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Table of Contents for this Page:

Exaggerated Misinformation and Outright Lies
History - Real and Invented
Maps, Charts and Diagrams
Those Who Came Before
Nature Study Merit Badge
Stamp Collecting
Post Cards
Stuff for Sale
Odds and Ends
Fantasy Island Goes to War
War Stories from Former Inmates

And Some Things That Aren't

Hector, the 28-foot hammerhead, cruises past the Captain's Gig, 1979

Bar Coasters
Souvenirs for drunks from Diego Garcia's sleaziest dives.
Created a LONG time ago...
Beauty Pagent
The most beautiful girls and transexual cross-dressers in the Indian Ocean!
Created a LONG time ago...
Berberal Somalia
Rare photos and stories of that God-Forsaken dependency of Diego Garcia's Fuels team.  Sure it paid more than DG, but, fer Christ's Sake, it's freakin' SOMALIA!
Updated 3 May 2008
Blasting Crew, 1974
Blowing holes in the reef for fun and profit!
Created 17 April 2004
Blasting the Ship Channel, 1974
See unbelievable sights of demolitions, nude shark fishing, and learning to waterski faster than a hammerhead
Updated 30 April 2007
Bob Hope XMAS Show, 1972
Find yourself (or your grandfather) in the crowd! 
Created a LONG time ago...
Bob Hope 1972, Page 2
NMCB 62's historical newsletter documenting the show.
Created 17 December 2006
Bob Hope 1972, Page 3
As told by Rick Cole, who was there.
Created 28 May 2019
Book Reviews
Let the Ministry of Cultural Correctness tell you what to think when scientists, politicians, and anarchists write books about Diego Garcia!  Plus some book reports on fictional tales of our favorite island.
Updated 10 November 2018
Bottled Beer Banned!
The US Navy bans bottled beer on Diego Garcia in 1982.  Then in 2008, they actually run out of beer!
Updated 1 February 2009
Images and strange Royal Navy Rituals.
Created a LONG time ago...
But Seriously Folks...
The Official Gripe Sheet for Diego Garcia.  It isn't all peaches and cream out there...
Updated 20 November 2006
C-141s in Paradise
When the now-extinct Star Lizard was Queen of the Skies, now they are only in museums...  Pictures of C-141 Ops on DG and Masirah Island, Oman.
Updated 12 January 2007
The Chapel in the Palms
Construction of the first Navy House of Worship in 1971!
Created 21 February 2011
Coconut Diplomacy
Wherein we find sailors employed for agricultural labor and paid less than migrant farm workers.
Created a LONG time ago...
Crab Whacker
So the Brits won't let you whack crabs with your 9 Iron anymore?  Well, you can do it here - the whacky new game where you try to zap 40 crabs in less than 50 seconds!
Created 23 November 2007
Cruel Joke
Played on unsuspecting Sailors, Marines and Airmen for decades!
Created a LONG time ago...
Dallas Does Diego
The Cheerleaders visit in 1982 & 1983.  Plus some other photos by Paul Soutar
Created 16 January 2007
Dear Abby
Letters "To Any Sailor" for Christmas 2001.
Created December 2001
Desktop Photos
Nobody has a desktop photo anymore, but you can relive the glory days of Windows 3.11 and 800 pixel monitors by going here and downloading an old and grainy picuture...
Created a LONG time ago...
Donkey Gate
The true story of the construction of the "Hadrian's Wall" of DG!
Created a LONG time ago...
Double Digit Midget Countdown Calendar For when you got short.  WARNING:  NOT suitable for children, religious leaders, officers, or the emotionally sensitive.
Created a LONG time ago...
Dress Code
The US Navy and US Air Force outlaw flip flops and tank-tops on DG.  Un-freakin' believable.  Plus other tales of insanity from the brass.
