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You have traveled back to 1993!
Entries are posted by the year the writer arrived, so be sure to check either side of the year you're looking for to find your old buddies, shipmates, and sweethearts!  I'll update this page as I receive your warstory! No anoymous reports - only if you're willing to put yourself up to the ridicule of the world will you be entered into this Guestbook!  Also, please note that the email addresses listed are those at the me the entry was received - some of them from 1997!  Sorry if they don't work now...

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1972, 1981/1982, 1987 to 1995
Dave Fisher, Capt, USMM (Ret.), CAPT (SWO) USN (Ret.) =
Citizenship = USA; Service = Merchant Marine; Other_Service = USNR; Outfit = USS R. E. Kraus; USNS Sealift Antarctic; SS Green Valley, G. Island, G Harbour; MV Jeb Stuart
My_Quest = Here in 2014, would like to go back for one last, short look-see.
My_Warstory = First went in '72 in USS Richard E. Kraus (DD-849) to deliver crypto gear. It looked like "McHale's Navy" then. Returned in '81/'82 in USNS Sealift Antarctic (T-AO-176) with the MSC Near Term Prepositioned Force. Didn't look too much different. Returned again in '87 to the four Afloat Prepositioned Force LASH ammo ships - a couple of years as Chief Mate, the remainder as Master. Dodge now a little more civilized. While there in 1994, sortied the entire APF as Convoy Commodore and CTG-159.1 for Operation Vigilant Warrior up in the Gulf. Technically still a civilian, but assigned under Allied doctrine.
Left in late '95 to command the COMPSRON ONE flagship in the Med. At the time I left (9 yrs on), I was "The Mayor of DGAR," as the longest serving occupant.
Like to go back one last time before I pass, just to see how "my" island is doing. Have lumpia and a beer at the "O."

Name = John McKinney =
Citizenship = USA; Service = USN; Outfit = Quality Assurance LPO
My_Quest = To find happiness; VT_of_a_Swallow = to estimate that the airspeed velocity of an unladen European Swallow is 10 meters per second.
My_Warstory = One of my many jobs as the QA for grounds maintenance was to check DG for erosion control at set locations along the outside of the island. On one of these days I stopped for my usual fishing time out before heading back (it took about 10 hrs for the job) I was having an excellent day catching the 2-3 lb Rock Groupers and putting them on the stringer I had tied to my belt loop. As the tide started to come in I climbed on one of the coral heads to cast better and caught enough to make nice gift to my counter parts (friends) at the Filipino village. I had about 7 or 8 fish on the stringer when they started jerking around. I tugged on the line without looking and got a very firm tug back! Needless to say the 6ft shark that had about 3 fish in its mouth already was not amused, it started thrashing and pulled me into the waste deep water. I couldn't get that stringer untied from my belt loop fast enough. Finally I was free and I ran as fast as I could to shore. (about 20m) The next week I was back again with a new stringer and sharper eye. That's my story.

Paul White =
Country = Thailand
Service = Royal Marines
My_Quest = Find PAM the weather girl!!
VT_of_a_Swallow = HUA HIN
My_Warstory = Not a war story but a "STORY" whether you believe it or not is up 2 you!!
Whilst under the influence of that rather nasty Bacardi 151 (AKA devil juice) it is alledged that three Royal Marines Who shall remain nameless (BUT YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) did will fully, and maliciously ,and without due care and attention cycle naked apart from their respirator through the outdoor cinema during superbowl, to the Brit club Via the Biot Police (and I use the term POLICE sparingly) where they did deposit a turd during the "CURLING ONE DOWN CEREMONY".

Upon reaching their destination, they subsequently disposed of said bicycles except for one which was later hoisted up the flagpole on return to the BEQ!! After several hours of interrogation no one was arrested or charged!! God bless the 3!!

And by the way if anyone knows the whereabouts of a Lady named Pam W (POLISH) name cant pronounce let alone SPELL!! who used to do something with the weather out there get her to drop me a line!!

Name = James Sheets =
Citizenship = USA; Service = USN
My_Quest = To say hi to all the great people I shared a special time with.
My_Warstory = It was on the island that I developed a relationship with JESUS CHRIST. The Chapel was such a wonderful and peaceful place. I belonged to the Sunshine alive GOSPEL CHOIR. We were able to sing to various groups and event on the ISLAND. My desire is that we who long to come back would be afforded an opportunity to come back and visit just for the purpose of reflecting...

1986-87; 91-94
George Marshall =
Citizenship = USA
Service = Contractor
Outfit = New Car Sales
My_Warstory = I was the Chrysler/Jeep rep first time ( '86-'87) out, and same plus Ford last time (91-94); since I am a retired CPO and a GS I hung out at any club that would have me (and a charter/honorary member of the no-longer-there E6 Club).  I volunteer announced softball games & SpecServ events, and even bowled.  My war stories would have to include, but not be limited to the many friends from COs to Seamen that I made on The Footprint.  Stories to come!


JUNE 1978-MARCH1979 ,SEPT1979-JUNE1980,1993-1994
Citizenship = USA
Service = USN
Outfit = NMCB 4   AND NMCB 3
My_Warstory = I have many stories to share about life on the Rock, they cover the 3 deployments as a Navy Seabee in 1978-1979 then back again
1979 -1980 and finally 1993-1994. I will get pictures together and share them.   Talk to you soon.   

Dave Eagle <>

Hello, was wondering if three wonderful people I met are out there, was in Diego from 93 to 94, am looking for Dee Dee Esteppe was a CTM and Alicia Horn was a CTT and Charmain Burnett, was a CTM also. Would also love to hear from a guy named Joe Head CTR type. Thank you.

David D. Eagle
Cell (360) 929-6185

1993  with BJS  - 1980 to 1984 RBRM
NAME = John L
MY QUEST = Returning just for the Expat club sunsets and Margaritas
RANK/RATE/JOB =  Contractor with RBRM and BJS
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Want to Return When the First REAL Club Med Opens
SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = Actually, I Have a Real Story To Tell
MY WARSTORY =  After having been gone from the island for approx. 10 years I took a job with BJS to see how Diego had developed.  I had been there from 1980 with RBRM during the construction years.
     In 1982 the Navy approached RBRM and told us they had 10,000lbs of frozen lobster tail they wanted to sell.  Since we had our own food budget we bought the lobster and started Surf & Turf every Friday night at the expat mess hall.
     When I returned in 1993 I was in the O club and noticed that someone was getting a lobster dinner for their birthday. I thought "No it couldn't be the same lobster we bought in "82."  Guess what! It had no taste and was really tough.
     So much for lobster at the "O' in 1993. By now I would think it is all gone.

