTORY = Where do I start? Ok, here is one that Chuck Stebbins TOLD ME about but w/o hypnosis it is likely to remain subconcious concerne a night of downing pints at the Brit Club, in 74' it was a couple of clicks south of the main containment area. Ya know, where all the plywood and corrugated tin huts were. At about way drunk thirty, so Chuckie tells me, we wore out our welcome and started the long stagger home. It was rain season. The instant pool, everything is soaked in seconds, cue ball sized rain drops rain season. We were slogging through it when Chuckie went and took a header into one of the trenches along side the road and appeared quite content to stay there. Chuckie say I pulled him out but alas, my only shot at saving another human and I don't recall. But I guess I could fill a book...Fonzy dressing as Dracula, Cornelious taking all my money home from poker games, Bobby Rice shaving his head and winning a bet from some fool, the USO show contortionist, playing raquetball with the base commander, and winning! Great site here! Thanks




NAME = roy garrison



UNIT = nmcb10




MY WARSTORY = all i wanted was to leave


"Mike Villierme" <>

Hi, my name is Mike Villiereme, I was a CM3, briefly an EM3, then again a CM3, then briefly a SW3 while on the rock 74-75 with MCB 10, Echo Company...MCB 10 was most notably the hardhat battalion...this did not keep it from being disbanded in 1975...I would like to be island entertainment laison officer...if that position is not availble, palm frond patrol was not bad duty...each afternoon while on garbage detail, we swept the beach in front of the O quarters...sounds subservient but it kept me from mess hall duty...GREAT SITE!

Thanks for the great web site re: The Rock...I was there with MCB 10 from 6/74 - 2/75 (est)...never heard it referred to as The Dodge but it makes sense...I keep in touch with a few compadres, some were on my deployment, some later...stay safe in the sand my friend, shoot first and sort all later... Mike Villierme, Constructionman 3...USN MCB 10 Echo Company



1974 & many more times after that

James Domenico <>


     Just something for your timeline of US military doings at Diego. Before the Seabees had finished their reef blasting, removing most of the toes on Diego's foot. I was an aircrew on a Navy P3 Orion and first flew into Diego in 1974. They were still going there in the late 70's when I was discharged. It was still primitive living, but what a beautiful place. We knew about the Navy's plan to dredge a harbor in the lagoon and thought it was criminal the way they were planning to destroy a jewel like Diego. If you can find a good aerial photo of Diego before the blasting and dredging you would see that it really looked like a human foot. The islets across the open end of the lagoon made up the toes and was so striking that's the picture in my head when Diego comes to mind. That and the MANDATORY bomb-bay full of San Miguel beer every time we were in the Philippines before going out to Diego.

     We (Patrol Squadron 4) and our sister squadrons usually had a plane and crew there for about 5 days at a stretch, so we had lots of time to play, fishing, snorkeling in the lagoon, then another crew would relieve us and we would fly off to Bangkok, or the Philippines, even to Bandar Abbas in Iran on the Persian Gulf.

     The Navy actually told us that the natives had been killed of or removed  by the Japanese in WW ll and that's why we and the Brits each had half an island.

Jim Domenico

San Francisco, CA




From:  RUSTY

     I was thinking of all the guys on DG today in the wake of the earthquake off Indonesia - there's not much high ground to run for when expecting a tsunami.

     Found your home page and even a mention of me  - memories of DG keep coming back after all these years, most of them stories people would not believe.

     No problem if you want to add this note to the home page but I would rather you only passed my EMAIL address to qualified recipients.

     Everyone knew me as Rusty - two of us arrived on DG in June 74 - Albert and myself - we were Brits but because we were both CTCMCS's assigned to

NAVSECGRU the Brit Rep did not know anything about us until we arrived. This caused a minor reshuffle in the hierarchy of RN Party 1002 and put us both in a unique position to effect some good and bad while we were on DG.

     One distinct memory shortly after our arrival - a sail boat came into the lagoon at night - bumped into the unlit fishing barge and started complaining. The Brit Rep called for water transport - a tank landing craft from Harbour Ops - once within hailing distance he called "Ahoy there - stand by for the Island Commander, the Island Immigration Officer, the Island Health Officer ......." and another half dozen titles that I can't remember - the reply came back "how many should I expect for lunch" - "Just the one" he replied - there were many occasions when it was hard to keep a straight face.