Updated 14 August 2005
Were they ever really a problem?  The Brits certainly thought so in 1981.  A PDF File.
Created 20 March 2008
DG has plenty.  This is mostly about the great 1983 tremblor when the ocean nearly swallowed up the island.  At least it sure seemed like that was what was happening.
Updated 30 March 2005
The EOD Bar
EOD = Every One Drinks.  Or is it Explosive Ordinance Disposal?  Either way, wherever you find munitions, you'll find EOD, and wherever you find EOD, you'll find a tavern.  Check out DG's own wartime EOD saloon.
Created 12 March 2007
Escape from the I.O.
Move to Little Arabia, North Carolina!  Honest - I got this information in the summer of 2001 and thought it was funny at the time.  Now, I'm not so sure what to think of it - you be the judge, jury and executioner.
Created August 2001
Fishy Stories
I swear, it was thiiiiissssss big!  Do you like to fish?  You'd have loved Diego Garcia.
Updated 26 August 2017!
The flags of the PPDRDG (and real ones too).
Updated 14 May 2009
Flag Clothing
Girls! Girls! Girls!  Patriots one and all!!!
Created 30 March 2005
Ghosts of Diego Garcia
The Ghost of the Point Marianne Cemetery, among others.
Created a LONG time ago...
Golfing DG
It is more than just a rumor - the is a golf course in paradise!  This page includes 2008's Pub Golf Championship Round as recounted by a participant
Updated 1 February 2009
Gorgo Diecia Tattler
Wit and sarcasm from the 1989 - 1990 publishing season.
Created a LONG time ago...
Hector the Hammerhead
Yes, this is the famous picture of the biggest shark in the lagoon, ever.  Plus the story of the photos from the guy who took them!
Updated 25 March 2008
Hit Parade
Lists of the music you loved during your stay on the Rock.
Created 4 February 2007
The Hitch'n Post
One of those legendary bars that spring up from nowhere and disappear when the freedom bird leaves.  The Hitch'n Post was disbanded in early 2000.
Created a LONG time ago...
Home Grown Band - Hector's Revenge
"The Band for the New Century on Diego Garcia"
Created 26 July 2008
Home Grown Band - Seven Degrees South
The Legendary Band of the BIOT.  Still going strong in 2012.
Updated 19 October 2006
Home Grown Band - The 1972 SEABEE Band
Larry Duran and friends create the first home-grown band on the island.
Created 9 January 2009
Honchos of Diego Garcia
Just who were the people who had their own staff cars and air-conditioned offices?  And before they arrived, who were the overseers of the Plantation?  Somebody is always in charge, and here's a list of their names.
Updated 22 July 2012
Hope Colt Bares All
As quickly as the BUFFs and TANKs showed up for the airshow over Kabul, the USO and DoD sent out people to entertain the troops.  Here's the story of a beautiful, hilarious dreamweaver.
Created November 2001
Hurt Feelings Report
Do you cry yourself to sleep because your LPO called you a shithead?  Get even!
Created 9 August 2013
In Memorandum
Remembering our comrades who have passed on and gone ahead to lead the way on the journey we must all someday take.
Unfortunately, Updated on 27 January 2014
Lost and Found
Is someone looking for you?  Are you looking for someone?  Try this page.  Also, requests from people who are willing to pay CASH MONEY for you to send them sourveniers, beach sand, license plates, etc.!!!  Also, any REUNION information that I receive I'll post here.
Updated 8 October 2009
Lost and Found parte deux
Got a photo of a buddy from the Rock, but you've forgotten his (or her!) name?  Use the PPDRDG's special FACIAL RECOGNITION SYSTEM to get an answer!
