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You have traveled back to 1984!
Entries are posted by the year the writer arrived, so be sure to check either side of the year you're looking for to find your old buddies, shipmates, and sweethearts!  I'll update this page as I receive your warstory! No anoymous reports - only if you're willing to put yourself up to the ridicule of the world will you be entered into this Guestbook!  Also, please note that the email addresses listed are those at the me the entry was received - some of them from 1997!  Sorry if they don't work now...

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July 1984 - Sometime in 1985
Craig A. Smith  =
Citizenship = USA Service = USN Outfit = VP-19 My_Quest = Reconnecting with old friends VT_of_a_Swallow = 65 km/h there Monty Python My_Warstory = I don't normally drink, but on dodge I drank quite a bit. Sorry. A friend of mine (Heebs) and I got drunk one night and went to get burgers at that little burger joint and Heebs headed back before me. On the way back I found Heebs passed out and laying with his face in a ditch and an army of ants crawling across his head. I pretty much had to carry Heebs all the way back to the barracks because he was wiped out. We had a buddy named Rich Donaruma who was an AO2 and he was probably the funniest person on earth. Rich was pretty famous for parties that lasted all weekend long and accumulated trash by the foot, which he would measure on an old aerial bomb he would keep wherever he was. I have a yearbook from the squadron (VP-19) that I kept and I could scan it if anybody wants pictures from it. I really liked the steaks at the restaurant by the Acey Deucy club particularly the Châteaubriand, it was really good. Lots of pretty girls there, believe it or not, but I was faithfully married at the time. Totally retired now and in pretty good health, live near Spokane. I have tons of stories from this deployment.

April 1982 - July 1985
Kevin Sokolick =
Citizenship = USA; Service = USN; Outfit = Satcom - 'R' Site
My_Quest = Still trying to figure that out.
VT_of_a_Swallow = Not sure.
My_Warstory = DG was my second duty station. I came from NavCamsEastPac Hawaii where I did 3 years. I was an ET2 when I got there and a ET1 when I left. I knew quite a few people when I got there from my last duty station. I have several stores but I'll just list the things I remember during my time there.

1. Working at 'R' site in the big golfball dome that was around the Satcom antenna.
2. Living in Splinterville in an open air Sea Hut for about a month or so when I first got there.
3. Seeing a Sea Hut that a drunken CB knocked down with a piece of contruction equipment.
4. Living in an open air Sea Hut on the beach after the CB Battalion left the island.
5. Partying in the jungle.
6. Being told not to pass out in the jungle because the coconut craps could break your head open.
7. Crabs crawling on the outside of the building at 'R' site. We would spray them with Tricholoralethylene which made them dance and then all there legs would fall off.
8. Cats and chickens running all over the place.
9. Getting shocked from a 5000 volt power supply.
10. Jungle volleyball.
11. Chow Truck
12. AFRTS Radio show with Charlie Tuna.
13. Duran Duran "Hungry Like A Wolf"
14. Trips to the Philippines (Bars: Port Orient, Kontiki, Flying Machine, Maverick City, Randy Rams, Red Lips, Murphy's, Green Beret Lounge, The Viking, Rum Runner, Holy city Zoo, Moon Doggies)
15. The antenna field at night time.
16. Mail Call
17. 8.2 Earthquake and a weeks worth of after shocks.
18. Attack on the Island. Base shut down because a OS on one of the ships in the lagoon thought they identified a ship on the plantation side of the island. False alarm.
19. The Plantation (went there once).
20. The crystal clear, warm ocean water.
21. Coconuts falling on the Sea Hut metal roofs and making a big bang.
22. First Airborne Rock Concert (Cheap Trick, Kansas and Pat Simmons of the Doobie Brothers). Seeing Robin Zander of Cheap Trick walking out of the chow hall in sweats.
23. Rain and the mud.
24. Smokers (they stopped these not too long after I got there).
25. Going to the pool and hanging out.
26. Watching movies in the open air theater.
27. U.S. Army Special Forces war games on the island (after the Navy I joined the Army and was in the Co. C, 2nd BTN, 19th Special Forces Group).
28. Listing to music on a Sony Walkman for the first time.
29. Eating at the Seamans Club (shrimp scampi).
30. Boxed milk that did not need refrigeration (I stopped drinking milk then and there).
31. Walking on the beach on the weekend and getting burnt red by the sun.
32. Riding on the C5 and in then jump seats on the C-141 back and forth to PI.
33. Reading the book "King Rat".
34. Watching MTV videos that people sent the states. 80s hair bands.
35. A guy who started trouble in the old chow hall and got arrested by the Brits and when they were trying to put him in the back of a Land Cruiser he kept yelling "Your not my ally".

Like everyone else who posted on this website, you had to have been there to know what I am talking about. We were young, single and had no responsibilities. I would not mind going back for a day. Time to splice the main brace.

Summer of 1984. Part of our West Pac deployment

Jeff Hahn "Jaffo"    =
Citizenship = USA; Service = USMC; Outfit = 3rd battalion 7th Marine 1st Mar Div
My time in Diego was as a security force. We had pre planned security stations. I was leading a small squad to protect the air field. We used to scare the shit out of the Philippino firemen who were stationed on the airfields fire station. We'd run into the fire house with M16's clearing make belief enemy combatants. The old WW2 siren that would alarm us into action was an easy siren to replicate with your voice, so every asshole marine, (including me) would make these phony siren sounds to fuck with the marines on reactionary force, which was 3 days duty. No showers for 3 days while on reactionary duty. Then it was 3 days field training, which usually meant a hump, (or an old mike boat) to the coconut plantation past the donkey gate and then catchGuard ing and cooking coconut crabs for dinner, stories about home and typical Marine grab assery The next 3 days would be spent as "days off" which meant field days, MCI's and trying to skate out of duty. Basically we spent it at the pool, the outdoor theater, the packaging store, the book store, and sneaking into he Brit Club to get slammed with Royal Marines. We had a two week mock war with Royal Marines, U.S. Navy, Army Rangers and U.S. Coast Guard. It was a trying two weeks putting up with the young officers. I remember there was 3 girls on the island, all Navy girls, a handful of deceased donkeys past the donkey gate, they smelled so bad, a shotgun range, and bats. I thought bats were a made up animal, something Hollywood made up, but yet I got chased by bats one night running through the jungle on the island. I also remember finding a CCCP beacon floating in the water, I gave it to my commanding officer. We had to get up early to catch the old bus or the gunny mobile for chow, it was hilarious to watch. The old chicken coops we lived in and all the wild cats will forever be stuck in memory of Diego Garcia. My greatest memory was fishing of the point out by the atolls or the toes of the footprint of freedom, and a shark surfaced, ate the bag of bait that was tied to a marines commies, unbelievable how fast and precise that 2-3 foot shark was, and how fast a dozen marines got the fuck out of the water! Long live Diego Garcia, white sands, coral reefs, bent palms and aqua blue water. If it wasn't for the military, D.G. would be a million dollar vacation destination.

December 1984 - October 1988
D. Dator =
Citizenship = Filipino-Canadian; Service = Bottoms-Up; Outfit = FEBROE - Finance
My_Quest = " GOT NO IDEA, was asked to do an errand, scratched my head ...end up in Diego Garcia."
VT_of_a_Swallow = "Appear and Disappear"
My_Warstory = 47 months of dealing with the Resident-Officer-In-Charge, billing the Treasurer of the United States and the EXCITING ACTIVITIES in between..... brings lot of memories while at Diego Garcia. I hoped to elaborate all, but too much coconut crab like topics to spread out. I guess what happened in the plantation stays in the plantation.