     We lived in a hooch on the beach by the Chiefs club and had a dump truck as our private transport. At that time the Island had a base ball field and at

least five bars but nothing had been provided for recreation on the lagoon.  Just about anything could be organized over lunch in the Chiefs mess and it was not long before we commandeered two old dental trailers and parked them on the beach as the start of the Boat Works. The bar was built first then the boats, we had our priorities straight.

     I left in September 74 then returned for a one year stint to take over from Al in May 75. The Boat Works was flourishing when I returned and it was not

long before we had an old target towing launch raised from the bottom, re-engined with a 671 courtesy of the deep six behind A Company - this became our prime water transport.

     A Taiwanese  company was dredging the lagoon and much of the fish we caught was cooked in their camp - boy they had a good cook.

     On a routine trip to AirOps I found two Aussies sitting on their baggage looking sorry for themselves - Pinky and Nick - they were the surveyors for the blasting operation which was due to start knocking out the coral heads left behind by the cutter suction dredges. For some reason they had arrived ahead of their support gear and had found themselves quarantined from any Island help. Even though the BOQ's were being occupied by this time I still lived, by choice, in a hooch on the beach and invited them to take over the vacant one next to me - first priority was to find them a fridge - we stencilled the fridge door " on loan from Rusty's Whore House to the Ettamogah Pub" - this was the start of much trouble.

     A week later a barge arrived with Pinky and Nick's portacabins which were off-loaded to a patch adjacent to the Taiwanese camp. The portacabins were

fully equipped, fridges, ice makers, aircon etc but there was no generator. So one dark night I crept thru the bit of jungle between them and the Tai camp with a large chunk of power cable, climbed on a box at the back of the Tai ablutions and proceeded to hook up power - it was dark, that's my excuse - I managed to hold onto both live and neutral - was hurled from my perch and landed waist deep in a trench full of you know what - I then realised where the Tai crew grew their greens.

     Their barge came with a large pile of wood which quickly transformed into the real Ettamogah Pub - the origin of the name is from a cartoon in the

Australian Post - we had a collection of these cartoons from Pinkies mum and framed them round the bar. Initially we did not have fridge space for all the beer needed for Saturday nights so we operated out of garbage bins full of ice. This became, for a short while, the place to go for a beer, one of the guys would put on a really great Hell Fire and Damnation preaching session which had everyone in tears of laughter.

     A few weeks after the Ettamogah pub got going the word was out for a big fridge and ice maker - the call came one day from AirOps they had just unloaded a stainless steel bar organizer complete with fridge, ice maker, sinks, you name it - it had arrived on a C5A with no paper work - I guess we all knew it was for the new officers club but the calls went out - B Company carpenters were immediately mobilized - the side wall came off the pub and the new acquisition was installed and camouflaged within hours of arrival on the Island.  We survived for at least a month before ROIC and the Island CO cottoned on to where the prime component for their officers mess had ended up - the Ettamogah pub was bulldozed with much sorrow.

     There were no women on the island at that time but I remember the Rec Officer had the brain wave to invite the runners up in the Miss America contest to visit DG - bad mistake - it took weeks to obliterate the large welcome signs painted on the buildings - most of which were unprintable.  Miss Alabama and Miss Ohio, you both retain a warm spot in my heart.

     Prior to the end of my second tour it was decided to lay black top from AirOps to the Camp - we had noticed that the land crabs were both territorial and creatures of habit, they crossed the dirt road in front of the Boat Works at the same place each day about 16:00. When the black top was laid we painted yellow stripes on the road and put up signs indicating "Crab Crossing". I was arraigned in front of the Island CO only to be asked how I had managed to train the crabs to cross the road each day at 16:00 - as I say it was hard at times to keep a straight face.

     Leaving DG was an adventure in itself - the US had pulled out of Thailand - my passport was stamped in Utapao but my only way out was to hitch a ride

on a C5A into the Philippines - I sent a wire note to my buddy Omar who met me on arrival, found a way to short circuit immigration and made it his mission to make up for the absence of women in my life for the previous year. If you read this Omar, you are my hero.