Ed Coolidge []
I am looking for ET1 Angel Garcia (Ret), used to be stationed in Diego Garcia.  Wondering if you have any information on him.  Trying to let him know of a fallen comrad.
Ed Coolidge

Feb 1993 - June 1994
NAME = Shirley Elgas
MY QUEST = To find old friends
VT of a SWALLOW = Depends on the size
UNIT = NSA Command Career Counselor
RANK/RATE/JOB = NC1 retired

Jan 1993 - Feb 1994
NAME = william beasley
MY QUEST = None, living is enough.
VT of a SWALLOW = zero
UNIT = Det 1, 316 MASS (Yokota AB, Japan)
RANK/RATE/JOB = E8 USAF Maintenance Superintendent. Laison for contractor supported maintenance provided for AMC aircraft and cargo operations.
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Stroll Down Memory Lane
SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = Actually, I Have a Real Story To Tell
MY WARSTORY = No story really, just enjoyed my stay at DG. Met some really neat people and experinced once in a lifetime military assignment.

NAME = James Sheets
VT of a SWALLOW = no idea
NATIONALITY = African American
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Stroll Down Memory Lane
SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = Actually, I Have a Real Story To Tell
MY WARSTORY = My expirence on the ROCK was excellent. I became a devout Christian thanks to Sister Norma from the Philliapians, and Sister Stephany
Gadison from New Jersey. I think the Church services on Diego were exciting, because it gave one the opportunity to worship with people from all nationalities. It was nothing more rewarding then seeing so many races of people come together, and worship Jesus Christ. I will never forget my experience there as it was so instrumental in helping me discover who I really am in the LORD. Thanks to my time on Diego I have now become a Pastor of a dynamic spirit filled Church in Waldor, Maryland named East of Bethel Christian Center.

james sheets
August 1993 - August 1994
NAME = HM1 Linda Lewis
MY QUEST = Just chillin
VT of a SWALLOW = What????
NATIONALITY = African American
UNIT = Medical/ Preventive Medicine Dept
RANK/RATE/JOB = HM1 then/ HMC (ret) now
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Stroll Down Memory Lane
SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = Actually, I Have a Real Story To Tell
MY WARSTORY = I arrived in DG with a sexual device in my bags praying that customs would not dime me out.  We made it!  I had a wonderful time in DG.  I met some great people whom I stil keep in touch with and visit.  I helped to organize a talent show and a fashion show.  I volunteered with the Red Cross
and received a visit to Japan for training.  On a darker note I went to XO screening for yelling at my wimpy Chief Cephas... it's all good I learned a very valuable lesson.  I also did my share of "creeping" and drinking and exercising.  I teach high school and I love telling my students edited stories of my time on DG.  God Bless you all.

1993 -1994
NAME = Bill Kohl
MY QUEST = To little and be compensated lots!
VT of a SWALLOW = faster than a flushing toilet
UNIT = Marine Corps Security Force Company
RANK/RATE/JOB = SGT then, GySgt now, active but will retire next summer
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Stroll Down Memory Lane
MY WARSTORY = To be honest, I can't believe it took this long to find this page. I have many fond memories of DG that include many nights of drinkng. Lots of softball with my pals from the "Goodfellas", which also included nights of drinking. "Wake up Call" in the 606 Dungeon at the Marine compound (oh, we were drinking then too). The Brit Club provided some quality entertainment as well. I would love to go back for a spell but that is no longer an option for the Marines so I'm confident my pals from the past who no doubt chiefs today can keep the tradition going. I probably wouldn't be a good candidate now anyway as I have had to "grow up" and be a responsible parent (of three daughters, two of which are teenagers). Oh, the good ole days...

January 1988 To  1999
NAME = Jean Pierre Ramen "ROBIN"
MY QUEST = keeping in touch with people who mean a great deal to me, DG Familly
SERVICE = civillian
UNIT = Annex 20 Ac/r department  bos contractor
RANK/RATE/JOB = Senior Sales Executive
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Stroll Down Memory Lane
SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = Actually, I Have a Real Story To Tell
MY WARSTORY = 1988, there i was landing on Dg 20 00 pm, still young 18 years old going on a journey looking for adventure, first night pax terminal to the
barracks 09 sea breeze village, still cool first time abroad meeting new people had couple of beers and got to sleep for my first day tomorrow, 05.30 am my
nightmare began, walk out to the shower room, man what a shock, surrounded with coconuts trees  with white sands you could barely looked at i say to myself 'where the hell i am ?  second day visit to ADMIN, Downtown, Shipstore, Community bank, and back to Admin, telling my story seems like it was like yesterday, one thing ive learn on DG is to be patience and very understanding, and my patience made me stay 10 long years there, I dont believe it myself, if i have to be grateful its because of people like MR Bob Streegan, where i started to work at tyhe TCN Galley, Mr Faye Parks he was like a dad to me and if im where i am today  its many thanks to Faye Parks, Mr James Billman transportation Director, and volley ball coach even his team always loses to our mauritian team, just kidding, Mr Harry Johnson, Mr Bruce Norris, Jim Pfiefer, William Marioka, BOB Butt,and so many more to all those people i say thanks to all of them, unfortunately we've all gone our seperate ways but i hope that one day if we could all be in an island wide picnic it will be a dream come true, sometimes we do speak about paradise, but dg is paradise for people who know they will tell that hell yes paradise of footprint of freedom white beaches, deep sea fishing like nowhwre else, my biggest catch a yellow fin 95 lbs, almost 35 mins fight with a damn shark tailling, party at the BRIT Club, SOUL Night at the 61 Club, Country night at the turner club, mojo at the beach house and not forgetting those mongolian bbqs at the peace keeper Inn, and last but not least those delicious Pizza at sea breeze village,
i would like to say a few words for CHARLY of the seamens club, we cant go to the seamens club without saying hi to charly.
To all the people ive met on DG, NAVY, MARINES, AIR FORCES, EXPAT, BRITS, PHILIPINOS, Hats off, those were the time now im back home and would like very much to keep in touch  with people who was there and who remember me,
my name is Robin
Mauritian volley ball team captain
AC / R  Dept
Annex 20
my email is

 "samuel otero" <>
Date:  23 Dec 2005, 08:47:41 AM
Subject:  diego garcia
Hello I`m a former Diego Garcia millitary personel. I was in the Construction Batallion #3. From 93-94. My question is, did Diego get hit at all by the Tsunami, or any small waves? I remember being there and how flat of an island it was. Diego was probably the best place i ever visited.
Thank You
Samuel Otero