1984 to 1985
Darryl (Daz) Hill =
Citizenship = UK; Service = Royal Marines; Outfit = NP1002
My_Quest = Find old friends
My_Warstory = Drinking and partying with the yanks... Looking to find the old crew.

Richard S. Watson <>
Dear Sir,
As a bit of background, I was employed as a MSCPAC Staff Purser and was sent to DG in early 82 for my first tour of 13 months.  I returned in 83 for 10 more months and then again in early 85 for about 8 more months.  During that time, I worked for the CO of MPSRON 2 and lived on the island - first in old splinterville, then to a quonset in front of the "O" club.  Then they built some apartments and I was given one of them, talk about heaven..... 
     Anyway, during my second tour, I was allowed to join in the Brit Club as a member.  I purchased a ball cap and T-shirt from them which is after these many years, starting to fade and get a bit ragged so I am investigating a means of obtaining some replacement articles and wonder if you happen to have any e-mail addresses for the Brits on the island that I can communicate with?
     Getting on in years now and only have very FOND memories of the great times that I spent on DG.  I can send you a bunch from the civilian/military side of living on the island if you would like me to.
Thank you for your kind attention to this.
Richard Watson Staff Purser (ret)

Can anyone help Richard out on this one?

Name = Don Zimmerman =
Citizenship = USA
Service = Contractor
Outfit = FEBROE BOS Contract administrator
My_Warstory = This is not a war story , just some fond memories from my year on Fantasy Island, working for FEBROE the BOS contractor and Ken Wilson the Project Manager.. Upon arrival on Diego I was introduced to my Filipina secretary who said she never dated her bosses. She had previously worked for Americans at Subic Bay in the P.I. so I no reason to doubt her. It should come as no surprise that in December 1985 we were mnarried in a civil ceremony performed by the British commander of the Atol. He sternly advised us that he ws performing the ceremony as a representive of Queen Elizabeth II. Wwe were married on Friday December 13th which was our lucky day as we'll celebrate our 25th wedding anniverwary this December. Every Wednesday was cleaning day for our apartments so my co-worker and I would sit outside and sip on a bottle of red wine until the cleaning gals left. FEBROE published a Company newsletter and in one issue they announced an essay writing contest. My entry called "Fantasy Island" won and I received a gold Cross pen and pencil set which I still treasure. Every Sunday on our one day off,I snorkled in that beautiful blue lagoon(the caldera from the extinct volcano), seeng the many and varied kinds of coral and tropical fish swimming around me. The coral named after the brain was the most intiguing. About once a week I joined co-workers for a delicious steak dinner in the Officers Club. Another memory was the visit across the atoll to the cocoanut plantation after passing through the donkey gate. I took a picture of the crashed WWII PBY Catalina that had washed up on the beach. I also have another memorable picture of my secretary posing with Kris Kristoferson on his visit to perform  for two hours in the hot and humid warehouse bulding. The folloiwng morning he was in the chow hall greeting us and signing autographs so I asked him for one to give to my daughter Kathy from my marriage to my wife deceased in 1984. On and on I could go but one more adventure was my first leave when I flew to Singapore on an Air Force C-141 and then Thai Airlines to Bangkok for a ten day tour, stopping at Singapore for three days, including a short visit to Malaysia. Would I return to Fantasy Island? Given the a New York minute!!

Name = Dave "Muddy Waters" =
Citizenship = USA
Service = USAF
Outfit = 7th MAS, 711,911 (KC-10 stuff)
My_Quest = To seek the Holy Grail
VT_of_a_Swallow = What do you mean?  African or European?
My_Warstory = Hi all, back in the day when C-141's were still flying, we would have around 15 hours (or less) off at the Island.  We rented crappy fishing poles at the Marina, I had a throw net (now prohibited) to catch baitfish.  We caught a nice pile of bonefish, the Navy showd up and wanted to use some of our bonefish to catch a shark.  (we were fishing near the officers club) they cut up the fish a bit and tossed the thing out on a ski-rope looking line!  also put a couple beer cans on a piece of coral to trip the "fish one the line" signal.  The line got tight......snap!  Now (the Navy boy's) switched to a cable and a huge hook, cut the bonefish up, gave the meated hook a toss, set up the same beer can "alert" ....line get's tight......then ker-snap!... this happened several more times.  Another (Navy individual) had a sweet surf pole (fishing rod) he had a Pompano or something to that effect on his hook, he launched the thing out there a way's, ...waited a bit....then SLAM...the shark was actually draging him into the ocean, his butt left a deep groove in the sand as it draged him to the surf, the line was spooling off his reel very quickly, then as he get's his feet wet...ker-snap goes his line!  It's dark now, we gather up the bone fish, toss them in our billiting freezer/fridge, next morning we toss the big cardboard box in the LH wheel well of the C-141B, fly back to the PI, (those fish got really frozen) ...retreave said fish, take them to our Hotel....they cook our mess for free! (only having to give up a few to the help)  We did the fishing trip several times durring my travels, was a lot of fun.....


Citizenship = USA
Service = USN
Outfit = MPP
VT_of_a_Swallow = 42


Name = William (Bill) Thibault
submit_by =
Citizenship = USA
Other_Country =
Service = Contractor
Other_Service =
Outfit = Engineering
My_Quest = information
VT_of_a_Swallow =
My_Warstory = I survived three condecutive years, including the earthquake.The Navy Has changed a lot since I shipped out 1942---46.

27th june 1984 up to 30 th nov 1992
Name = Kaisynaden C. Pillay (KC)
submit_by =
Citizenship = Mauritian
Other_Country = Mauritian
Service = Contractor
Other_Service = FEBROE  &  IPAC
My_Quest = wants to hear from friends who had known me .
VT_of_a_Swallow = dont  know

In and out 1982-85
Randall Stout
Citizenship = USA
Service = USMC
Outfit = united states central command
My_Quest = pictures of the SS Letitica Lykes burning in DG
VT_of_a_Swallow = 40 pesos in Subic in 82
My_Warstory = i was the action office for all the NTPF ships for three years.  Everyone ragged me that an ammo ship would go first - wrong.  I had to testify about the fire on the Letitica Lykes, but was not there for the fire.  This is the one that allegedly had a 1000 bed hospital capability on it, but the Marine Corps took the money for something else - a more personal something else - and filled the Letitica with barely 200 beds and medical junk.  Understand one of the causes of the fire.  Definitely would like a picture of that fire.  My take a way from this or lesson learned if there is a tragedy and you have a copy of the load plans burn the load plans.


Rob Stern =
Citizenship = USA
Service = USN
Outfit = NSF Armory/Security
My_Quest = To reconnect
My_Warstory =   Just loved the time out there, was able to get a great tan, read a lot of books, and play a lot of softball.  Maybe there was a wee bit of the consumption.  My roommates (BEQ-15) were Mike Chernesky then Pete Verbanac, both great guys.  I remember two great passions from that time; running and ROPO 4 (Carmen).  I left the Navy in 1990 for the Coast Guard where I did a tour on a 270' cutter (USCGC CAMPBELL) and 8 years as a special agent with the U.S. Coast Guard Investigative Service.  I retired from active duty in 2002 as a GMC.  Since then I have been employed as a civilian police officer.  I would love to hear from anyone who may remember me.