     Nothing but fond memories - I am very proud to have served on DG - made so many friends - my MCB-10 and BIOT plaques still have pride of place in my

study. I'm a Canadian these days - still live a charmed life - have a classic wooden sail boat which I keep in the Gulf Islands - Albert came to visit earlier in the year and we found some time to go sailing and reminisce about DG.

     I made an impromptu visit to Port Hueneme some years back but failed to locate any of my old friends in the short time available. Did however manage a quick and happy visit with my DG boss, Gerry F, in DC.

     Please drop me a line to confirm that you have received this note - I have photo's which I will scan if you can use them.


Rusty - ex RN - seconded to the USN for the DG tours.

These photos go with my earlier note:

     I'm on the left in the boat picture - centre is the 2 IC RN2001-  right is the RN2001 Chief Stoker - blowed if I can remember their names.

     I have found a whole bunch of negatives from DG just need to fix my scanner to take them - some of the negs show the launching of the steel launch in

the picture as well as me fitting the engine and doing some dubious welding.

     The second picture is of the Ettamogah pub with "Preacher" in attendance - we built him a pulpit as he was a star attraction - the guy holding the toilet roll trumpet is Pinky - again I'm sure I will unearth more shots of the Pub once I get organized.

For Lenny:

Somewhere I have negatives of a submerged D6 - there are just two pipes sticking out of the water - the modified air intake and the exhaust - plus the head of the driver - seem to remember that you guys rescued this dozer from the deep six and modified it to pull a scraper to recover the rock after charges were blown at high tide. Meanwhile my recreation was driving an Eaithy Wagon on the haul road - I never did figure out how to adjust the seat so everyone knew when I was coming back empty as my legs would not reach the pedals when I hit a bump and the journey was a series of high speed spurts. I did find my licences - apparently A Company signed me off for everything including the 50 ton crane - never did figure out how to reverse a 40ft flat bed properly - took lots of lessons from the old guy on the grader but again never succeeded in producing anything other than washboards - and definitely remember a frustrating time with a D6 until I discovered "Float" on the blade.

Lots of good memories




"Ruff, Leonard F HS" <>

To:  "''" <>,  Albert Plumb <>

    Yes we were on that crew with the D-8's in the water if you look on the DG web page and scroll to a page called blowing corral for fun and profit you

will see maybe some faces you recognize one is yours Rusty when you took us to the plantation a lot of years ago but I will never forget them.





"Ralph Buschman" <>


I here by request membership in the republic. I was there on "the rock", for almost a year way back in 1974. I was even honored with a plaque by my department as the best streaker on Diego Garcia. I still have pictures of the award ceremony and the plaque. I was a CE-3 with NMCB-4 back when the base was being built, and most all of the buildings were south east asia huts. Glorified tents, tin roofs with screen 1/2 way down that let the rain in.

 Ralph Buschman 



From:    "Richard Lehner" <>

Rick lehner here, just wanted to thank you and wish you the best. i was there with ncb one alpha co. on the blasting team...just an imature

stupid am a grown up imature stupid adult....lots of great memories thanks...peace




NAME = Anthony Baca

MY QUEST = Reliving the old days

VT of a SWALLOW = Zero MPH, it's that sudden stop that's terminal.



SERVICE = US Navy SeaBees

UNIT = Delta Company

RANK/RATE/JOB = CE3, Shipped out

MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Interested World Citizen

SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = Actually, I Have a Real Story To Tell