July 4,1993 - July 1994
NAME = Tracey Smith (Freas)
RANK/RATE/JOB = I was an RM2 at the tiime. Now ITC still in.
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = My Time There is Lost in an Alcoholic Haze, Help Me Remember!
SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = Actually, I Have a Real Story To Tell
MY WARSTORY = Hanging and drinking with my friends, parties on the balcony, parties in the pavilion, Fish Fry, Diego Burger, Bogie (loser!), Double Captain Morgan's and Coke (the drink of choice), Riding my bike drunk, Tusker, Package store running out of alcohol (Crime), Stale everything (coke?), Bag nasty, Turtle Cove, Coconut Crabs, Donkey at T-site, Deformed Cats at T-site, Christmas like no other(toilet paper, condoms and laundry detergent for presents), Hash runs, Hash house, Drinking right after a mid watch (6a.m), Filipino village (Best fish I've ever eaten), Sun, Sun, Sun, Naked Everything!, R&R Site, Sail Away, Snorkeling, Fire Coral, Cold Chicken, Cats, Care packages, Mike(Mullet), Kurt, Big Steve, Billy (Restriction),Cathy (Cat), Keith, Socials, All the cheating going on, Swimming with sting rays, Yacht club, Mo-Jo,  Freezer full of liquors, Ace of Base?, Brit Club, Bus rides home, Tropical uniforms (knee socks), George, Mango, Pat, Sun Burn, Fishing, Wahoo, Shark, Tuna.., 2 TV Channels, Beer bongs, Nipple Piercing, Nasty Notes left on barracks doors, Scotty,  Hot dogs at the airport, topless tubing, Jane’s Addiction, Mail Call, "Flintstone" vehicles, Ethiopian Birds at R-site, Rusty the Rooster at R-site, All the stars visible at night, Sea shells and hermit crabs you were not suppose to kill all the fun I had and Saying goodbye to some of the greatest people I've ever met..Those were the days

Subject:         DG Class of '93
Date:             Mon, 1 Aug 2005 15:25:19 +1200
From:            "Garner, Angela" <>
Hello Ted!
     My name's Ang - short for Angela.  First of all, thank you for the awesome website!  I miss DG often, and long to go back just once more, but can't find a civilian job there right now.  I was stationed there in 1993, in the weather detachment.  I didn't retire, but stayed in the Navy for 7 years.  Would have stayed in longer but I ended up at McMurdo Station, Antarctica and fell in love with the place, so I had to get out of the military to come back down.  I've been working here for 11 years now (with at least a 3-month break each year).

Things that I liked to gripe about on DG -
     Bugs - Big-Ass furry camel-brown tarantulas, coming out from under the bus seat at 4:30 AM, while the bus is moving.  Cockroaches, hiding under the toilet seat, crawling on my ass and freaking me out when I sit down.  Brown hornets, stinging me on the thigh when I have never bothered the little bastards.
     Aggressive barracudas, who have nothing better to do than hang out under the boat and keep us poor souls who just want to cool off from jumping in for a swim in the nice clear water.  We had one follow us around whenever we moved to a different location.  They're smart little devils!
     Communications -  the "Cable & Penniless Co" - I know of people who spent a huge portion of their paycheck to call home every week. We also had a military phone line (can't remember what it was called) that we could make very short phone calls (I think they were limited to 15 min), and the operator would interrupt the conversation every 60 seconds after the first five minutes, just to tell us that we were running out of time.  I think we could only use it once a month or something like that.  It was also a very bad connection and sometimes impossible to hear from each end of the conversation.  You had to say "OVER" each time you were done speaking.
     Waiting for mail - Marriages broke up because of the poor mail cycle there.  But, I know it's also bad on ships at sea, so I knew DG wasn't the only place with these problems.  However, when the MCPON visited DG in 1993, I expressed my concerns to him and he promised to look into it (it was a nice gesture).  Now here I am wintering over in Antarctica, with no mail for almost six months.  At least we have a good reason - no flights during the winter.

Things I loved about DG -
     Collecting shells on the beaches in the lagoon at low tide
     Sharks' Cove & Turtle Cove
     Trips to the Plantation for exploring, feeding apples to the donkeys, and for BBQ and beer!
     Renting a fishing boat for $60 and catching enough fish to feed the WX Det and guests at said BBQ
     Going out on said fishing boat early in the morning and watching the dolphins at play (my first time ever seeing dolphins in the wild)
     Snorkeling (first real snorkeling experience)
     Getting a trip to Sri Lanka on the Potomac
     Cruising to other islands on the American Osprey
     Sunsets from the Expat Club (and watching the crabs fight over the leftover pizza on the beach)
     Brave little crabs coming out onto the asphalt after a good rain and trying to keep the vehicles off the road
     Watching said vehicles swerve and zigzag like crazy to avoid running over said crabs
     Watching the birds eat the crabs who lost their battle with the vehicles on the road (gotta love the food chain!)
     San Miguel in the BOTTLE (discontinued a few months after I got there)
     Weekend BBQs between the barracks under a big tent
     Brit Club & Beach House parties
     Meeting the "Brits", Philipinos, Mauritians, and Merchant Marines (they added an interesting mix!)
     Being able to find my own private beach anytime I wanted
     Turning my dungarees into Bermuda shorts
     Feeding leftover/stale bread to the cranes on the runway and watching them fight over it even though there was plenty to go around.
     4th of July and New Year's fireworks (set off from a barge out in the middle of the lagoon).
     CPO club delivery - Fried Chicken basket...Yummm!
     Tuesday night Mongolian BBQ at the Turner Club.
     Awesome thunderstorms!