1983 to 1987
NAME = Carmen Floyd ( Austen-Smythe)
MY QUEST = Dig up Memories of the past, and smile about them
VT of a SWALLOW = Who gives a ....! have another beer!!!!
NATIONALITY = Dual National, UK and US...god Bless the Queen and USA!!!!!
SERVICE = Royal Navy
RANK/RATE/JOB = Well was a kick butt chick with the help of my Royal Marine Comrades and NSF Security, have since left now the Fire Marshal for City of Columbia SC USA...go figure, still giving folk h..l!!!!
MY WARSTORY = well in continuance from the Shake and Bake (7.6 on the Richter Scale and 100.00 on the sphincter scale!!!) I would love to hear from the gang who were there when I was.  Since joining the Columbia Fire Department, I have discovered that my former Fire Chief, 'Jack' John Jansens son was on DG with the airport FD, Ran into a merchant marine whos father in law was my landlord in Havelock NC....John Kersanac!!! you Dog and one of the Battalion Chiefs with Columbia Fire Dept was one of the first SEABEES on the "Rock" way before I got there...Alma Hill you salty Dog!!!!  so if anyone knows of whom I speak, send me the dirt!!!!
Ooh lets see, does anyone remember;
Joe Hoole USMC
Rob Belpedio, AFRTS
Chief Manasalas NSF Security ( dont think I spelled that right) Eric Salinde, NDSF Security Bill Rhoades, E Site Ramine Geisler, Airdale and any other poor soul who served at that time................!

1977-78, 1984, 2008
Roger Hanthorn []
I was stationed in Diego From April 77 To April 78. I was an RM2 and worked in Tech Control at R-Site. I Spent 4 months moored in the the lagoon on the USS Proteus May to Aug 1984. I retired in 1990 and worked for the State of Oregon for 18 years. This job opportunity came up about 8 months ago. I applied and got the job. When I got my clearance back in Feb 08 my boss calls me and says "Pack you bags your going to Diego Garcia." So here I am again back in paradise. Be careful what you say you might just get it. Lots more buildings now and communications with home are easier and being a civilian helps but it is still the same place. I liked it when I was stationed here and in 1984 when I was here. It is 2008 and I still like the place. Some things never change.
Roger A Hanthorn
DYN-Marine Services
Squadron Communicator
Compsron Two

NAME = Stevei P
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Professional Adventurer Looking For The Ultimate Get Away
SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = Actually, I Have a Real Story To Tell
MY WARSTORY = Diego Garcia allowed me and my Shadow "Martin Farrow"to meet some great people (American and British)who made my 13 months the most enjoyaable time of my life. I was the Airport Customs Officer, Court Clerk, Royal Navy Physical Training Instructor, Painter and Decorator for Cable and Wirless (Carl Basson Company) Sports Director for Soccer and Volleyball, Smokies Referee and Genos Disco Minder.
     I have so many memories to tell but there is nil time to put it all down! The main one is when Ginge and Ian decided to have a mobile disco that was put on a back of a flat bed with a Bar. It was a hot Sunday morning, and we decided to travel to all the main locations on the Island and rack up the Disco and open the Bar, after 2 hours we would then move on to another location. This lead to a great deal of people following us, and at midnight we reached our last location where we must have had all the off duty personnel having a party on the beach. (Long Live Geno!!!)
     The Americans kept calling us "MAD BRITS" Yes we were Mad! but Boy did we know how to "Party"
     I would love to hear from the many friends that I made from across the Pond, and in the UK.

83 to 87
NAME = Carmen Floyd (formerly Austen-Smythe)
MY QUEST = To share the crazy times on the "Footprint of Freedom"
VT of a SWALLOW = Hey I have the script to the holy grail!!!!
NATIONALITY = Brit/Amercian Dual National
SERVICE = Royal Navy
UNIT = Royal Overseas Police Officer number 4 BRITS
RANK/RATE/JOB = Was ROPO 4, since left RN, now Battalion Chief with Columbia Fire Dept SC USA
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = My Time There is Lost in an Alcoholic Haze, Help Me Remember!
SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = Actually, I Have a Real Story To Tell
MY WARSTORY = Well I just read Chris Butlers story of the downed Helo..........well guess what?  I was one of the ROPO's that found the hand and foot of the one of the crew members that washed up on shore on Ocean side, not too far from where the flip flops or thongs as the US say wash up on the

I witnessed the docking of USS Carl Vinson's arrival to DG for th first time.

DG was an special place and will be as long as I can remember it!!! would love to hear from anyone who remembers me!!!

From:  "Carmen Floyd" <>
Date:  05 Oct 2006, 04:10:12 PM
Subject:  DG
Dear Ted,

I must say it is a pleasure to visit your site, it brings so many memories back and looking at the photos I remember many of those faces!

You see I was stationed on ‘The Rock” from ’83 to “87!!!! With a couple of breaks in between.  I was affectionately known as ROPO 4, with the BIOT Police!!!!!

I was there the night we had the ‘shake and bake, then thought we would all perish from the impending attack of the ‘tidal wave” The only thing I remember was who was zooming who!!!!!

I was also the only female Brit female Cop on the Rock.  Things were booming back then, the Seabees were phasing out and RBRM was taking over, Penta Ocean had finished dredging and the deep water basin for visits from carriers like Carl Vinson (after top gun was made) could visit us!!!!

I really miss the smell of fresh mangoes being flown in from Singapore to DG on a C141 courtesy of MAC air!!!

Well now this Brit is a US citizen and a Battalion Chief with the Columbia Fire Dept in South Carolina…..go figure, it was too good to pass up and I decided to hang with my American cousins……………….YEEHAR ( no I do not watch Heehaw!!!)

I just wanted you to know that your site brings me much joy…………….keep it up!!!

Carmen Floyd

 October 1984 to October 1985
NAME = Jerry Foster
MY QUEST = To walk upright
VT of a SWALLOW = 68, When it goes 69 it has to turn around!
UNIT = Ground Electronics Maintenance Department RANK/RATE/JOB = ET2, did my 6 and got out.
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = My Time There is Lost in an Alcoholic Haze, Help Me Remember!
SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = This is a No-Shit Snorkeling Story
MY WARSTORY = My buddy ET2 Dan Shuma and myself decided in a drunken stupor to go snorkeling the following morning as sort of a cleansing of our systems. Well we actually did meet at my room and headed to the lagoon side. We were out for 30 or 40 minutes when we decided to head back in. We were about 10 feet apart and 50 or 60 feet off of the beach when we approached a sizable coral head and what looked like a big rock with about 6 to 8 feet between them just like they were dropped from the sky into the sandy bottom of the lagoon. Just as we were over the top of it, I'm guessing in 20 feet of water, this huge eel swam from the rock looking thing to the coral head and he spanned the distance between the two. I jerked my head out of the water and looked toward Dan, He did the same. Our eyes were as big as buick hubcaps! Man we put it in hi gear and got our asses out of that lagoon. I think we went and polished off what San Miguel we had to calm our nerves and talked about that dude for several days. I've got a few more stories but will hold them till next time.
I've not been in contact with any of the guys that I was stationed with but I noticed that Andy Alviour (spelling) wrote a story. We worked in the same division. Hi Andy, Glad to know your ok. Jerry

Alejandro Canasa <>
Dear Ted,
I think the photo of the hidden man is of William Harrington a.k.a Bill Harrington the Harbor Opeerations Manager, and John Springer is the Personnel Manager of FEBROE, my boss...  I am the guy who prepares travel papers to anybody employed by the company whether they are being kick out of the island or taking R&R. I am from Annex 02 Im checking for some pictures to send during my stint at Diego Garcia from 1984 to 1989
Larry Canasa
FEBROE Travel Specialist

Date:  12 Mar 2006, 12:37:43 AM
Hi Ted, i just love your website about Diego Garcia, fantasy island, reminds me of good, fuckin' memories there during 1984 to 1986 as a Quality Control Secretary of FEBROE.  Im a Filipina and now married to a  Belgian...
I wonder if you coulc let my friends know that i wanna get in touch with them somehow.  they are Americans:

thanks very much Ted, more power to you....