MY WARSTORY = Hey Frank Sapien, I remember you, we worked together at the Vortac Site. I was on the Advanced Party too. Were you there the day some of the ladies from the Miss America Tour came by? That sure was a nice change of pace. Are you still in New Mexico? Okay, my experience on "The Rock." I have to admit my tour of duty on Diego Garcia went by a lot faster than I thought it would, or so it seemed. Looking back, it wasn't all that bad. I remember all of us having to be vaccinated against Hepatitis. I was on duty the morning that guy died of the overdose. The OD wanted me to go check it out. Sure, I said, he looks dead to me. Standing watch over by the freezers was a trip knowing the body was there. But I remember only one guy dieing, not two. My strangest experience there was, after partying in the jungle, eating some great chili the guys made, and drinking beer, I was 3 sheets to the wind when I started back to the hootch. I must have passed out along the trail cause all I remember was watching the trail pass under me feet as I walked. I awoke on the porch of my hootch the next morning. That's fine, I made it home. The bad part is, I was stark nakid. To this day I cannot account for the lost time. Hey, I was an alien abduction. I'm glad they didn't do any obscene probing. None that I know of anyway. How about the Sunday morning a jet plane buzzed the island? Heck that scared the crap out of everyone. That sucker was loud. Turns out the USS Enterprise was paying a visit. That gave me a sense of security since Russian ships had been the only ones around for a while. I've seen the pictures of Diego, as it looks today. Quite a difference from what we experienced. I was glad to leave, glad to get home to my sweetheart. I got married, shipped over, and spent the next couple of years at Harold E. Holt in Western Australia. I had a great time in the Navy. I'll always cherish the memories.




NAME = jerry cripe

MY QUEST = retirement

VT of a SWALLOW = english or african?






MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Want to Drink A Lot, Cheap

SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = Please Select a Title For Your Story, or Select 'Other'





     NAME = Gary Solano

     MY QUEST = Old Freinds, Old Memories

     VT of a SWALLOW = Hell if I know

     E-MAIL =

     NATIONALITY = American/Latino


     UNIT = MCB10 Echo Company, BU

     RANK/RATE/JOB = BUCA worked as a builder Humping blocks, mixing mud, then laying crooked walls that QA would have me knock down to rebuild.

     MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Homosexual Interest Only

     SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = I'd Like to Share Precious Memories of Drinking/Fishing/Snorkeling/Sailing on Diego Garcia

     MY WARSTORY = Its now 2004, this was back in 1974 and 1975. RNMCB 10, Echo company, so where are all you guys at? Who's maried with kids and divorced now, or worse yet passed on.

     Well I am proud to say I served two tours there, with RNMCB 10 before she was decomissioned. I wish I oculd remmeber all my friends names but here are a few, in case you run into them. UT David Chang, UT Monk Malone, UT Tisot.

     The last tour I was there got cut short, after many months of working and partying in most places we could, and even smoking banna leaves. On October I just could not muster up the strenght to party and eat anymore. Some of my buddies told me I looked like shit, in fact it was wierd becuase my shit was coming out almost chalky colored. So i went to the dispensary there and after checking me out they said I had Hepatitus A. They kep me in the dispensary there over night a shipped me out next day to Utapao, Thailand. FOr the rest of my tour.

    I worked with the expediting creww in Utapao, airforce base.  This was funny because they had to give the whole fucking island GG shots to ward off an epidemic of hepatitus from starting. At the end of the week there were three or four of us in the hospital there in Thailand.




     NAME = Paul J. Bombard

     E-MAIL =

     NATIONALITY = 100% Proud to be American

     SERVICE = Navy SeaBees MCB-10

     UNIT = Delta Co. Utilitiesman

     MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Want to Drink A Lot, Cheap


     MY WARSTORY = No real war story here, just a lot of good memories. Ah, those USO come the girls were always escorted by the officers.? Didn't they trust us.???? And that beautiful outdoor theater, yea, we were some of those drunks sitting in the rain, watching whatever the hell was on, and tossing shit at the screen(I mean the wall). Hung out with those Bravo Co. barge rats...Rick Smith, Dave Johnson, Bob know who you are. And what can you say about Bangcock except I WANNA GO BACK!!!!! I remember some of the people that have left messages here. You should go to and register...there's a few of us M&M heads there, it's a good place to touch base with old friends. There's also a web site for Diego with pictures of it now.

     Hah, nothing like it was that's for sure.........




     NAME = Lenny Ruff [Buford]

     E-MAIL =

     NATIONALITY = American

     SERVICE = Seabees of corse

     UNIT = MCB-10 c compamy Blast and tide haul

     RANK/RATE/JOB = Equipment Operator e-3

     MY INTEREST IN DG IS = My Time There is Lost in an Alcoholic Haze, Help Me Remember!

     SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = This is a No-Shit Drinking Story

     MY WARSTORY = I Remember hanging with Rusty [The British Guy] having a great three day bender and then getting him ready for a surprise inspection. Whewww!  Then it was Tom Greniers 21st Birthday at the club Then my 21st birthday in Bangkok.  Then I think ground hogs day Bird day Fish day I think we celebrated them all.  besides The Drinking we got a lot of corral hauled and crushed.  Blew a few rings off tires @ the tire shop with Stan Simonson {he was our first class in charge of us} so if you knew Stan you knew why we all drank.  Oh yea .75 cent a bottle boones farm apple wine and driving rock dumps what a it's all starting to come back to me I better leave now.





Blasting crew, drinking crew, rock crusher crew, drinking crew.........can't remember what else we did....did I mention drinking crew????

MCB-10 Charlie Company - Equipment Operator - E3

     I remember having a 13 man hooch right on the water. There was a large rock right outside one of the doors. For eight months, after sunset, instead of walking to the latrine, we would simply walk out the door and piss on the rock. When it was our turn to go home, I remember one of the "newbies" stretched out over that rock sunning himself saying "ah, this is great, I claim this rock!"

     At least Buford (Len Ruff) or Harry Clausing didn't piss on him while he was laying there! I can't speak for Joe or John Warnike (sp?), the two brothers from Amarillo TX. They were crazy enough, they may have pissed on him.




NAME = Stan Alsing, MSgt,, USAF, Ret

MY QUEST = Just to say I've been there, done that and got the t-shirt

VT of a SWALLOW = Beats me Sarge.  Enyoyed searching your site.  Flew in there 8-10 times a year on C-5s.



MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Stroll Down Memory Lane

MY WARSTORY = Quarters were not up to the USAF "primadona" standards, but the chow was OK and the E clubs were great.  Good thing we were only there for overnight almost every time we were there and we always returned to Clark to enjoy the "LBFM's" again.  Thank God for Clark.




NAME = Larry M. Carpenter, Sr.


NATIONALITY = 100% Red-Blooded American

UNIT = Bravo Co. NMCB-10; RANK/RATE/JOB = Builder;

MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Want to Return When the First REAL Club Med Opens

SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = Actually, I Have a Real Story To Tell

MY WARSTORY =   If there is heaven on earth, it's on Diego Garcia. Thank God and Kodak for fine photo memories!

       It was great to be in "B" Company . . ..  We had Chief Farley who, at times, I believe missed his calling as a comedian.  I could, but won't, tell a story about Chief Farley and (galley chief) Chief Mitchell--that little on-going spat could've been rated R.  Chief Ostrander was another guy who could make you laugh.

       How could I ever forget Ens. Hambrock?  I believe we got him straight from officer's school--he was as green as his uniform.  Last I heard, which was about 1998, he was still wearing the uniform--you gotta love it.

       Being in Bravo Co., and being a builder, meant I was part of the fire department.  Since I was, at the time, a bit on the light side I was one of the engineers (drove the truck).  One evening somebody called in to inform us of a reddish glow at the Alpha Co. yard.  Thinking it may be a major conflagration, we stepped on it.  I nearly put the truck up on one side going around that first curve but, we got there in one piece only to discover that it was the crusher still glowing proudly from the work it had performed all day.  So much for excitement.  By the way, anbody want to fess up about all the dumpster fires that were set?  They can't write you up for it now.

       I laugh at this now but, at the time it wasn't so funny.  I was behind the chow hall working and was asked to take the utility vehicle we were using back to the shop to get something.  As I drove ahead to proceed in the proper direction, a utility access portal (manhole) magically appeared out of nowhere.  I

scarcely doubt anyone could park a truck so squarely as I did upon that damned thing.  We needed a tow truck with a turret mounted boom just to get the truck off of it.  And they allowed me to drive the fire truck?!  What were they thinking?  They must've been in the sun too long or, maybe it was all the

formaldehyde preserved beer.  We actually drank that shit?!

       Most folks, who were there when I was, may recall I hung around Luther Craig.  I learned more about the South from him than I did from any history book I ever read in high school.  But that's about all I learned from him--sorry Luther.  Last I saw of him was about 1998, he was driving truck for "Frozen Food Express."  So, if you see any FFE trucks flying down the super-slab it may be him.  Just move over and let him through.

       I now have a son in the "other" (regular) U.S. Navy.  Perhaps he may wind up on "The Rock" someday.  Currently he's involved in that "Turkey Shoot" looking for bin Laden.