     A friend of mine had a photograph of the two horses that had been left behind years prior - I believe the photo was taken during the 1980's.  I did get to see one of the horses on the Plantation, but it wouldn't let people get within 10 feet of it.  The one horse I saw was very emaciated and almost as small as the donkeys.  I think the other had since passed on.  The donkeys were also fairly emaciated, but were pretty tame and let people walk right up to them.  All-in-all these animals had lived quite a long life and I'm sure were happy to be roaming free without having to work anymore.
     We always used to get creeped out by what apparently was the morgue at the Plantation.  There was a cement slab there that apparently was used to drain the blood from the deceased, their blood would run off into the soil around there.  The graveyard had a small tomb in it, and you could see human bones through one of the holes in the tomb.  Gave me an eerie feeling.  I would never stay the night in that bunkhouse out there, but some people did.
     I didn't know about the feral cats and chickens until I arrived there.  Made friends with a cat, named her Miss Kitty, had a litterbox for her (She was either really smart, or house trained by someone before me) and was allowed to keep her in the room too.  I fed her chopped baked chicken from the galley.  At that time, you could take cats off the island if they had been checked out by a vet (their deep inbreeding created some physical problems with some of them) and given shots prior, but the vet only came to DG about once a month for just a few days, so if you missed that visit and were leaving before the next, then you lost the chance to bring a cat home from there.  I was transferring to Spain from DG, and going to the U.S. for one month in between, so I couldn't take Miss Kitty with me.
     There was reportedly a large hammerhead shark, named Hector, living in the waters there.  If anyone has photos of the shark, or information/stories relating to sightings, etc, I would love to hear about them.  Perhaps there's a link on your website and I just haven't gotten that far yet.

Thanks again for the chance to connect and reminisce!

1991 to 1994
NAME = Robert Bloomer
MY QUEST = To find a way to back onto paradise Island a.k.a. Diego Garcia
VT of a SWALLOW = Terminal as in positive or negative or Terminal as in Diego International?
UNIT = COMPSRON 2 - The Ships out in the lagoon
RANK/RATE/JOB = RM2 then - Grocery Store manager now.
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Stroll Down Memory Lane
SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = Actually, I Have a Real Story To Tell
MY WARSTORY = I was stationed on Diego for three years in a two year billet for COMPSRON2. We had some exceptional officers and enlisted. Capt Robert Alee and Capt. Schuknecht (sp?). The enlisted guys were pretty awesome too. Most of our time was spent in support of Desert Storm and then Somalia.. and then going back to Kuwait to pick up the equip. and then back to Somalia.. then back to the island.. I'd give my left nut to get back over there and enjoy fishing and lazing about on the nice tropical days.. I miss it so much.. It's heaven.

Michael "Norman" Bates, Michael Ocarz, College Boy, Half Rack.. if any of you see this, get in touch..

1990-1995 and 1999-2000
NAME = Allen Willey
MY QUEST = Spread the Truth
VT of a SWALLOW = African or European?
RANK/RATE/JOB = Defense Contractor for Ford and Loral Aerospace, Crypto Manager for all three Air Force tracking stations on the island from 1993 to 1995.
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Stroll Down Memory Lane
SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = Actually, I Have a Real Story To Tell
MY WARSTORY = In 1973 I was an E-5 at RAF Chicksands.  I was going through a divorce and was living in the NCO barracks.  One night a little two -striper who had been on station only a few months came to my room and said the first shirt had just raped her.  He was married, but his wife had gone back to the states.  She was hysterical, laughing and crying at the same time.  They had been taking a class together and he had suggested a study period in his room, just two floors above my room.  I took her to the clinic and they did the rape protocol on her.  The guy got 6 months at Leavenworth, busted to staff and a bad discharge.
     But for my troubles, I lost my security clearance and was shunned by the whole base for the rest of my tour.  My supervisor said "RHIP, old boy", and his friends were shocked that I would ruin his career for such a little thing.  So I wasn't suprised at the latest rape scandal at the academy last year, and I won't be suprised at the next one.

August 1993 to October 1994
NAME = Mark Pando
MY QUEST = Just touching base with you all
VT of a SWALLOW = Dale had a weird answer to this......What's up Dale?
NATIONALITY = Manic Hispanic
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Stroll Down Memory Lane
SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = This is a No-Shit 'How I Put One Over On My Senior Chief' Story
MY WARSTORY = Let's put it this way...........Scotty Liver's (Scroll up)gave me a bright idea when I picked up my records prior to taking off in October 94.  Scotty, you saved me buddy.  If you know my story the last few months I was there...well then you may know that getting my original set of orders prior to departure sure came in handy.
     But Senior Chief(rank then), if you are tuned in, you know what I am talking about....GOTCHA IN THE END
     Other than that......BRIT CLUB baby, we had some times on that island.  Great sunsets, bad pizza, greesy lumpia, warm british beer, expensive bikes, cheap liquor, long nights and great memories.
Anyone tuning in....drop a line.

MY QUEST = in 1993 to get as far away from my wife as possible
VT of a SWALLOW = Superman speed
UNIT = Security
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Stroll Down Memory Lane
SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = I am a Born Liar, and Want To Tell About All The Sex I Had on Dodge
MY WARSTORY = Most of us lose our minds in DG.  Once there I was legally seperated from my gorgeous wife of 16 years (that was a lie) and got involved with a not so gorgeous navy female.  My wife being the smart woman she is found out everything and my life came tumbling down.   The other woman actually bought all my lies and thought she was my one and only.  I even convinced her to follow me to my next duty station, which my wife would be there as well.  My wife wrote the girl (yes girl, since I was like 38 and she was like 22) and told her about all my lies and the next thing I know I get a Dear John letter.  The lesson here....Unless you want to lose everything including the love of your life and her faith in you choose wisely and don't ask for orders to DG.

NAME = Tina Tomlinson
MY QUEST = To find some jarheads that I served with
VT of a SWALLOW = I have no clue
SERVICE = United States Marine Corps
UNIT = Marine Corps Security Forces
RANK/RATE/JOB = Lance Corporal
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Stroll Down Memory Lane
SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = Actually, I Have a Real Story To Tell
MY WARSTORY = I arrived on Diego Garcia in 1993.  I remember getting off the plane and my glasses fogging up from the heat.  I was met at the airport by a Sergeant who informed me that I was the first and ONLY female Marine on the island.  My first reaction was to run back on the plane.  I rode to the Marine Corps Security Forces compound not knowing what I had gotten into.  As I entered the gate, I found myself being stared at.  Once I got into the safety of my room, I locked the door and refused to come out despite people banging on my door.
     Once someone pried me out of that room, I had the time of my life.  I found myself among 92 Marines who became like brothers to me.  Well, except for one.  I met the love of my life on that island.  We shared sunsets together at the Expat.  We swam together, biked together, humped (Marine Corps terminology for hiked at a fast pace) the island together, sweated during PT together, and got rip roaring drunk together.  We stumbled back to the barracks together, and ate breakfast at the PK where Rudy worked.
     All in all, the fondest memories of my life are from Diego Garcia.  Best of all, I found my husband on that island.  We have been married for 10 years and have two boys now.  We often dream of going back but know that's not possible.