1984 TO 1986 (GOOD TIMES !!!)
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Want to Return When the First REAL Club Med Opens
SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = I'd Like to Share Precious Memories of Drinking/Fishing/Snorkeling/Sailing on Diego Garcia





NAME = Wayne TJ Tajiri,
MY QUEST = To brag about how much fish I caught while in DG
UNIT = NCS - SatComm
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Stroll Down Memory Lane
SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = This is a No-Shit Fishing Story
MY WARSTORY = One time I was out behind R site, whipping w/ Pili Plugs.  (Hand made surface plugs made in Honolulu--REAL ulua (GT) killers!!!)  Caught one about 2 lbs.  I check my watch.  About 4 casts later, I see a school of ulua, too many to count, barreling @ high speed, all racing toward my lure being chugged.  They make a sweeping turn, trailing behind the lure, and I am chugging away as FAST as I can reel a Daiwa BG 90.  There must have been over 15 or 20 fish in the school, with 4 or 5 uluas charge @ the lure all at the SAME TIME, all missing.  My heart is pounding so hard and so fast, and I think that I was holding my breath, concentrating on NOT yanking the lure on a missed lunge.  I can hear the splashing water and the "THUUU---WUMPS!!!!!!!" as these 40 TO 45 pound fish are taking turns lunging at the lure, carving large holes in the water with their bodies & tails, and the closes the hole (like doing a GREAT suicide in a pool)  These fish are knocking the lure side to side as it is still moving at high speed toward me, and closing FAST!!!  I'm thinking..."COME ON!!! COME ON!!!!!"  AS the lure is quickly getting too close to the beach and I will soon have this lure at my rod tip (I did that too....but that's another fish story>..)  Then finally...about 20 feet in front of me, a fish lunges,lure is gone, and my rod is given a great yank.  Line starts RIPPIN from the reel.  I immediately spool the reel w/ my left hand, and set the razor sharp hooks w/ 3 great yanks.  This ulua is making for the reef drop, and I have about 40 yards to stop him.  He gets about 15, and I turn him.   I check my watch.  Its a stalemate for a couple of minutes, and I start to work him in.  When he is about 15 yards from the beach, I see the WHOLE school following him.  I work him into the shorebreak, and when a wave draws, I gill him, and drag him up to dry sand.  Check my watch....13 minutes.  I pound on the lure with my fist and get the hooks loose.  I do 2 lobs of the lure about 20 yards off the beach, the whole school charges, the THUUUU---WUMP!!!!!!  MY LURE GETS POUNDED AGAIN!!!!!  HANAPA'A!!!!!  (HOOK UP!!!! in Hawaiian) Work this bad boy into the beach, check my watch....from hooking up the first 2 lb'r, to landing this 2nd ulua, 26 MINUTES!!!!... My Pili plug was stretched (its wired through), so it was time to go home.  Tied my 2 fish onto the rack on my 10 speed (didn't have mountain bikes yet) and pedaled my way thorugh the jungle, then past R site, then back to town.  Good day or what???

84-85, also 81-82
NAME = Wayne TJ Tajiri
NATIONALITY = Japanese-American
UNIT = NCS - SatComm
RANK/RATE/JOB = First tour- ETSN -to ET3,  2nd tour ET3 - ET2
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Stroll Down Memory Lane
SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = This is a No-Shit Fishing Story
MY WARSTORY = During my 2 tours there, I caught more GTs than anyone could shake 2 sticks @.  Going out on the reef off off of R site, and catching a good tide, and catching/releasing GTs & large groupers one after another.  One night back in 82, when the liberty launches came to the floating dock right in town, I fished there after the last launch ran.  It was about 0100 when I started fishing.  I kept 10 GTs (uluas & papios in Hawaii), released 3 others, and lost about 6 other bites that I could not control.  The only other witness was a MAA that was making his rounds, but he was cool & didn't kick me off the dock. (It was off limits to fishing).  I fought & landed all the fish solo, the largest for that night was about 40 pounds.  I gave most of the fish to the filipino contract workers in the galley, trading for butter....I think.  During my 2nd tour, there was the Diego Burger RIGHT next to the NCS barracks.  Tony and his guys must have gotten 500 pounds of fish from me at least during that tour.  Diego Burger took real good care of me....

July 1984 - July 1985
NAME = William E. (Bill) Barnard
MY QUEST = Connect with others who did their time in Dodge
NATIONALITY = United States Citizen
SERVICE = U. S. Navy
UNIT = Medical/Dental Dispensary
Now:   DTC(AW/SW) Retired
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Stroll Down Memory Lane
SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = This is a No-Shit Fishing Story
MY WARSTORY = Went fishing in the Lagoon with some of the Corpsmen assigned to the Dispensary (HM1 Frank Bernal who was my roommate) and a female whose name I can't recall.  We had caught quite a few fish and this lady Corpsman decided she wanted to try the fish.... raw, alive and still flapping in the boat.  She pulled out a knife, cut out a plug out of the side of that fish and "down the hatch!!"
     I too remember that time of the disappearance of the individual who lost his life.... Six days later the body was recovered and placed in the morgue in the dispensary.  It left an odor (and some maggots) that I will never forget seeing or smelling!
     Overall though, it was a good tour with the Arrow Air flights stateside every Thursday; the 10k runs; shell collecting; watching the C-5's hang in the sky on approach; racquetball or jogging daily coupled with a few beers and Motrin.
     I remember some really good folks to be stationed with which included all of the Dental Crew and Medical Crew as well.  Would love the opportunity to go back and see what's changed and what has remained the same....  I look forward to hearing from any of those who I served with.  Thus far, I've been only able to contact 3 of the Dental Group and 3 of the Medical Group.  The search continues.....
     Administrator:  I would like to insert the only photo I have of the Dental Group!! Is there a way to do this?? [Bill - if you read this, send me the photo as a .jpg, not as a .pdf file and I'll try to fit it in]
Bill Barnard
Buford, GA

NAME = Andy A. Alvior
MY QUEST = Remembering (trying to forget?) some history
VT of a SWALLOW = depends on how many rum & cokes you give the DJ
NATIONALITY = U.S.  born bred and raised
UNIT = NAF/GEMD ---- DJ @ Seamans club on weekends-----------
RANK/RATE/JOB = former ET3 now a Union Millwright
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = My Time There is Lost in an Alcoholic Haze, Help Me Remember!
SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = This is a No-Shit Drinking Story
MY WARSTORY =  Hey all, just remembering coming home from the Seamans club and the door to my room wouldn't open more than 2 inches. figuring the chase lounges fell over I began slamming the door into them trying to move or break them. once the door opened enough to get my head in, I realized it was my fresh to Dodge roomie drunk and in a puddle of piss and puke on the floor. Me being the honorable and kind hearted person I was, I went down the hall and pounded on every door saying "GRAB your cameras and come to my room!!!"
 Every one had a great laugh then it took 5 of us to haul him into the shower, drop him in, turn on the water and shut the door.
we sat down and all finished a beer off before he figured out how to get out of the shower.the kid thought P.O.s were gods but we broke him of that real quick.  There are ALOT of stories to tell I just hope there are others out there who can remember them with less fog. Hope to hear from some of them.