       To all who I know, take care.  May we all meet again someday at Club Diego.



1974 THRU 1975


NATIONALITY = american; SERVICE = us navy; UNIT = nmcb-10; RANK/RATE/JOB = cm2 at the time while i was there but retired cm1 january 1986.  i was in alpha company at the time. working in the tire shop.

MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Professional Adventurer Looking For The Ultimate Get Away

SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = I'd Like to Share Precious Memories of Drinking/Fishing/Snorkeling/Sailing on Diego Garcia

MY WARSTORY = on diego all i ever did was jog and play sports because i did not dri nk.but i remember a lot of times we did not have water  to shower after work. the desalt barges broke down all the time.wearing basketball shoes in the lagoon to swim so we dont step on stone fish.waiting for the tide to go down at night to hunt sea shells on the reef. the mail plane commming in wednesdays and saturdays.some times not at all.remember the uso show where someone in the audianc moooned the performers.going to the nite movie under the prefab cover only to have  the drunks thro things at the movie screen.playing minature golf with sand all over the greens. remember 2 alpha company personal dying of a drug overdose after returning from bangkok.i remember the supply ship that came in the lagoon every 4 months. 12 on and 12 off un til the ship was unloaded.




NAME = Bill Boardman


NATIONALITY = American; SERVICE = Seabees; UNIT = A. Company T.A.D. Headquarters Co.

MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Geo-political Rabble Rousing


MY WARSTORY = Great Island if you like a remote location.  I used to know Kip Holva who actually was one of the first ones to set foot on Diego. Steve Deshazer, Frank Bryant, Jay Hennesy, Bob McNabb, Steve Hilton, Paul LeBrun and McDonald or Mac.  Harvey Dow boy did we ever piss you off.  Remember you were the traffic officer with the weapons carrier.  The bunch of us were kids in their late teens at the time that had a great time fishing, shelling and drinking beer.  I use those times as a lesson on how not to raise your kids. I think that may have helped with MCB 10 being decommisioned, well maybe.  Some were at Diego for the second time.  Hell I thought I pissed someone off when they sent me to Adak!  Diego was a neat place with alot of  coconuts.  Paul was a D.J. at AFRTS during the nights and the rest of us just raised a lot of hell and had to make the best of the situation. Little did we know at the time we were building an airstrip for retaliation for 9/11/01.  I remember taking the British boats out in the lagoon for a midnight swim.  Sometimes we would let them swim out to retrieve them if they wanted them back.  Point Mary Anne and the other hot spots on the island were very memorable.    Feel free to write if you want to





    Hello... I don't know why I decide to inquire about Diego Garcia tonight but glad I did.  One of my fondest memories of my life is a trip to Diego Garcia---magical.  I was Miss Minnesota in 1973 (of the Miss America Pageant).   Six other state representatives, Miss America  (Becky King) , and  I performed a USO tour of Korea, Japan, and Thailand in the summer of 1974.   One of the stops on our tour was Diego Garcia.  I shall never forget  the mystical/magical aura of this tiny little military island.

     I was a singer in our tour group---play a twelve string guitar. I went on to perform in Brazil, Japan, and eventually  had a number  one record in Japan in 1990.  I currently  hold a position as On- Air- Host for Shop NBC  (formerly Valuevision, Intl.)

     Simply happy to connect with others who have experienced the "magic" of this  tiny little island dropped in the middle of the most beautiful Ocean in the  world.....the Indian Ocean... Fondly, Joleen Benoit.



June 1974-Jan 1975

Frank M. Sapien <>

MY QUEST = Relive Paradise; VT of a SWALLOW = The splat; NATIONALITY = American; SERVICE = USN Seabees; UNIT = T-site, Vortac site; RANK/RATE/JOB = Made BU3 on Diego

MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Want to Return When the First REAL Club Med Opens

MY WARSTORY = I can't say I enjoyed the experience as much as I should have, being that we shipped out 2wks after my wedding. I spent my time on Diego at the cabanas drinking beer and hanging out with Martinez, Sal, Robledo, Ortiz, and other beer drinkers. I remember the long hrs. and hot days, the cookouts with food supplied from the galley so we wouldn't have to go eat there, the homemade tortillas Montoya use to make, rolling them out with a wine bottle. These are the fondest of my memories, but the the best memory is the one that bought me the ticket home on the advance party, the birth of my daughter. Thank you BU1 Jim Quinn for sending me home early to a wife and 3 wk. old baby. I'd like to see what Diego looks like now. When I was there it was plywood huts and metal buildings, Diego Burger and all night movies on Saturdays. I'm glad for the experience.