May 92 - Aug 94
     NAME = Jim Thompson
     MY QUEST = To win the Texas State Lottery
     VT of a SWALLOW = When it's falling, as fast as anything else.
     E-MAIL =
     NATIONALITY = American
     SERVICE = Navy
     UNIT = METOC (Weather Office)
     RANK/RATE/JOB = AG2 then Civ1 now
     MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Stroll Down Memory Lane
    SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = This is a No-Shit Drinking Story
     MY WARSTORY =     When I drink (and like most everyone else, I did my share on DG), I always drink Jack Daniels and 7-Up.  Been to many bars, in many places, always ordered "Jack 'n Seven" and always got what I asked for. The same was true on DG, well sorta.  I had no problem at every club on the island, except the Brit Club.  Every time I hit the Brit Club, I'd get very trashed, very quick.  It took me six months to figure out why.  One night I ordered my usual Jack 'n Seven, but this time I saw one of the Brit Marines pour it.  A shot of Jack Daniels and a shot of Seagram's Seven.  Whew!  I always thought the drinks at the Brit Club were a little stout, but damn! It was exactly what I asked for, but not quite what I expected.  I was one of many that walked one mile to the Brit Club and three miles back.
         If anyone remembers running out of ice cream for a month and wondered why, I can tell you.  Somebody on the supply ship set the refer to 0 deg C instead of 0 deg F. I would have loved to see all those colors blended together when they opened the door.  I heard it looked rather interesting. I pity the person that had to clean that mess up!
         To all that have read Dale Bailey's account of Norman J. Davis's fishing trip, it's all true.  The Chaplain held prayer in our office twice and we all thought ol' Norm was a goner. It was a very sad affair with an equally happy ending.  Good job, Dale!

 May 1989 thru Sep 1999, 2001, thru 2003
NAME = George M. Laughlin (YA-HOO)
MY QUEST = Citizenship from some place
VT of a SWALLOW = Below sea level or above??
UNIT = IPAC and BJS until 1999, NFCU fm 2001 to 2003
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Stroll Down Memory Lane
SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = Actually, I Have a Real Story To Tell
MY WARSTORY =  One of my fondest years on Dg was back when Capt. Check (CO) and CDR Bob Collard(SUPO), would call me and my buddy, Flightline Freddie to the O Club so we could drink for free all night coz the O's could not play Hosre Collar. That was fun, even when the Marine XO would climb into the rafters and pour beer on us. Another grand time was getting with Jack and the gang and building the Golf Course, then playng it. There was the two years that BJS golfers would play the Brit Party every Tuesday. It started out being a fun once a month deal, for beer and build your own at the Expac afterward, but with the wipping that we (BJS) gave the Brits the first time. The Brit Rep. CDR Gram Niven changed the program to weekly. We even had a trophy at the Club House with the weekly score posted. I'd have to say the we (BJS) won 98% of the time. Grand times at the course. If anyone wants to complain at not having a good time on the island for several years I was the one who brought the EAP Charter to the island and you missed out. Even though the EAP turned into the Dave Burges Fan Club. More stories to come. YA-HOO

1988 May to Jan 17 2000
NAME = Harry Johnson
MY QUEST = To say Hi to all my old friends still there
VT of a SWALLOW = Who cares
UNIT = Fuels Manager for Febroe, IPAC, BJS, DG21LLC
RANK/RATE/JOB = I'm Ret. Navy E-8 Aviation Boatswan Mate. Worked with a lot of good people on DG both Military and Civilian.
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Stroll Down Memory Lane
MY WARSTORY = All the years I was there I was happy and content. I met and fell in love with a very lovely lady I hired in 1989 and married her in 2000 Feb. 14. We both worked for the Contractors and she left in 2001 May. I had a heart attack there in DG. But the great folks at the NSF Clinic put me on a plane to Singapore and while in route after take off I Died but the Flight Nurse and Flight Sergeon brought me back so after three months of extensive care at Singapore I was allowed to travel to my home in PI and from there to the US to continue my care at NNMC Bethesda Hosp. My wife and I are living in the States now and hope All is well in DG. Other than Bob Butts I was the second Old timer still on the Island from the Febroe Days. That's my story gang and believe me if I could return to DG doing the same job as I was doing I would No question about it. Good Luck to all of you over there. We still have relatives working on the Island so we are still in contact.

1993 thru 1995
     NAME = George Merritt
     MY QUEST = No Quest
     E-MAIL =  GMerritt
     SERVICE = N/A
     RANK/RATE/JOB = GS-13
     MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Stroll Down Memory Lane
     MY WARSTORY = I enjoyed my assignment with the American & British Forces, including,all other personnel.  SORRY, NO WARSTORY, I REQUESTED MY ASSIGNMENT.

I arrived in 1992 and stayed through 1994
     NAME = Scott Livers-Walton
     MY QUEST = To find old friends from the Island, and say hello.
     E-MAIL =
     SERVICE = US Navy
     UNIT = PSD Diego Garcia
     RANK/RATE/JOB = I was a PN2 and worked at PSD Diego Garcia
    MY INTEREST IN DG IS = My Time There is Lost in an Alcoholic Haze, Help Me Remember!
     SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = This is a No-Shit 'How I Put One Over On My Senior Chief' Story
     MY WARSTORY = DKCS Deleon was the Senior Chief at PSD DIego Garcia. He was very flamboyant and well connected on the Island. I was usually involved in putting on the command parties etc. If ever I had trouble obtaining things like "ICE" etc. all I ever had to do was tell DKCS Deleon, he would get on the phone and yell at someone in Tagalog, and I immediately had whatever I needed for the party. We once threw a party for a PN1 Velasquez who was retiring down in the village by the Expat Club. It was the best party I have ever attended a "luau".
     I also remember the Yacht Club socials (held monthly) and all the FUN! (I LOVED the MOJO) ha ha..... I can now admit that I am the one who glued DKCS Deleon's phone so that he couldn't answer it when it rang..... He was not amused and took away everybody's phone privilages, (we didn't all have phones in our rooms back then) He really didn't have a very good sense fo HUMOR ha ha sorry guys.... about the phone that is... I really couldn't tell him it was me... he was evil if you were on his bad side! I have 2 THANK YOUS one to DS2 Jennifer Melamede and the other to PN2 Rodolfo Ignacio you both really saved my ASS when I was there and I am forever grateful! I have never forgotten :) Scotty  P.S. Where is Robert Moulthrop???