April, 1984
NAME = Rick Ashby
UNIT = India Company, 3/5
MY WARSTORY = My battalion was on a six month float from Camp Pendleton.  I picked up dysentary or some other such diarrhea producing bacteria in Korea.  Anyway, while still infected I was attached to India 3/5 to fly to Diego Garcia to act as island security. (which is a joke, what can one company of drunk Marines defend against?) Our CO told us we were a "trip wire", which just means we were dead meat if something really happened.  Anyway, when I got off the C141 at DG, I sweat out the shit generating bacteria that infected my body within 24 hours.  I owe DG a thank you for that.  Another memory is that of our CO, a 250 lb jock Captain, dancing and singing to Boy George's Karma Chameleon song in the CP hooth.  One early morning he ran us in platoon formation to mainside from our jungle hootches and stopped us in front of the Brits' BOQ's.  We sang the Marine's Hymn at the top of our lungs.  It must have been revenge for an insult he received the night prior.  Lastly, I got popped in the nose by some merchant marine in the Acey Duecy Club.  I was acting MP one night and a drunk walked up and knocked me off the stool I was on, nose first.  By the time I got up and pulled my night stick out, several of my fellow Marines were beating the dog shit out of him.  I found myself rescuing the poor SOB that hit me.  We were young and dumb...

1984  1989
NAME = Jean Roland Noel
E-MAIL = rolandnoel@bigpond com .au
NATIONALITY = mauritian   australian
UNIT = febroe bos contractor       working as janitor houssekeper
RANK/RATE/JOB = now am working as a nursing assistant in australia
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Want a Job as Far Away from My Wife as Possible
SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = There I Was, Passed Out on The Beach
MY WARSTORY =    Yes there i was cleaning the toilet making your bed from 1984 to 1989 while you were here and there traning or fighting

Willard Gibson <>
Hey Ted;
      I really enjoy the fruits of your labors concerning DG. Serving there was probably the pivotal point in my life. I was an air traffic controller there from 10/84 to 9/85.  Knowing what I know now, I'd go back in a heartbeat. Anyway, what have you heard about Diego and the tsunamis?
Will Gibson
USN Ret.

Ken Heaton <>
Spent a week there in '84 while Adm Crowe was trying to decide what to do with a bunch of Spooks (Crypies).  Still remember the fire coral.

     Hi, Just ran up on your site and after reading through most of it (it's a lot of reading) thought I would send you a note and say Hi and that I enjoyed it all.  I was stationed there from Nov '84 to Feb '86.  I enjoyed it so much I extended twice.  (Knew one guy while I was there that had managed to extend 5 times (5 full one year tours back to back))  Your site really brought back some great memories.  Great fishing and crystal clear water in both the lagoon and off the outside beaches.  Spent many evening roaming along endless beaches with out a soul for miles.  I was there for the big and perhaps the only earthquake (supposedly a 500 year event, that measured 7.6 of the Richter Scale) and I was there when the first aircraft carrier pulled into the lagoon and was there when the first B-52 landed on the newly extended runway,  what a sight.   As I said many great memoreis.  I'd be honored to be a member if I may.   Regards   Bob Duke  (US Navy  Retired   Electronics Chief P.O.  S.W.

     NAME = Joseph P Stropole
     MY QUEST = Old Friends, and Enemies....
     VT of a SWALLOW = 60 MPH in a Windshield
     E-MAIL =
     SERVICE = Merchabt Marine
     UNIT = USNS Rigel, USNS Mercury, USNS Jupiter, USNS Ponchatoula
     RANK/RATE/JOB = 3rd Asst, 2nd Asst
     MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Decided to Join A Monastery, But Couldn't Find One Stateside
     SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = This is a No-Shit Sailing Story
     MY WARSTORY = 1984, Ready to leave the skids, for the rock, civillian merchant marine waiting for the REPAT flight, the animal launch (remember this one ???) Broken Faces (not mine), Broken dreams, and then broken airline tickets, somebody smacked my favorite CHENG, the offender was a jarhead....The rest was BIOT history....

1983, 1984, 1986, 1987, 1991, 1992, 1993
     NAME = Dave (K9) Hardy (nice picture of me!) ed note: on
     MY QUEST = For you to contact me
     VT of a SWALLOW = |African or European?
     E-MAIL =
     UNIT = K9
     RANK/RATE/JOB = Ex-ROPO ex-RN (Royal Navy) now merchant navy.  Yes I have just returned from the Gulf as well.
     MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Decided to Join A Monastery, But Couldn't Find One Stateside
     SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = I'd Like to Share Precious Memories of Drinking/Fishing/Snorkeling/Sailing on Diego Garcia
     MY WARSTORY = Been there, seen it, done it, couldn't get a t-shirt 'cos you had already bombed the placed out.
    \regards \\k9
     \\dave hardy

1980 through 84.
See his 1980 entry...


March 1983-March 1984
NAME = Mark McMenamin
NATIONALITY = U.S.; SERVICE = USN; UNIT = Navy Weather Office; RANK/RATE/JOB = I was an AG1 at the Weather Office
SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = Actually, I Have a Real Story To Tell
MY WARSTORY = I came to Diego Garcia for a year for one reason: If I did a year on the rock I could get three years in the Philippines, which I did.
When I got there women were just beggining to get stationed there.  It was a woman's paradise from what I could see. I was trying to get to the Philippines because that was a man's paradise. I remember going to the turner club and seeing rather plumb fairly un-attractive women sitting at a table with 10 or 15 rum and cokes in front of her bought by potential suitors (losers?). The good looking women were mostly staying with the Brits!!!!   The women there who were married were in two categories: Those that were married and were faithfull to there husbands not on the island and those that were unfaithful. YOu could tell the ones who were faithfull because if said hello to one they would bite your head off. Any man who talked to them was automattialy (in thier mind) trying to  hit on them (which of course we were).
     The ones who were unfaithful were the ones you wanted to hook up with but it was tough. I always heard stories of women seling pussy there but I never ran into any.
      During the earthquake we got quite a few calls at the weather office I guess they figured we were the closest thing to seismologists they could call. We didn't no anything more than they did. We did call GOlden Colorado  and got the epi-center and magnitude info fairly quickly (those were in the days before stallite comms and E-mail).  Forecasting the next rain event was tough on Diego Garcia as there was no data and at the time very little satellite coverage. The guy in charge of extending the runway to accomodate the eventual arrival of the B-52's had to have 8 hours of no rain for his cement to dry and that was tough. I know he cussed us quite a bit when we got the forecast wrong and he had to re-pour his cement.
     I remeber the cigarettes youy bought at the store were all stained brown from water and humidity damage. We called them Diego Garcia Ciggarettes. Brown,dry and hard on the throut.  At the time there was at least one C-141 a day from the P.I and a C-141 once a week from Nairobi. This bird usually had new personnel checking aboard. We always checked the manifest to see how many new women were comming in. They got the red carpet treatment. There were plenty of male sailors offering to show the new female were the barracks, chow hall, personnel at anything else was. The guys on the flight were left to fend for themslves.
     That was Diego in 1983-1984................