Created 21 July 2013
Lost Ships of the Indian Ocean
See photos of various ships condemned to ride at anchor in Tuna Hunter Lagoon!
Created a LONG time ago...
Miss America's 1974 USO Tour
The girls bring genuine happiness to the all-male SEABEE deployments of the time.
Modified 18 October 2018
Miss Diego Garcia, 1990
Lisa Lewellyn Severino brings fitness and order to Dodge!
Created 17 February 2009
Music of the PPDRDG!
Songs and MP3s home-grown on the island and by our fellow travelers.  Download genuine folk art from fellow Diegoians!
Updated 18 February 2008
Museum of the BIOT
Yes, there is an official British Indian Ocean Territory Museum!  And it is closed.  But here are photos of what you are missing...
NEW 20 October 2018
"Official" History
Of the Provisional Peoples' Democratic Republic of Diego Garcia
Created a LONG time ago...
It's all in the details - Who really owns our favorite atoll?  Become a claimant yourself!
Created 3 August 2009
Patches of Diego Garcia From the earliest days until the present.
Updated 21 March 2009
Pirate Radio?  Was it?  Really?
A very brief look at AFRTS/AFN/NBS entertaining the troops!
AFRTS = Armed Forces Radio and Television Service.
AFN = Armed Forces Network.
NBS = Naval Broadcasting Service.
Updated 3 October 2006
Plank Owners
Certificates from ~~~  Well, from  DG.  Where Else?  If you built something on the island or were there with the first of some op, you are what they call a "Plank Owner".
Updated 29 February 2005
The Planatation
Tara in the Indian Ocean!  But where was Scarlet when we needed her?
Updated 31 Jan 2009
Pop Quiz!
Think you know it all?  This little testie has questions that are answered somewhere on this website...  See just how good a scholar of DG you are!
New 23 November 2007
Recipes of the Republic
Betty Crocker, watch out!  Citizens and emigrants provide their favorite food and beverage concoctions for your enjoyment.
Created a LONG time ago...
Meet the members of your Democratic Republic's Government!  Sign up for a Good Government Job for yourself too!
Updated 19 February 2007
San Miguel
The official Beer of the Founding Fathers of the PPDRDG!  Often available even in the modern era!  Also politically incorrect humor guaranteed to offend someone.
Updated When Something Strikes My Fancy...
Collected by inmates over the years - not for sale.  However, there is a request from someone who wants to buy sand from DG - you could strike it rich on the beach just down the stairs from your dorm room!
Created a LONG time ago...
Stump the Dummies
A Test (not a quiz).  What is the real name of our favorite atoll?  Riddles for your consideration.  Alcohol-Related Incident Testing too.
Updated 18 April 2007
Sunset Photo Page
With photos of the best sunsets in the world.  Also, a sunrise or two (for those of you who slept through them most of the time).
Created a LONG time ago...
Surfing Diego Garcia
Despite being outlawed since the very beginning, it has been done by several death-defying, free-thinking scofflaws.
Updated 18 July 2006
The Temple of Doom
Even Fantasy Island has its dark secrets...
Created a LONG time ago...
Transition Assistance
For those leaving the Navy, or a Navy-controlled atoll.
Created a LONG time ago...
The Tropical Times
The Official Propaganda Rag of the Occupying Forces.  It used to have all sorts of cool and pertinent articles and reports.  Now, it's an e-pub that is so sterile it will keep your dog from having puppies.  But before 2007 it was great. 