MY QUEST = TO HAVE A MCB10 reunion

VT of a SWALLOW = wern't no swallows in Diego

NATIONALITY = American; SERVICE = USN; UNIT = Personnelman/Yeoman; RANK/RATE/JOB = YNSN

MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Want to Return When the First REAL Club Med Opens

SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = Actually, I Have a Real Story To Tell

MY WARSTORY = As I arrived in this unknown tropical paradise, I was thinking how the hell did I get myself in this Godforsaken place.  Easy dumbass, you joined the Navy!  I know Diego Garcia is a beautiful place, but I didn't know that before I got there.  Through all the drunkenness and all the hard work, it was a place I'll never forget.  Some of the most

beautiful sunrises, and sunsets will always be my treasure.  It's amazing still today that a thousand strong battalion with all the diverse people we had living there, we all banded together and survived and for the most part came back alive.  We thrived on our drinking but I can remember that we also thrived on out ability to be a unit.  I may have been in

Headquarters Company, but many of my friends we seabees.  And, altho I might have been considered a fleet sailor, I'm a seabee first and formost.  One thing I do remember was one night at the mosquito flick a bunch of us saw the most bizarre UFO sighting during the reel change, ya we were drinking but what went on up in the sky above was the real deal!  Also, the great scene from the movie 'TOP GUN' happened right there above the island, except for the real truth - the MIG Fighter did the barrel roll fly over on the US Jets and not the way it was depicted in the movie.  Well, Gentlemen and I use that term loosely, I glad I found this site and was able to give a little imput.  I sincerely hope that some bees will give me a shout out, because I'm trying to put together a reunion around Labor Day in Las Vegas, NV to

celebrate the 25th aniversy of the decommissioning of MCB-10.  Then MEN OF TEN never needed a reason to party, but now in the spirit of true SEABEES we must make every effort to party one more time - FOR THE GOOD TIMES.  Thanks,  Pancho Padilla 506 White Ave Aztec, NM 87410-2336 Phone #505-3334-6258.




Ray Noel <>

Just wanted to say great job on your site. I was on D.G. with SeaBee's {NMCB-3) 1974. I can not believe it''s the same island. I lived in a plywood shack with no AC my only fan cost me 20 bucks from a seabee who was going home. I worked on far side of island building for naval com. I was burnt from head to toe working outside 8 to 10 hrs a day.  Well like I said great job.   Thanks, Ray



1974-1975 N M C B10


I was a BUCN in Bravo Company

MY QUEST =  To remember old times and some good men

NATIONALITY = American; SERVICE =  USN Seabees #10; UNIT = Bravo Company as a bucn putting ceilings in the hooches.

    I remember arriving in DG on an afternoon , upon leaving the C141 it was so hot the heat felt like hitting a solid wall. The Devil himself would have felt right at home! Once I had been there a couple of months and was used to it, I learned to enjoy it.

      So far as wild life and nature goes, mostly I remember the wild chickens, wild donkeys tan colored with a dark brown slash / spot going down their necks.  Not sure where they came from, though the story I heard was they were escapees from British sailing ships in the 1800's which seems plausible to me.  They did have wild poinsetta plants which were pretty, though not as lush as the greenhouse variety.  We were there early enough that the island was pretty

much pristine the british had their plantation area at the opposite area of the island  while we had " Hootchville " on our end. These sea huts were wood floored with a half wall and basicaly were tents on the top half, To tell the truth the out houses were the better built structures.

       The work was hard because of the heat but beer was plentyful and the enlisted mens club stayed busy. There was drugs to be had most of the time, if you were careful about using them Thai stick pot, heroin, and once in awhle something else. I used the pot often but the junk rarely for the fear of getting hooked . My best times were the swimming, snorkeling and getting out into the jungle area or the beach. No women at all except for a USO tour which if

I remember right was only 1 day and 1 night show, then they left the next morning.