MY INTEREST IN DG IS = My Time There is Lost in an Alcoholic Haze, Help Me Remember!
SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = Please Select a Title For Your Story, or Select 'Other'

NAME = Phil Hayworth
MY QUEST = To find God [editor's note:  Play Black Sabbath's "Masters of Reality" backwards at 78 r.p.m., and you may not find Him, but you'll see Him]
NATIONALITY = American; SERVICE = US Navy Armed Forced Radio and Television Service; UNIT = AFRTS;
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Naturalist/Ecologist
SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = This is a No-Shit Drinking Story
MY WARSTORY = Well, well, Imagine my shock as I discovered a picture of me and the gang outside the broadcast station on DG -- a place that will live in infamy for me and the poor bastards who had the misfortune of running into me. Cathy Hines, I remember the heck are you?  You were one of the few people on the Rock that I could stand, you and JJ, though JJ and me had a sort of alcohol-induced breakup before my first tour.  I remember you loved Neil Diamond and Ratt, which I thought was a strange, though cool, combination. Anyway, seems that me and the Rock weren't good for each other because that was the place I learned to drink -- drink all night long.  But there are fond memories, too -- all-night drunks that looked like they'd end in brawls or bad words but sometimes instead ended in confessions of undying love or respect.  Sure, I remember the Chief and his Chiefess, but I figured that every guy needs a "beard" -- as a matter of fact, she had one, didn't she?  Speaking of beard, Mary Seigmund, that freakin slut. She turned me in for running into the the station seconds before my radio show and pulling records....or was that YOU, Hines? Anyway, that's all water under the bridge now. Oh my God, that beauty contest was so damn funny.  I'll never forget me and the guys from the dive locker heckling from the back row, stinking drunk.  It was the greatest day on the Rock. We all got in deep trouble for that, but it was worth it.  Hey, don't forget that Don Diego was my idea! Yes, I was bored and going mad. If I didn't come up with something to do beside drink all the time, I'd have gone nuts.  Thank the Lord for Don, who allowed me to make a complete fool -- indeed, a celebrity -- of him and, in the end, created some fantastic memories for everyone on DG from 84 to 85.  All is forgiven. Everything is good -- now that DG is many years in the rear view mirror.

1984-1985 Garry Shook <>
     I was on The Rock during 1984 and 1985,  I was one of two Independent Duty Corpsmen (IDC) assigned to the medical facility.An IDC is qualified to handle almost any medical emergency, from dental fillings to starting IV's to doing minor surgery.  I was very proud of the job I had, and when you do all the little extra things, the patient really appreciates it.  Pretty soon you have a Reputation.  That's all I ever wanted out of my assignment.  Of course there was plenty of time for recreation.  When a serviceman or an MSC person got seriously ill, I would have to accompany the patient on that wonderful 8 hour flight to Clark Air Base.  Once there, I would have to wait 3, 4, even 5 days before I could catch a flight back to Diego.  But Diego was a loney place at times.  When I first arrived, I would spend hours recording messages to my wife (lots of drinking went on at that time, I might add). Anyway, I love your web sight, it brought make so many memories. Garry Shook HMC(SW) -Ret., Jacksonville, FL

 AFRTS Detachement 3, Diego Garcia, June 1984
Front row from left: Kathy Scarberry with station mascot Maynard, Phil Hayworth, Don Morrey (alias Don Diego), Mary Siegmund, Lianne Britton, Cathy Hines, Dave Pennock. Back row from left: Mike Mitchell, Ron Smith, IC1 Buckley, Wayne Bond, Scott McGilvery, IC1 Hammer.   Photo provided by Cathy Hines.

MY QUEST = Mahalo
VT of a SWALLOW = Wazzup?
NATIONALITY = us; SERVICE = navy; UNIT = Navy Broadcasting Service AFRTS Detachment; RANK/RATE/JOB = Was JO3. Got out after 10 years as a JO1.
MY WARSTORY = There are many as it was my favorite duty station. I remember fondly herding the chickens in front of my quarters as the sun began to go down. The chickens would be heading for their roosting spots and I wouldn't let them pass by and they would get very mad and squawk a lot and then make a mad dash for it. The best memory and juicyest is my room mate's tales of her sex and sand trysts with the brits, even doing 2 at a time and giggling about the sand burns on her butt!  She had some IC1 take nudie pics of her in his quarters and the lights got so hot they set off the fire alarm and she went running naked with a towel as the emergency crews came.  I remember one night borrowing her rate training manual to study for an advancement test and at the end of the book she had her list of 'stud muffins' with names, dimensions, ages, martital status, how it was done, etc.  There were some people that I knew on the list that were married and officers.  I made several Xerox copies and passed them around. (he he).  She was the one who won the so-called beauty contest in '84.   Amazing that it's people like that that make Chief Petty Officer!
     I loved playing the arcade game in the hamburger shack place and going shelling to the other side of the island.  The best time was a helicopter trip over the island to take photos.  The AFRTS people managers were all butt heads for the most part but we had a cool station kitty named 'Maynard' who I would torment by putting him on the record player or Xerox machine and letting it go.  We had one JO1 who wore the same clothes every day and because of the heat and humidity he really reeked when he came to work.  So I made up a fake letter warning him that if he didn't get new uniforms and didn't take showers that he would be placed on report.  The next day he had all new uniforms and didn't smell.  He was the infamous 'Don Diego' character on AFRTS-TV 's program called 'Focus.'  And then there was the AFRTS station lesbian who married the gay chief in charge so they wouldn't be found out by the navy and get kicked off. That was a weird wedding to be sure! I think they were both drunk.
     I was the Radio DJ/TV reporter who you probably hated!   I sure had a great time.  I wish they had vacation packages there today as I'd love to go back and visit.

1984-1985  (Jeff- 22Jul84-21Jul85; Marlie- May84-May85)
JEFF & MARLIE SWANSON (married on DGAR 5/24/85) <>
MY QUEST = Take a second honeymoon back to Dodge
VT of a SWALLOW = Depends on the rising burp
NATIONALITY = Kentuckian-Filipina; SERVICE = USN (Ret); UNIT = Terminal Operations Officer (Jeff)  Special Services (Marlie);
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Stroll Down Memory Lane
MY WARSTORY = We had scheduled our wedding for May 24th 1985 because it fell between the visit of the shuttle ship SS SANTA JUANA and the visit three weeks later by the AFS to pick up supplies.  As Terminal Ops Officer that was a good time to honeymoon in the PI for two weeks.  Then, the IOBG decided to conduct Weapons Week and scheduled port visits for the ships....bad news for Terminal Ops. with Customer Service hat.
     The XO, Vollmar, had a bad habit of chewing folks out.  He never understood what the hell I did, so I was usually spared.  He would call at times, down to the terminal...actually he'd have Seaman Temple call, make me drive the 3 miles at 25 MPH (Brit patrolled) just to ask a question that a phone call would have resolved.
     On the day before my wedding day I get a call....It SN Temple in that sweet voice, "LT Swanson the XO would like to see you in his office.....NOW."  CLICK
     I was scared shitless, made the agonizing drive, cooled my heals for 45 minutes...another bad habit of his, then got called in..."LT Swanson, close the door."  OH SHIT!
     CDR Vollmar opens the desk, pulls out a key chain...with a Pepsi bottle on it, and tosses it to me.  "Here's the key to the Pilot's Cabin.  Don't let the CO know or he'll kick my ass!"
     I don't know if it's still there, but in 1984 the Pilots cabin was at the corner of the POL pier, right where the the causeway ends and the pier begins.  It was nice then, had a living room, kitchenette,  bedroom, and shower.  Great view from three sides.  And, that's where I spent my wedding night....with the USS WHITE PLAINS at the damned pier.
     We had to fly out on a C-5 the next morning.  There was a glorious double rainbow meeting us when we left the cabin...pretty nice.  This is NO SHIT!
    Thanks for the great page!
from an email 8/25/00:  I still owe you the story of how I brought San Miguel beer legally to the island....what the heck here goes....I was the Terminal Operations officer from july 1984 until leaving in July  1985.  Each month the Santa Juana would bring supplies to the island.  Just after the August shipment I noticed on milvan off to the side with a large
croud of people surrounding it.  I asked my deputy, ABCS Becker what that was all about?  He said that it was the San Miguel beer sale.
     At the time, American beer was infamous on the island.  A person could get a serious headache from drinking just two of them.  It was suspected, but never confirmed, that formeldahyde was used as a preservative in the American beer.  The painted label San Miguel on the other hand was smooth and tasty.  Anyway, the "Beer Barons" were loading up for resale to the general island population, and of course were making a profit.  People would buy cases at a time and store them in their rooms because the shutle ship only came once a month.
     I went up the chain of command to propose selling "San Migo" out of thepackage store.  It must have been a sain moment in time because everyone rogered-up that it was just a cleaner way of doing business.
     So, beginning in late September 1984 (it might have been late October...I killed a few brain cells and don't recall) San Miguel painted label beer became a standard commodity on Diego Garcia.  We ordered 300 cases a month and it became the beer of choice.  Headaches disappeared.