Updated 12 September 2007
Tsunami Tour 2004
Why weren't we all drowned in our beds?  Why?
New 15 August 2005
Warning Letter
Your Wild Man is coming home soon.  Be Prepared!  Siempre Listo!
Updated 3 October 2006
What are you afraid of?
There are lots and lots of things to worry about in the PROPEOPDEMREP.  Here's a very short list...
Updated 21 July 2012
WIKID-LEAKS - Top Secret!
Wiki-Leaks has nothing on your investigative reporter!  Learn how the UK plans to destroy energy in the archipelago!
New 7 March 2010
The Yacht Club
Where the Elite Meet!  Several pages of photos and news, plus information on how to join this exclusive club!
Updated 8 January 2011

The TRUE History of Diego Garcia and the Chagos Archipelago
A chronological list of historical facts.  Forget all those official propaganda pages and the BS published in The Guardian.  This is the straight skinny - if you really want to know what happened out there, this is the place to find out.
Updated 7 March 2012
Essay:  The Ilois/Chagos Islander/Chgagossian Experience Have you ever wondered what happened to the people who used to live and work at the Plantation?  They got kicked out of the Chagos in the early 70's.  Read the true, sordid story.  This is a PDF file and you'll find links to all sorts of reference works with even more information!  This is all some heavy shit, man, but if you are interested at all in the political, social, and environmental issues of the Chagos today and over the last 45 years, you ought to read it all.  This is a PDF file. 
Updated 13 May 2013
The Chagossian Experience
Thousands of facts from the UK Courts detailing the time-line of what happened to the islanders between 1962 - 2003.  Don't say a word about the issues until you've read this!  This is a PDF file.
New 1 September 2008
Chagos Mortality Report
Population and death reports in the archipelago through the centuries.  This is a PDF file. From a LONG time ago...
The Very First Americans
The fascinating story of a U.S. satellite tracking team out there from 1968 - 1970.
Updated 18 October 2018
K for Katie
The no-shit true story of the PBY at the Plantation, Jim Park, her pilot, and the rest of the crew.
Updated 29 July 2009
The Notes between the US and the UK
Ever wonder about the agreements that put you on DG for a year?  Read the details of the 1966, 1972, 1976 and 1982 "Exchange of Notes" between the American Ambassador in London and the Foreign Secretary for the UK that spell out the details (except for the secret ones, of course...).  This is a PDF file. New 2 September 2008
The Notes exchanged in 1999
Concerning the construction of a Monitoring Facility on Diego Garcia, BIOT.  It can also be found hereThis is a PDF file.
New 10 April 2009
NMCB 40's Commander's Article
CDR Dan Urish was the first Island Commander and he wrote the story of how the base was initially constructed in the US Navy's professional journal, PROCEEDINGS.  This is that article.  This is a PDF file. New 17 February 2009
NMCB 62's History of the Island
A GIF of their handout from the 1970s.
New 14 November 2005
Operation EARNEST WILL, Parte Uno.
The MAC Mission Directive getting us ready for the war we should have had with Iran in 1987 if Reagan wasn't such a chicken.
Updated 30 July 2007
Parte Deux

The Airlift Schedule for this interested in minutia.
Created a LONG time ago...
Parte Three

Photos of the Operation on the south ramp on Diego Garcia.  This was the first operational deployment of B-52s to DG.
Created a LONG time ago
Real Official Histories of the Island
US and UK official government propaganda.
New 14 November 2005

SEABEES 1971 - 1973
The Boys Who Built The SEAHUTS.  Lots of pictures of kids in speedos with beards.
Updated 8 January 2011
Party down with the natives.  A unique recording of a lost civilization.  Links to the songs and speeches of this alcohol-fueled beach-side ritual.
New 28 June 2007
Steve Forsberg's Master's Thesis
The history of DG as written by a real historian.  Also a short paper about Captain Thompson and his memoir of life on DG during WWII, "Only the Sun Remembers".
New 2 September 2006
TDY to Fantasy Island
Your future President for Life's personal journal about his first deployment to DG in 1982.
Created a LONG time ago...
David Melville's 1976 History, which includes lots of original source documentation.
New 14 June 2006
LST 1176

She docks at DG in 1971, beginning the American Period.  Several pages of text and lots of photos.
Created a LONG time ago...
Major John Mackay, WW2
John was the "Fortress Commander" on Diego Garcia from 1943-1944, manning the canons at Canon Point and defending the atoll with 450 Indian Troops.  You can also read his January 1944 monthly report to HQ Ceylon.
New 15 October 2018
Photo Tour of The Chagos Archipelago, 1937
Very old Black and White photos of the Governor's tour of the islands, including Diego Garcia, in 1937.
New 16 October 2018
Photo Tour of Diego Garcia, 1963
Color Photos from a visit by ???, 1963.
New 16 October 2018