W. Burk Mobley aka (SLIM) <>

MY QUEST = To communicate with people I served with maybe even a reunion.

VT of a SWALLOW = this has no meaning to me as I was there before you invented this

NATIONALITY = U.S. Georgia Whiteboy; SERVICE = Navy; UNIT = R-site ; RANK/RATE/JOB = RMSN Discharged 1975

MY WARSTORY = Well to my surprise I actually found something on the internet that has some meaning to me .

    I arrived on Diego in June of 1974 and stayed till June of 75 and after reading some of the other war stories I really lead a reclusive life on the rock. Of course when I was ther the only pavement was on the runway and the side road up to the R-site. We spent the first 3 months in the hooches next the beach on the lagoon side of the island.  I was among the first group to stay in the Air Conditioned barracks thanks to NMCB-4 and NMCB-10. NMCB-4 was there when I arrived and left before Thanksgiving When group 10 took over. I still have the Menu for Christmas day meal in one of my albums here.As i remember we had been out of just about everything worth eating for that month of Dec. and the good old C-141's finally came through with a load of the finer things like real milk and eggs in the shell and steaks and tomatoe juice and orange juice. The PX was out of cigs and Chips Ahoy cookies and the only beer you could get was PBR. But I guess uncle sam tried to be Santa Claus for us that year and he came through for some of us.  During the first 3 months I sent home requests for a repeal of my sentence but I came to find out that I was better off where I was cause walking on hard ground beats walking on steel anyday. Back then the dress of the day was CB greens cut off into shorts. Staying in the hooches was ok abut when you got drunk it was hard to get over it with the heat. If you didn't like someone you could let him and the other  12 or 15 in his hooche know by throwing a coconut on his roof naytime after he went to bed. I remember we had a cook that someone disliked and every night he got bombed and he would come out acussing up a storm. I remember when I worked night shift and going out to smoke and  seeing either a trawler or a sub behind the R-site once in a while and we had this E-5 who had been in a seal but had been injured so that when he got excited his eyes would look like they were about  to pop out of his head. I don't remember his name but once I told him about

a sighting and he went off like a mad man.  The rules were alittle stricter when I was there like no-one messed with the donkey's and the only reason for messing with a coconut crab was that you couldn't avoid hitting it with a vehicle. We could only go to the plantation on special permission and only in the daytime.   there used to be an old sea plane wrecked near the plantation, Is it still there? When I was there, there was a floating dock in about 30 feet of water in the lagoon not to far from the old desalinazation plant and the only reacreation was a few sail boats and a racquetball

court and basketball court and the walkin outdoor theather and of acourse the bar depending on your rank or associable status. Also to say thanks to all the learning dentists everything you touched had to be pulled or refilled.

     As for me I would like to go back there but I doubt if I ever will we don't know how good we had it until we can look back on it. The name Whitworth sounds familar as when Iwas there we had an ET or CT who was there on his second tour in 75. If anyone reads this and remembers me as back then I was tall and skinny please e-mail me.  I'd love to hear from ya.





     Ted, I really enjoyed the website. DEC 74/MAY75 was my time on the rock,and I enjoyed every minute of it with NMCB 5. the major items were the completion of the roofs on the chapel,gym and galley. the roofing and textcoat crew were the best people I ever worked with. The technical advisory from the regiment was a civilian named Carl Marchetti who was in his late 50's and could work like the devil and a professional all the way. Our r&r to Bancok was short lived by the  withdrawl of Americans in Nam. Thanks for bringing back those great memories of my youth.  BU2 Bill Toensing NMCB 5.



SERVICE = Seabees U.S.Navy; UNIT = Surveyor/Engineering

     No story to tell.  But it damn sure did not look like this in 74-75........





I was on Diego from 1974 to 75 with NMCB 10 the island has changed a lot since I was there, and thought I would send a short message about what we did to entertain ourselves on Diego Garcia back in 1975, when I was a heavy equipment operater with NMCB 10.  The British island comander drove a land rover around the island to check on the work we were doing we would chase him down the road with scrapers/rock dumps [ large dump trucks] to do a little tailgateing.  I guess he liked it because he would slow down so we could catch up!


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