Feb. 1984-Feb. 1985
MY QUEST = Seen any of my old Tweet Shipmates from AIMD?
VT of a SWALLOW = Depends on how many BEERS were in the BONG!
MY WARSTORY = It was one of those endless parties that takes place on dodge from shift change to shift change, 10 -15 of us got tired of being inside drinking (cheap beer) and decided to go to the picnic area looking out at the toes of the island and drink something real.  When the sun came up over the horizon the 3 of us still on our feet decided to join our shipmates and brit's by shooting straight tequila at sunrise. After one and a half bottles we surrendered to the gods and went down by the bow into the beach where we stayed until rescued by our fallen shipmates from the night before. GOD HOW THAT BEACH WAS SPINNING! Later we all prayed to that great GOD RALPH.

The Unknown Comic <>
     Was stationed at DG from 84 to 86 (well almost two years).  Was a YN2 for AIMD and Admin. at NAF.  Haven't seen anything much from anyone I knew there during my tour.  My nickname was YN2 Buckwheat Asshole, given to me from LCDR Lynch.
     DG will always be in my heart, which I could visit.  I sure miss sailing on Sundays!!!

MY QUEST = Sharing war stories
VT of a SWALLOW = As quick as you can gulp!
UNIT = Technical Writer in Cont. Admin. for FEBROE/IPAC, now retired to Sun City, TX
MY WARSTORY = I was not there for the earthquake, but I do have a photo of a large hole it left in the roadway.  Yes, I remember the beating death of the Filipino.  I wrote about it for my Writing Class at college.  It seems that (I have this from a reliable Filipino) it was considered a game/challenge amongst the Filipinos to not only spy on beach activities, but to also "touch" one or both of the engaged parties.  RBRM employees made sure that the Brits did not get the Ex-Pat Club because of the outcome of this incident.  We also had a stabbing at a ship unloading (as I recall, with a spoon?) and, occasionally, someone would run amok--a Mauritian tried to walk back to his island.
     When I arrived on DG in March of '84, I shared one-half of a seahut on the lagoon side with Lolly--the Filipina hairdresser.  She has since passed away after a long fight with cancer.  The other half--boarded off--of the seahut was occupied by two Filipinos, the doctor and a computer technician.
     Eventually, more Filipinas were hired and lived in seahuts down near where the Marines were living in seahuts also.  I have photos of the Marine seahuts.  The Marines thought it great fun to harass the ladies quarters by crawling under the huts.  At first, the Filipinas were upset, but after some discussion, it was decided that there were more of them than the one Marine under the hut.  Action was taken, perfume sprayed and trash can lids banged.  The ladies became so immune to harassment that when a guy stood outside the compound fence and flashed them, they just pointed and laughed.  That's got to "deflate" a guy's ego.
     Back in March of '84, FEBROE's employees lived in the (former SEABEE) huts on the lagoon side.  We paid for our meals in the galley.  Lolly, the 1st Filipina (ran the Ladies Hair Salon), and I shared one-half of a seahut that was partioned into quarters.  A full partion separated the 2 Filipinos who occupied the other half (other 2 quarters)--one was the doctor and the other a computer technician.  Lolly and I used the partioned shower/toilet portable across from us.  They partioned the center of the portable so that there was a shower to one side of the entrance door and a toilet to the right of it.
     We were told, nay we were commanded by the great Project Mgr (a definite relative of Gen Halftrack) to attend the O'Club's TGIF's every week.  So we did.  He'd attend, drink a coke and leave while the rest of stayed to finish off pitchers of beer.  This would result in his having all the ex-pats attend the famous Saturday morning lectures on how to behave at the O'Club.  No one ever quite got this right.  We were supposed to go and mingle, but not mingle?
       Eventually, this led to the Stupid Segregation Act of 1984/85.  FEBROE's ex-pat personnel were rated/ranked according to Navy rates/ranks. So a few could continue to go the O'Club, several to the CPO club and the rest of us (all over 40) had to go the Enlisted Men's Club.  Also, we were moved out of the seahuts at this time and we, Peons, were assigned quarters on the oceanside with all the 18 to 20 yr. olds.  They treated us well albeit they must have felt they were being babysat by older relatives.  We also noticed that, though the menus were the same, the portions and the garnishments at the Enlisted Club were not up to O'Club standards.  We made sure everyone was made aware of this.  After quite a bit of "bitching" by guys and gals alike, we were finally moved to CPO quarters and allowed to go into any club.
     More later.  Thanks Ted for all your work on this page.  It's great!

1984-1989, 1999-????
     I am Fred Tambellini,and I was on Diego Garcia with FEBROE 1984 to 1989 as Asst. Fire Chief.  Went to Berbera and Mogadishu, Somalia, with Admiral Lee - COMFAIRWESTPAC - to do a fire protection risk assessment.  Will send you
a story or two. Also, I am back on Diego Garcia as Fire Chief. WEIRD or what !!!  Best to you all, FRED the fire guy.

     I wish I could put pictures on the net, but unfortunately I've long since lost track of my photographs.  The Jason must have arrived after I left in Feb of 85.  I would have remembered that piece of s--- tied to the pier for 3 months.
    Do you remember an incident where a Brit Marine beat a Filipino BOS worker to death, for peeping at him and his American girlfriend doing the horizontal mambo on the beach?  They found his body a week later in the jungle between the yacht club and the Brit club.  Unfortunately, I had duty the night they found him.  That was a big stink (No pun intended.)  They flew a medical examiner out from Scotland Yard to do the autopsy.  However the body was so badly decomposed, he couldn't come up with a definitive cause of death, so I think the Brit Marine got off.  This was probably in the fall of 84.   I also remember a postal clerk running over (accidentally) another Filipino in the mail truck.  We medevac'd him to Singapore in a P-3, but he died en route.
     I think the thing I remember most about DG was the package store, and how they would close for half a day once a month when the supply ship arrived.  There would be a huge line when they'd open later in the day.  Everyone would buy their beverage of choice and clean them out for another month.  (I'd buy cases of those little cans of O.J. for my screwdrivers.)  That and the year 'round softball tourneys that lasted past midnight.
     I'd love to go back and see what it looks like now.  (When I was there, they were in the process of extending the runway, filling in the lagoon for the supply pier, and building tons of barracks.)
     Well, you missed the good times with the Jason.  She showed up and tied up for 3 months in 84, and 1/3 the crew was female.  One night the NSF had a "formal" for the officers, and afterwards, a bunch showed up at my BOQ room completely toasted, and wanting to use the bathroom!  I used to sleep on the couch in those days, and so I foolishly let them in and finally chased them all out.  Last to leave were an NSF Supply guy and a female MD from the ship.  She used the bath last, I chased them out, and went back to sleep.  The next morning I woke up and there was 3 inches of warm water on the floor of the room.  The MD had puked in my sink, turned on the hot water to wash it down, couldn't (big chunks) and just left the water on and left.  What a mess.  And I didn't even get to chew her out.  She got back to the ship after curfew and the Captain, J.J. Hogan, restricted her to the ship for the rest of the time they were in port (about 2 weeks!).
     However, the Jason was wildly popular on the island because it had WOMEN on board, doubling the island's female population, and thus the chances of the guys who weren't saving themselves for their wives and sweethearts back home.  But old Hogan was universally hated.  One night he went to the Acey Duecy Club and got drunk, pissed off a bunch of the local swabbies, who went out and let the air out of all 4 tires on the staff car.  He just got in it and drove back to Alpha Wharf!  destroyed the tires & wheels.  unbelievable.
      Let's see....for beer you must have had Schlitz?????  My favorite time was the softball games (still a year round sport when I was there) and getting drunk on the beach afterwards, playing guitars and trying to hustle one of the 3 female officers on the island!  Never lucky at any of that.