Aerial Photos
Show your loved ones exactly where you passed out on the beach!
Updated 21 February 2011
Historical Maps of the Indian Ocean and Diego Garcia
Some serious $#!+, man.
Updated 18 September 2006
Map of Downtown
Amaze your friends by knowing exactly where the Pay and Pay and Pay and Pay and Pay Phone Company is located!
Created a LONG time ago...
Map of the Island
This is definitely not the one from the CIA's Country Book!
Created a LONG time ago...
Photo Tour of DG - 1999/2000
Pictures of your favorite places on DG taken before the big crackdown following 9-11.  Do you have others?  Send them to me!
Created a LONG time ago...


"However elegant and memorable, brevity can never do justice to all the facts of a complex situation.
But life is short and information endless; nobody has time for everything."  - Aldous Huxley

Essay:  The Ilois/Chagos Islander/Chgagossian Experience
Have you ever wondered what happened to the people who used to live and work at the Plantation?  They got kicked out of the Chagos in the early 70's.  Read the true, sordid story.  This is a PDF file and you'll find links to all sorts of reference works with even more information!  This is all some heavy shit, man, but if you are interested at all in the political, social, and environmental issues of the Chagos today and over the last 45 years, you ought to read it all.  This is a PDF file.
Updated 13 May 2013
Johnny B's Music
John Bridiane, a Chagossian who worked as a contractor on Diego Garcia in the late 1990s cuts a couple of albums to reinvent his future.  There is a lesson in this somewhere...
Takes you to a MYSPACE page
Lawyers, Guns and Money
Michael Tigar and his team of attorneys sue the USA for $10 billion dollars, and try to get me to help.
Updated 24 August 2010
The Story of Rodrigues Island
An interesting critique of Mauritian policy and practice that has serious implications for the Chagossians.
Updated 24 August 2010
SEGA PARTY 1969 Party down with the natives.  A unique recording of a lost civilization.  Links to the songs and speeches of this alcohol-fueled beach-side ritual. New 28 June 2007


Appeal for photos!
This site needs more of everything, but especially photos of of the geography, wildlife and flora of DG!  Please Help, before "they" make everything off limits and you can't own a camera...
New 17 March 2007
Birds of Diego Garcia
A whole series of pages about our fine-feathered friends.
New 26 March 2007
Brown Tree Snake Invades Paradise
The population flees in terror, then napalms the little sucker.
Created a LONG time ago...
The Chagos Marine Reserve
In April, 2010, the Brits established a Marine Protected Area (think of it as an oceanic wilderness area) for the entire CHAGOS ARCHIPELAGO!  It's as big as TEXAS!  Naturally, some people and groups don't like it, but your President for Life of the PROPEOPDEMREP loves it, and you should too!!! Updated 16 Apr 2012
Coconut Crabs!
Learn all about the apex predator of DG!  Also, some info about the rest of the crabs you'll find out there, and a little game to play as well.
Updated 7 January 2017
Commercial Fishing
Did you know that Chinese and Sri Lankans were allowed to catch every tuna they could haul aboard until 2010?  The real question is, "Who watches the watchers."  A story of shame and collusion.
New 20 November 2007
Crab Whacker
So the Brits won't let you kawallop warrior crabs with your 9 iron any more?  Do it here instead!  The wacky new game that everyone is talking about!
New 23 November 2007
The things that creep and crawl and go bump in the night.
Updated 6 January 2014
Fresh Water
The location of the fresh water marshes and ponds on Diego Garcia
New 5 March 2011
General Ecological Observations
Read what I think about things while you watch a strangler fig strangle a latrine (head to you Navy folks).
Created a LONG time ago...
Marine Biology
Meet the denizens of the deep that make swimming a terrifying experience!
Updated 12 March 2007
Nature Trail at the Plantation
You too can understand the restoration plans for the island!  If you get out there, volunteer to help.  They give you free beer if you do...
New 10 November 2018
Photos by James Cox
Great ones!
New 17 February 2008
Pirating Sea Cucumbers
Sri Lankans rape the lagoons up north of their precious cargo of slimy creatures who basically process mud.  Read all about it!
New 20 November 2007
Sea Turtles
Learn how to tell them apart with this handy guide, and see plenty of pictures of them nesting, swimming, and in general being adorable.
New 20 April 2007
Shark Poaching
Finning is the shame of the Indian Ocean.
New 20 November 2007