     NAME = Dale E. Bailey  AGC(AW) (ret)
     MY QUEST = my tucson phone company
     VT of a SWALLOW = depends on how well you're hung
     E-MAIL =
     NATIONALITY = good old american
    UNIT = NPMOD (weather guy)
     RANK/RATE/JOB = AG1 (then)  AGC (ret) now
     MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Stroll Down Memory Lane
     SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = This is a No-Shit Fishing Story
     MY WARSTORY = The Tale of Norman J. Davis -(as told by a fellow Aerographer's Mate- AGC(AW)Dale E. Bailey USN(ret)
     A long, long time ago (actually the fall of 1993), while working a weather forecaster's midwatch, a call from base security was received by yours truly around 1830, reporting the non-return of a certain AG1 Norman J. Davis to the marina.  Seems he and a certain RM3 friend (name unknown) went for a 3 hour cruise/fishing trip on a boston whaler around the DG lagoon.  Within an hour of his disappearance, marina personnel took a look-see around to find the wayward sailors.  Soon after, the Brit Marines, security personnel and whoever else, commenced beating the jungle for the MIAs, assuming that since they were both typical DG people and extraordinary gin drinkers, they would turn up passed out under a coconut tree on the other side of the lagoon.  As the search commenced well into the night, 'round about midnight or so, the unthinkable began to be considered.  That the two had somehow slipped out the lagoon and set out into the deep, blue Indian Ocean.  Shortly thereafter, a SAR P-3 set out on a look see over the ocean.  With the help of the METOC boys and our all-encompassing knowledge of ocean currents and whatnot, we recommended they look toward the west.  If they were out there, they would be heading that way.  Anyway, to make a long story longer, no sign of the missing sailors that night.  All through the next day, the search of the jungle, Filipino houses, beaches, etc. continued with no joy.  The SAR folks continued their search of the I.O. throughout the day and still no success.  SITREP was sent to CINPAC and I believe contingencies were in process for family notification.  Sometime around midnight of the second day, lo and behold, the two were spotted approximately 27 NM due west of the island in their little flat-bottomed boat!  To this day Norm will tell you how smoking saved his life, as he was able to light up some gas when they heard the P-3 overhead.  They were soon recovered and were reasonably well, considering they had no food or water for over 36 hours.  As the story went, the small 5 HP engine crapped out and they just drifted out the lagoon.  Funny thing though, was when it was towed back, the marina personnel fired it right up.  MWR got into some hot water as the boat had no serviceable life saving equipment.  Flares were unusable so I heard.  As a result of this misadventure, 8 brand spanking new 18 ft, 140 HP boats were purchased to replace the aging whaler fleet, so all that enjoyed the fishing perks afterward have Norman to thank.
     As the story was told and retold over the next 9 months of my tour, it was amazing how many more and how much larger the tiger sharks that went bump in the night became.  As a result, Norman became a bonafide land-loving sailor and never set sail into the lagoon again, UNTIL;
     P.S. to this tale;  never, until the day he came to me (about 6 months later), and wanted to go out for a few hours around the lagoon on one of the new boats for a bit of bottom fishing.  Having recently obtained my licence, I readily agreed.  So one beautiful DG morning, we took off with a cooler and some bait and headed to the middle.  Couple of hours later being the observant forecasters we were, we noticed a quickly building thunderstorm to the east.  Quickly building was an understatement.  Within an hour, we pulled anchor and headed for shore.  In those few minutes, I could not remember ever having it rain so hard (outside of a typhoon anyway).  Seas rose to at least 6 feet, quite large for an enclosed body of water.  Heading back to the marina, I was unable to see even the bow of the boat.  We thought about taking shelter under one of the merchant ships, but by this time Norm was wanting real bad to get back.  We would go from freezing from the rain and cold downdrafts to nice and warm as the lagoon water washed over us.  When the rain finally let up, we were about a mile south of the marina.  Asked Norman if he wanted to go back out. Guess what his answer was?  You got it, not only no, but f--- no!

1983, 1984, 1986, 1987, 1991, 1992, 1993
     NAME = Dave (K9) Hardy (nice picture of me!) ed note: on
     MY QUEST = For you to contact me
     VT of a SWALLOW = |African or European?
     E-MAIL =
     UNIT = K9
     RANK/RATE/JOB = Ex-ROPO ex-RN (Royal Navy) now merchant navy.  Yes I have just returned from the Gulf as well.
     MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Decided to Join A Monastery, But Couldn't Find One Stateside
     SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = I'd Like to Share Precious Memories of Drinking/Fishing/Snorkeling/Sailing on Diego Garcia
     MY WARSTORY = Been there, seen it, done it, couldn't get a t-shirt 'cos you had already bombed the placed out.
     \regards \\k9
     \\dave hardy

NAME = Katie Salvagno (Ferrera)
NATIONALITY = New Yorker/Californian
UNIT = Aviation Supply Dept.
RANK/RATE/JOB = AK3-Left Navy after DG.  No more military for me!
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = My Time There is Lost in an Alcoholic Haze, Help Me Remember!
SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = I'd Like to Share Precious Memories of Drinking/Fishing/Snorkeling/Sailing on Diego Garcia
MY WARSTORY = I can't help but remember the wild times at the Brit Club!  There were so many!!  Those crazy Brits loved to dress up like women and man can they drink!!!  Being one of very few females on the island, it was quite an experience watching drunken Marines and Sailors fight over you.  Guys knocking on your door the minute you get off the plane and barely check into your room.  But, I was not one of those naive girls who arrived on the island and believed all the sweet talk of any guy that looked my way. I didn't let myself get a big ego from the attention. I knew this was "island life".  But, I will admit, the attention was often fun and what girl didn't enjoy it?  It was constant drama though!!  Diego Garcia is so damn small that everybody is in everyone's business.  That is the part I hated.  I loved laying on the beach and then it would start pouring rain yet the sun would still be out!!  I loved the yacht club parties, drinking much mojo and skinny dipping at night!!  Watching the chickens run anywhere and everywhere and of course the geckos!!  I met some incredible people there I will never forget.  It was a great experience but you have to be careful what you wish for, sometimes you just may get it!!