1984 Somalia, 1985-1988 DG, 1990 Somalia, 1991 DG
MY QUEST =   live to be 101; VT of a SWALLOW =   to slow to name; NATIONALITY =  yes
SERVICE = Ret. Army with AF time  56 to 78;
UNIT =  WAS Fuels Maint Super; RANK/RATE/JOB =  Civ. now and love it
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Want a Job as Far Away from My Wife as Possible
MY WARSTORY =     This took place at Berbera, Somalia, and its true.  We needed to have the SHIT hole pumped out, So our good In-Country Manager, Jerry Romenger Contacted a local Co. to do this, fine and good, the next day we needed a load of water, ( dring, bath wash general use ) The same truck showed up that had picked up the Shit the day before!
     I was the Fuels Maintenance Super, From 1985 to 1988 at DG and Berbera, Somalia. I was the last US at Berbera to get on the plane when they pulled us out Dec 1991 and then closed the Navy annex and Base at Berbera. My son will get a lot of pictures ready to send you of DG and Somalia when good old FEBROE had the contract.  FEBROE was the best Support Contractor tha DG has ever had, all the rest have just messed up every thing.  I am retired for good now and have been since 1992.
     Somalia,  I was also one of the first US to go into Somalia at BERBERA in June 1984.  The Contractor was there doing his thing, small fuel tank farm, 25,000 BBL Storage Tanks at the Fuel Farm, about 8 NM from the airfield.  Storage tanks at the airfielf and building were built.  No hot water, wash clothes in cold water and hung on bush to dry  . FEBROE sent us in, 5 TCNs and two US, not much. For three months once our good AF would not land at BERBERA we ran out of food, lived on spare ribs , rice, onions, and fish from the Red Sea, that's if we could catch them.  It wasn't a very safe place to be, but the pay was 50% more, so we liked that part.  I arrived in Somalia at 196 LBS, and arrived in Diego Garcia at 138lbs.  Good.  Ha.
     It was a mess getting out of Somalia, I had back to back tankers picking up Jet Fuel, Me and one TCN, each ship, one day apart, up 72 stright hours on each, the other guys.  Not the In-Country Manager, he never did a thing.  Packed up what we could, C-5 came in two days after X-mas of 90.  The Air Force would not get off the runway to refuel, said he had enough fuel to get back to DG.  No runway lights, power units on A/C, took of after dark.  Had most of high value items on the A/C. Not the Fuel farm items, we where given 10 days to pack.  Me with one guy to work, no way for the farm.  I left over 400,000 gals of jet fuel there at the tank farm and at the air field, could not get it out.  Back in 84, I told the Navy Rep., that if they ever had to pull out, they would not be able to get all the fuel out because of the pipe line set up.  The pumps and all was left at the tank farm and the same at the Air field.  I bet IPAC and the Navy left over $3,000,000 worth of fuel and equipment there when they pulled out.  If they had sent me in 5 people I would have been able to get almost every thing out.
       We would go to the airfield at night and here the mortors going off, all night long.  One day me and my TCN left the tank farm at the end of a long day, TEMP that day 125, we were pooped, and wanded something to eat and a cold shower, we locked the gate, and received 5 shots from a AK-47 over our truck, so thing were getting bad there.
      I ended up spsnding over 6 years at DG and Somalia . I really enjoyed it. I also love retirement, When I got home in 91 from DG, my hearing went, I am now 100% with the VA and have been since Feb of 92.  But I still miss working with the miltary.  Me and the wife are moving on base at  EAKER AFB that closed in 95, here at Blytheville, ARK. The homes are nice, the first ones that they opened up were the Officers Area, the house that I am getting has 1650 SQ Ft.  It is a retirement Village now. You have to be over 50 to live there, so that keep a lot of the trouble makers out.
       Ted, you were telling about your phone call from Somalia, that cost a lot, I paid more then you did, when I got ready to leave Berbera, Somalia in 85, I made a call that cost me $180.00, thats 10 min. at $18.00 a min.  See you later George.
    I only have a few more stories to tell, ALL ARE TRUE!  This one to day took place in 1987 (first part of year ).  After RBRM completed the new hanger, the good navy on the island had a big party in it, a good and drunk navy dude pulled the FOAM System and filled the hanger, boy what a mess, the next day after the party, the Asst. to Mr Stringfellow, was at the hanger with a Navy Rep.  The Navy wanted to know what went wrong, he was told that a drunk navy guy most likely pulled the From system knob, that there was nothing wrong with the system before the party -  the navy rep did not like this and told FEBROE to get Stringfellow's Asst. off the  island, he was gone in a matter of days.   Another tale in a day or two .
      Here is another true TAIL about DG,  One of the guys from the Philippines just had to haveone of the American NAVY ladies, This was in the spring of 87, So when the next Navy ship came in, all was set up by a navy chief that was stationed at DG, One of the little navy gals took this little TCN and gave him some American Tail, and it cost him $100.00, I guess this gave her some spending money for the two days her ship was there.  an 87 true tail by george.
      Here we were, a little over two months at Berbera, Somalia. The AF re-supply  C-141 comes in, food and needed parts and a American AC Fueling Supt to assistant me. Late that evening, after the 141 had departed, this new guy told the incountry manager and Bill and me, THAT HE QUITS, He said that he was told that he was going to American Samoa, not Somalia!  Bill jumped up and told him, to go to Samoa, we would have to pay them to work there.  He changed his mind.  He went to work the next day with me, but every day he was a big problem, after a week I told the in-country manager to get him out of here. What realy topped it of was on day at the tank farm, he took a brake and went to stand next to the fence.  One of the Supervisors for the contractor saw him standing there, he went up to this new guy and told him to get back to work, Gillard told him that he he wasn't a Somali Black that he was a American Black, this ended his stay in Somalia, a few days later a Navy Admiral came in .... to open the Re-fuel and Storage Station and when the Admiral left this good american went with him, When I went back to Diego Garcia, this guy was still there, but he was not offered a new contract, He caused to many problems there also.
     When I started up the Maintenance Department in 85, I had two small building on the POL Pier, ( NOT THERE NOW ) removed in 87,  Both were full of parts for the fuel system, all were already FUEL SUPPLIES, Mr. Stringfellow had them taken to supply and added to the supply system. In all this there were over 300 Fuel Filters, and you know what they cost.  From then on, when I changed the filters, Fuels had to pay for them, even if they had them before. This made FEBROE look good, save money. But still FEBROE was good. The best does some crazy things once in a while to make them look good.. Also, Did you know that I was the only FEBROE to lose a finger while working at DG. Thanks to the NAVY. and the FUELS manager at that time, March 85., had to have the rest of it taken of when I got home in 88.

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