Chagos Conservation Trust - The UK's version.


1968 Stamps
From Kirby Crawford
Created a LONG time ago...
1973 Stamps
From Carl "Vig" Villanueva
Created a LONG time ago...
1973 Stamps
From Dave "Catfrankie", who got them mostly from Vig
Created a LONG time ago...
1990 Stamps
From Andrew Young
Created a LONG time ago...
Proof of the President for Life's Authority
The envelope showing the legitimacy of the PPDRDG and it's primary office holder...
Created a LONG time ago...
Purchase BIOT Stamps Here
From the real postmaster general (Cable and Wireless)
Takes you away from this site.
Variously Dated Stamps
From Francesco Fantozzi
Created a LONG time ago...


Semi-Provocative Post Cards
Girls on the beach!  Rated PG-13
Created a LONG time ago...
Provocative Post Cards
Rated R.  Not all the girls are on the beach!
Updated 2 Jan 2014


STUFF FOR SALE - Find links to Dan Urish's artwork, Northwest Embroidery (they make polos and caps for the Yacht Club and others on the island), the official BIOT post office (to buy stamps & stuff), Larry Bowman's site (where you can buy and sell Indian Ocean books, prints and maps), and the CafePress stores of the Diego Garcian Society, Tom Lawson (DG '79), The Chagos Conservation Trust UK, the CCT US, and mine as well.  BTW, I don't get paid to plug these site, damn the luck... I do it because so many people ask where they can get DG stuff.  Oh, did I mention there's a link to my store too?  Did I?



Create Your Own ID Card!
Click on the link or on the card you see above, and you'll get a 1.2mb clean GIF to which you just add your name and ID number and you'll be set to go!  Be sure to sign it in crayon like I did and the Brits won't know whether to shit or go blind when they stop you for drunk driving.
New 10 September 2011
NPR Interview
Not officially a page on this web site, but a critical piece of PPDRDG lore - aired on National Public Radio 10/13/01.  You can listen to the interview right from that page!  If you can't get it to play on NPR's website, go here: Takes you away from this site.
Photos of Brits c. 1988
Strange people in foreign places!
Created a LONG time ago...
Photos of FEBROIDS
The contractors who ran the island in the late 1980s.
Created a LONG time ago...
Photos of My Detachment
The denizens of Detachment 1, 374 Tactical Airlift Wing who saved my ass on innumerable occassions.
Created a LONG time ago...
Photos of Space Commandos
People somehow related to Det. 4, 1st Space Wing (GEODSS) in the late 1980s.
Created a LONG time ago...
Meet Your President for Life!
My life's story, more or less up to date.
New 12 February 2009

(or Beer, Beaches, and Bombers) 