Yeah, I have something to gripe about: The sunrises and sunsets are so damn beautiful, the yellowfin tunas weigh to damn much and nearly give you a hernia bringin' em in. The lack of pollution cleared out my lungs and the people and parties were too f-ing cool.  What kind of place is this? Anway, one real gripe; the minute the women set foot on the island, their heads swelled up like basketballs from all the guys drooling over them when they got off the airplane. Too bad for those pigs that the tour lasted a year and not a lifetime.
Greg Conrad (ex-CE2, R-Site '93)

NAME = Andy Evans
MY QUEST = I seek the holy grail
VT of a SWALLOW = African or European?
NATIONALITY = British; SERVICE = Royal Marines; UNIT = Port customs/ brit club bar; RANK/RATE/JOB = Outside and in final year of honours degree.
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = My Time There is Lost in an Alcoholic Haze, Help Me Remember!
MY WARSTORY =     I was at the back bar of the Brit club, enjoying a few sociable ones with Smiler, Verge and Rog.  Got interupted by a loud(and I mean loud) Yank ordering beer...who ended up getting us a beer each:)
    Having returned from the heads, I started up a conversation with our new drinking buddy.  Paul (Merlino) chatting about life in general and we came round to the fact his wife was English.  where's she from I asked?  Warrington was the reply (town where I come from)...I thought he was taking the piss and
that the guys had stitched me up and so was having none of it.  Needless to say he knew the local boozers by name, and she was from Warrington...small world!!!
    Called in to see the inlaws on R&R, and it turns out Paul had sent his order in advance, 16 cans of Carlsberg special brew and 4 botles of HP sauce.
    I went over to visit some time later to Washington on leave and met the family and friends but Paul was onboard somewhere and I missed him.
    Would like to get back in touch if possible so if anyone knows his whereabouts?  He must have done over 20 years by now.
    I think he was from Atlantic city, he worked in the TV station, and was on the electrical side of things.
    Loud,and with an uncanny resenblance to Fred Flintstone.  Regular in the Brit club.

April 1993 - Oct. 1993
NAME = kevin Morris
MY QUEST = I seek the Holy Grail
VT of a SWALLOW = an African swallow, or a European swallow?
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = My Time There is Lost in an Alcoholic Haze, Help Me Remember!
SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = There I Was, Passed Out in My Room
MY WARSTORY = About the only thing that I know for sure, about my 6 months in Diego , is that my liver is still pissed at me.  If I never hear the phrase, "Let's get liqoured!!" again, then my liver will perhaps forgive me.  Also, the government must include Rudy, from the PK, somewhere......maybe he could run the Diego version of the FDA or something?

Jan 93 - Dec 93
NAME = Rich Matlock
SERVICE = Air Force
UNIT = Ammo
SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = This is a No-Shit Sailing Story
MY WARSTORY = Never liked sailing...til I got to DG ~ I want more of it.

Feb 93 to Mar 94
NAME = Rm3 Rob Beilfuss
RANK/RATE/JOB = Rm3 Beilfuss, Hated it then but miss it now. I would love to go back for a week and party like we use to. Am no longer in, Live in Northwest Indiana.
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = My Time There is Lost in an Alcoholic Haze, Help Me Remember!
SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = There I Was, Passed Out on The Beach
MY WARSTORY = My friends and I had a bet, Who can drink a bottle of Southern Comfort the fastest. Well I won. Someone found me on the beach, My face all scratched and bloody. They took me to the quarter deck and I woke up cause I had to go to the Head. I forgot to Take my (White) Shorts down and took a dump. My roommate (Carl Templeton) came and got me and got some of it on video. I wonder what ever happened to that video. I miss playing spades in our room.  I miss the drinking, Drinking, Drinking. I had a great time there. Would love to go back for a week for a reunion. Take care all.

CARL TEMPLETON <>  See his 1991 entry.

NAME = Mike Zarate
MY QUEST = None in particular, just get drunk
VT of a SWALLOW = Swallow?!? What swallow?
NATIONALITY = US; SERVICE = USN; UNIT = NCTS DG BOIT; RANK/RATE/JOB = Now....I am a copper.  Then...a drunk with a clearance...
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = My Time There is Lost in an Alcoholic Haze, Help Me Remember!
SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = This is a No-Shit Drinking Story
MY WARSTORY = One pleasant drinking night spent at the Brit Club, getting shitty and making fun of the Brits.  After closing down the Brit Club and stumbling back to the barracks.  It was decided to open "the bar" (another warstory), at this time I and my roommate Chris Knight were the proud owners of "the bar".  Many a drinks later, there I stood with a few friends, Marcus Whittaker(the main character in this tail), Bull, Rob and a few others I am unable to recall at this time.  Someone had the genius idea to so swim to the edge of the reef(ocean side) out off of cannon point.  Trash was talked and Marcus and I ended up doing it.  We managed to get our drunk, sorry asses only as far as break wall before we both had been mangled by the coral.
     Two weeks went by and again alcohol provided us with the courage to again try another attempt at reaching the edge of the coral reef.  Now in our party were Marcus, Bull, Rob and I.  Bull would remain on shore and be our look out for Brits (incase they happened to be stumbling drunk on the beach), while Rob, Marcus and I went for the gold.  Rob cramped up by the break wall and returned to shore.  Marcus and I continued out and found the edge of the island (approximately 1/2 mile out).
     Marcus had the balls and wanted to touch the edge, it was about 30 or 40 feet down and he had the courage of the OLD CROW (the island was dry and waiting the next Booze Boat).  Marcus dove and I was his spotter from the surface.  He made it about 10 or 15 feet down before this shark came at him from the beyond the edge.  Later Marcus was to tell me he never saw the shark until it hit him.  Anyway the shark pushed Marcus back to the service of the water and then it did the Jaws swim around us.  Both Marcus and I were able to swim back to the beach to find about 30 people waiting to greet us.
     Well after about a six pack beer, a pack of smokes and a short scavy walk back to the barracks, it was discovered that Marcus had a bruise from the shark as a war wound.  No other trips were attempted before I left the island.
     Hopefully someone made it successfully to the edge and returned to tell about it.  Good luck if someone is to try it in the future...advice?....wear fins, it is a long swim without them.

TODD FERGUSON <> See his 1990 entry

Robin Francis <>
See his 1991 entry

Dec 13 1993-Dec 13 1994
NAME = James l. Reed
MY QUEST = say hello
SERVICE = United States Marine Corps
UNIT = Marine Cadre Instructor (Auxillary Security Force) NSF Security Department
RANK/RATE/JOB = SSGT/GYSGT ACTIVE - also worked in the seamens merchant club
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = My Time There is Lost in an Alcoholic Haze, Help Me Remember!
SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = This is a No-Shit Drinking Story
MY WARSTORY = The story about May Day May Day dusk to dawn MIKE is gone 1994.  This did not start out as progressive party as stated in the island wide saftey stand down.  Progressive parties just happen. The party started at the Sportsmens Bar. There we had a rule while a party was going someone had to be there all the time, so we would take turns serving the MODACS.  MODAC mojo made into dacquiries with all the extras you would like to pour into your drink. If you cant Hack with MODAC go Yack with Jack. NO we did not puke or piss on you if you passed out. Shit just happens. We did move on to the GROTT. If you have been in the GROTT, people have been know to get there eye brows or mustache shaved when passed out.  Squash You never got mine! Well it seems while there this guy had to much to drink and he could not get his head off the toilet. Well a few other people had to puke or use the toilet and this guy wouldn't move his head. We did not encourage this activity, shit happens. Ask me about naked volley ball
behind the dive locker. Guess they didn't find out about that.