Best Wishes Page
Messages to troops that may or may not be deployed to Diego Garcia for whichever operation we're conducting (or not) at this time...
Updated as required
Bomber Operations
Several pages of photos and information about B-1, B-2, and B-52 operations out of DG between 14 September 2001 - 15 August 2006.  Please note this was 1 year and 2 months longer than the USA was in WWII!
Updated 6 March 2007
Bombs and Bomb Dumps of the Indian Ocean
See what the troops actually wrote on the bombs.  It wasn't vanilla.
Updated 6 March 2007
Of the participants.  Patches, logos, drawings, stick figures.
Updated 21 March 2009
Geopolitical Lesson
Why are we on DG anyway?  Why did I have to deploy there?  Huh?
Created in 2001
ICECUBE 44's final flight
A B-1 crashes and her crew is rescued by the USS RUSSELL.
Updated 15 April 2008
Interservice Rivalry
B-52 Wing Attack Plan Romeo.  Gilligan is promoted to NSF CO.
New 22 October 2007
Psychological Warfare
See the leaflets dropped by mighty bombers on the bad guys.  My question is, did even one of those bastards know how to read?
Updated 6 March 2007
Naval Support Facility DG Award
NSF DG earned the Meritorious Unit Citation for its activites during the bombing campaign in Afghanistan.
Created in 2002
Neo-Commies Strike Back
Jerkoffs of all sorts criticize America's use of DG to kill our enemies following the attacks of 9-11.  They started right away.  Read what they had to say to me.
Updated 31 October 2006
Personal Statements
My personal statements to the terrorists delivered by airmail.
Updated 6 March 2007
Recovering from a Gear Up landing
Oooops.  I forgot, you can't.  A B-1 blocks the runway for four days, but eventually flies away home.
Updated 2 May 2007
Tanker Operations
The men and women who serviced and flew the KC-135s and KC-10s that kept the bombers gassed up.
New 13 March 2007
War News
The first critical weeks of activity on Diego Garcia is chronicled here for the first time.  NOT for the faint of heart!
Created in 2001


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  • updated 2 Sep 06!  WAR STORIES - intro page!  Personal Reminiscences by Citizens of the PPDRDG.  This page has entries from as early as 1942, and includes some TCNs who were out there as long as 20 years!  (Called 'Troglodytes' in the table below)
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Well, it finally happened!  The website has been around so long, I've run out of room in this find-it-table!
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Entries are posted by the year the writer arrived, so be sure to check either side of the year you're looking for to find your old buddies, shipmates, and sweethearts!

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Some Links About Diego Garcia & the Chagos

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If you've never been there, you probably want to know,
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Are You Destined for DG?

Besides the wealth of information you'll find on this site (ahem!  back-patting!  praise and adoration!),
there are a few other sites that contain info that may be of interest to you BEFORE you arrive!
For you USAF folks - none of their sites are on the NIPRNET.


Yes, everybody is doing it socially now-a-days.  For old farts like me, I miss old-style web pages.  But for the hip new generation, you need to get hooked up, friended, or liked by these groups and pages in FACEBOOK all about DG!

AFN (Armed Forces Network) Diego Garcia:
Seven Degrees South (the home-grown band):
Diego Garcia B.I.O.T. (closed group - you have to apply) :
Diego Garica (B.I.O.T.) Current/Ex Island Dwellers (closed group - you have to apply):
DG Fishing!
NSF (the Host Command):
The DG Passenger Terminal:
The Brit Club:
The DG Yacht Club (at the Marina):


The best thing to do is search FLICKR and you'll come up with thousands of photos of DG.  If you just search for "Diego Garcia" most of the photos will be of the musician/band by that name.  So add something nautical to it and you'll get better results. 

Here's the search for "Diego Garcia Atoll":
Here's "Diego Garcia Navy":

Don't forget to check out YouTube for various videos and slideshows too.


Be sure to search YouTube for the latest and greatest - most of the youngsters out there share DG that way, rather than with old fashioned websites like this...

Here is the premier video - taken by Jon Slayer, ex-RM on DG and now a world-class undersea videographer.
Bill Bettger's video of Bob Hope's 1972 Christmas Show on DG - a color flick, unfortunately without any sound..
Bob Hope's 1972 show on Diego - he was there on Christmas Day itself - from the TV Special.
Bob Hope's 1987 Christmas Show on DG - A whole 10 minutes worth of Bob and Barbara Eden!

RAF Diego Garcia - 1945!  The Arrival of a Sunderland Flying Boat.
RAF Diego Garcia - 1945!  The base and its personnel.
RAF Diego Garcia - 1945!  The Plantation and the workers.
RAF Diego Garcia - 1945!  A Sega Dance and commentary by John Loader, who is featured in the films. - Approach to the island from the cockpit of an inbound C-5. - A great 5-min slide and video show from January 2009. - Air Traffic Controllers (official propaganda). - U.S. Navy official video. - Amateur video of the beach at Cannon Point. - Beebe Barton's video of various scenes from 1985. - Survivor Diego Garcia - a nicely done parody of a Survivor lead-in by Filipino contractors on the island. - The Doo Be Doo music video. Beautiful singing in Tagalog by one of the contract bands. - Video around the island on a Sunday morning. - VP Video of P-3 deployment personnel. - British Ministry of Defence Police video - a slide show set to music. - VP-4 Crew 6 deployment video from 1992.  An aerial tour of the island is included. - Features hand feeding Bruce, the huge moray that lives in the coral head just off the beach by BOQ7. - Turtle Cove with lots of turtles feeding that day. - DG21 (contractor) personnel lip-sync the sound track of Grease (Part 1 of 4). - VP-46 Deployment to Diego Garcia in 1992. - Goodbye video of favorite island places by P-3 guy (before 2001). - about US Marines - CBS 60 minutes.  Standard mythology


Get a Haircut, and Get a Real Job!

If you are REALLY serious about joining the People's Revolution on Diego Garcia, the USN has contracted for the Base Operations and Support on the atoll to KBR and they might consider your application.  See

There are also several other contractors for various other organizations.  The USAF has a couple. 
Unfortunately, I think they're afraid of advertising (which is a free public service) on this web site...  Chickens... buck buck buck buck-keeb...

 Don't forget your opportunity to lounge around on ships in the Lagoon for 120 days at a stretch...
You'll need your Merchant Seaman's card and sign up at the Union Hall in New Orleans...


You Can't Get There From Here....Too bad, how sad.
You could TRY by contacting the Administrator of the BIOT, but you won't have any luck...
 C/O Foreign and Commonwealth Office; London SW1; Tel: 0044 207 270 2890.

If you've got your own yacht, you can get close & stop in at one of the atolls NW of DG.  Here're the new rules (a/o 2007):

Headquarters British Forces
British Indian Ocean Territory
Diego Garcia
BFPO 485


As of 1 January 2007 anyone wishing to visit the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) by yacht will need to apply for a permit in advance from the British Indian Ocean Territory Administration (BIOTA) in London. e-mail: The mooring fee will also be increased from USD $ 100 for 3 months to GBP Pound 500 for 1 month, payable in advance.

On receipt of a request for a permit (sent by email, Fax or post) a Visit Permit Request form will be sent. Once the completed form and mooring fee (by bank transfer) have been received by the BIOTA office a Permit, Laws & Guidance for Visitors and maps and co-ordinates showing where yachts may be moored will be issued.

Please note, that under BIOT law any person who enters the Territory, including its 3 mile wide territorial waters, without a permit is liable to imprisonment for up to 3 Years and/or a fine up to 3000 Pound.

Mariners are also reminded that BIOT Customs will be enforcing British India Ocean Territory "The Imports and Exports Control Ordinance 1984" and "The misuse of drugs Ordinance No5 of 1992". The BIOT Drug dog will be deployed on future BIOT Patrols of the area. You are reminded that any breach of these ordinances may result in a fine or imprisonment.

British Representative
British Indian Ocean Territory
Fax: +44(0)20 7008 1589
Tel: +44(0)20 7008 2961 or 2890


British Indian Ocean Territory Administration
King Charles street
London SW1A2AH