1993-1994, 1996-1998

Thanks so much for the site.  I thought I was alone in my love for DG and the time I spent there.  I was the NSF Career Counselor from April 93 - June 94.

NAME = Rod Hobbs <>
NATIONALITY = U.S.; UNIT = Fire Chief & Director of Operations
(see his 1989 entry)

MY QUEST = for fire
VT of a SWALLOW = see Riherd
NATIONALITY = American; SERVICE = Navy; UNIT = Harbor Ops port control tower
RANK/RATE/JOB = was an SM2 back then, got out and am in the telecommunictions buisness
MY WARSTORY =  When MSC decided to send a couple of tugs (Ron G and Ellen F) back to subic, they thought it best to save fuel by towing one behind the other. They hit a storm a couple of days into the trip and I believe it was the Ron G, started to take on water and go down. My boss at the time Master chief Mike Neck (harbor pilot) decided that we needed to take the AVR boat out and rescue these guys. The AVR was a piece of shit that could not make it out of the lagoon without breaking down. But we loaded it up, and I had to flip a coin with BM3 Kraig Smith to see who would have the privledge to die on this garbage scow. Lucky me, I won the toss. we got underway on our heroic mission and about 500 yards from the outside of the small boat basin, we loose steering. So we go back aft and manually steer this motherfucker for a awhile, but we aint making no progress. The seas where rough as shit in the lagoon! God knows about the open Ocean. Thank Jesus that our LT. was a pussy and decided to call of this bonehead mission. All the tug crew was o.k. and eventually made it to P.I. on the surviving tug.

Jul '93-Jun '94, Nov '95-Dec '96
MY QUEST = To see if the detailer is crazy enough to send to DG for a 3rd tour.
VT of a SWALLOW = Depends on what your swallowing........
RANK/RATE/JOB = Was an ET3 then (both times) now an ET2 trying diligently to make 1st.  Teaching TSCOMM school in Dam Neck, VA; preparing newbies to go to Dodge.
SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = I'd Like to Share Precious Memories of Drinking/Fishing/Snorkeling/Sailing on Diego Garcia
MY WARSTORY = Like a lot of other first-termers sent to DG I didn't know what I was getting myself into.  I think that I must have had a sign on my back that read "STUPID SOUTHERN GIRL-BUY ME A DRINK".  But I eventually got out of that alcoholic haze to discover the true beauty of Diego Garcia.....The Yacht Club.  And once I made it there I never left.  Lifetime Member (still have my card) and two time guest singer for THE BAND.  Formerly known as TOBOTI (Short for THE ONLY BAND ON THE ISLAND) now known as 7 Degree South.  Also did numerous gigs at the FIL-MAU Club, The Officer's Club, the Brit Club and the 69 (I mean 61) Club.
     Met a lot of people and made a lot of good friends there.  Still keeping in touch with Carrie Muehlberg(95-96).  Hi George, Hi Mango!!!!!  Learned to windsurf, snorkel and other things in the water that I may get in trouble for later.  There are so many stories and so little time.  But it is a small Navy and I am sure that I will run into some of you again later.  So if you remember me (in a good way) drop me a line.  If you remember me in a bad way don't bother.....  Just remember there is always room for another trip to DG until the retirement papers are final.

Oct 1993 - Oct 1994
What is Your Quest?  to return D.G to the British Empire
I am an ex royal marine I had loads of mates on the rock greetings to you all and to those who I owe money to its in the post bye bye

Frank & Tami Lake (Hill) <>
SERVICE = U.S. Navy, UNIT = Dive Locker  & Dental, RANK = Hm2(DV) then Hm1 (DV) now, Dt3 AD then DT3 USNR now
My Time There is Lost in an Alcoholic Haze, Help Me Remember!
I'd Like to Share Precious Memories of Drinking/Fishing/Snorkeling/Sailing on Diego Garcia
MESSAGE TEXT = After my short 36 hour trip from L.A. to D.G. completely exhaustedI am picked up at the airport and taken to my first yacht club social.  Had at least two mojos, I think, standing there being introduced to the rest of the already intoxicated Divers by the overwhelmingly intoxicated HTCS(DV) I see my future wife.  All I need now is a good pick-up line and a DIVORCE.  So as the HTCS(DV) introduces me to the last Diver and his girlfriend (my future wife) I say to her in his presence "You love me and you are going to marry me, you just don't know it yet!!"  It only took me 2 years to persuade her.  We have now been together 4 years and a couple of kids!!!   Thanks for listening to our cool Yacht Club Tale!!!
Frank is still in and going through IDC school. I got out and work in a civ. dental office and am a Reservist with MIUWU 106.
My husband and I have great memories ( I think)of Dodge!! Nothing like naked sail-a-ways, a fridge full of boone's wild island and jello shots made from everclear!!!  Feeding my roomdog kelly 30 year old Pepto Bismol tablets and naprosyn after a long always  exciting night at the brit.....

1993-1998 & 1987-1988
S. J. "Jack" Welch Jr. <>
See his 1987 entry.

1993-1994 & 1998-1999
      Currenlty stationed in GTMO, Cuba. Having the time of my life. DG was like no other site, may even think about going back for a third time. Great site, even though I just left there a few months ago it brings back great  memories.

What is Your Quest? Relief from boredom
Were you ever on Diego Garcia? Feb 93 - Feb 94. 365 days and not a day more.  Worked for the Security department, spending most of my days searching for a lovely palm tree to nap my patrol car.

What is Your Quest? Debauchery, HHH
       Been in the nav a while, getting out now. Wish I was back in DG, sitting on the deck of the Yacht Club drinking a cold beer watching the time go by!  Miss riding the trails and run throught the shiggy! Member of the Key West HHH.   Any true hashers in DG?

What is Your Quest? To visit dodge once its a resort!
What is the Terminal Velocity of a Swallow?  Let me know when your finished.
Were you ever on Diego Garcia?  Yes. at Patwing 1, Nov93-Feb95.  I am an OSC and met my wife in dodge. we have two kids and still miss dodge.


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